Jung Il woo in Vancouver, Canada in MTV’s One More Time, 2011. Episode 5 with English Translation.

2011 7 OMT Day 7 Qualicum Farm Tour 3

August 25, 2020

Hello!  How are you? Here is the 5th part of ‘One More Time” with Ilwoo in Vancouver, Canada and its translation.  One very cool thing about this episode is that we get to learn something that he did with his dad!…  Yes! Read on!

Here we go:

One More Time 정일우 – EP05 from DC ILWOO on Vimeo.

Episode 5

0:40 this time at Victoria, I want to be serious and manly. I like to take pictures and love to take scenery from Victoria. Victoria is the final destination of my trip to Canada so I want to spend time there to wrap this trip up and think more about myself.

1:!5 Whitler was a beautiful place and I had a lot of fun. I said goodbye thinking that I will definitely come back later. Our next destination is Vancouver island. I am looking forward to this new destination but also I already feel that I am missing my past destinations.

1:58 You tortured me, so now….

Showing the prank scenes.

2:23 we have to revenge her with an awesome prank, so keep watching this!

2:44 She got irritated even before the prank started because Ilwoo and the PD wanted to change the concept of some scenes (for the prank but she doesn’t know it is a prank)

3:04 I will kill you!

3:10 Eyes to eyes. Teeth to teeth. I will pay back to you as I was given. Where? Here in this farm.

It is a real prank now!

3:27 The plan for the prank = the PD and Ilwoo don’t like the original schedule and the team has to change the concept of this episode. And Ilwoo doesn’t like the new concept as well.

3:40 Is this all? They are not babies, so let’s just move on (I think it will be the part of the prank scenes later)

3.54 The newly modified concept paper is lost because of the mistake of the stylist.

4:05 The reason why everything is messed up for today is because of you losing the paper. We are not here to shoot some beautiful scenery. We are here for a reality show. It is not some sort of a TV commercial.

4:20 I got you! You can’t control your facial emotions. I guess I will revenge you very well!

4:30 Ilwoo intentionally acts like he is annoyed and has complaints. And the writer (the victim of the prank) says do this and that, etc

4:45 I am going to give her back what I got from last time!

5:32 Here in Foxville feels as if I am somewhere rural in Korea. For sure, people feel the most comfortable when we are on the ground. I feel a bit sorry to start a prank in this beautiful place.

(prank started)

5:49 I don’t know why we are going to the farm. (the woman keeps explaining to feed them, etc )

5:58 We are going to experience the farm. Where is the modified concept paper?

(started acting)

6:23 Why did you lose it?

6:32 Well, the thinking you gave us a bit ago. (trying to hold laughter)

Byeongjin! Say something to them when these kinds of things happen!

6:52 A day in Foxville, I was so happy to experience something I have never done in daily life.

7:12 Byeongjin says “is there anything else than just feeding the cows? Really?

7:18 Is this really it?

7:23 Why don’t we give some food to baby cows ?

7:28 They are not babies! So let’s just skip this scene then. Byeongjin says  “do you think the cows will eat if you just throw them some food?”

8:05 He intentionally pretends as if he is not enjoying any moment in here.

8:07 Why am I even up here? To clean these up? It gets worse!

8:20 Secretly talking to the camera “ I should start something really big, starting to add up the bad situations, and at the interview, I will explode!”

8:58 here I am “Life experience” (the Korean TV show about experiencing others lives)

9:06 I think the writer intentionally booked this location to make me in trouble. The writer then says “well, I wanted to show your masculinity to the viewers…”

9:32 When I was young, I went to visit my great grandmother’s and she had around 300 cows. She still raises them and when I visit there, I feed them, and play with them, etc. (so, basically he likes farming but intentionally acting like annoyed because of the prank)

10:19 I feel like I am making dough out of flour.

10:35 let’s go! Let’s go have some burgers.

10:55 It looks tasty, I want to have some! Bring my wallet here.

11:10 here they are. Sauces.

11:23 bon appetit!

11:35 where will the interview be at? Let’s not milk the cows!

11:48 Ilwoo and PD talking about how “she” is irritated by Ilwoo’s constant complaints.

11:54 when you said “let’s not milk the cows!” her face got dark.

12:00 why? She keeps glancing here. What should we do? Let’s do it now.  We will do an interview here.

12:10 do you want to have another experience? No, let’s do an interview first!

12:19 I will say in the middle of the interview, “why in the world are we here at this farm?”

12:25 We will do the interview, but what I want to say is that in Whistler, we focused on activities, but here we wanted to show something more manly and serious version of me, but what can we even find something “serious” here?  You (his other staff, she is also part of the prank) lost the modified plan paper. You told me to write down some questions for the interview, so I told the writer but don’t you think I need some time to think before the interview? Why so sudden? I told you guys, It is a reality show, we are not here for the scenery. It is not a commercial.

13:16 We do have some stories, though. What kind of stories? Feeding, experiencing the farm, milking the cows, playing with them. Can’t we have some fun time like this when we are on a trip? Isn’t it?

13:37 Well, in fact, I am an actor. I want to show something as an actor.

13:49 Well, I think you are here as Jung Ilwoo, not as an actor. You have to put the job as a secondary thing on this trip. Wasn’t it?

14:05 that’s not true. It is Jung ilwoo, the manly actor. This place is not showing anything on this concept.

14:17 the biggest problem is, questions? Questions?

14:23 Not only the questions, but Everything!

14:29 But we have to film anyway. (Areum, the staff came with the paper, crying)

14:34 Here is the paper!

And Areum said “It is a prank!”

14:45 Ahh, you come here! How can you do that to me!

14:57 Why are you doing this only to me! The prank was going on from yesterday!? Don’t film me!

15:14 But Youngho (the photographer) looked at this very seriously.  I was doing some acting.

15:22 You were so calm. Yeah, you were too calm! I had to act harshly to trick her!

15:28 Hey, writer, wait! No Good! We need to film this scene again!

15:35 You can ask me now. Should I just answer all of them since I already know all the questions?  Sure you know all the questions.

Q. Have you ever had farm experience?

15:53 When I was young, my great grandmother had cows. I went there and saw the cows and I also milked them and played with them. I felt something here in Canada, that I am so busy in Seoul, just under much stress and just constantly working, but here I feel very relaxed and I want to raise some cows and have a happy life with my future family when I get old.

16:38 Then now I will taste wine.

17:09 He is giving a “sorry” toast to her.

17:14 No, I have nothing to say sorry to her! She is the person who pranked me first! I will prank one more time.

17:33 When you are in Canada, Barbecue is something you must try. Let’s see if it is as tasty as Korean beef.

17:48 if I buy this but if they already serve meat there? Today’s dinner, I will cook for the staff. Everyone, wait for it.

18:13 When I was in 5th grade, I went to the Baikal lake in Russia with my father.  I remember we were talking just like now looking at the lake. And that was the first time I went on a trip with my dad.  When I went on a trip abroad, I always worried about what to do when I got back to Korea. But this time, I think I am enjoying Canada alone, and I feel relaxed, which I love a lot. Whenever a drama finishes I always think about what to do and when to do for the next drama.

The music I can think of now? I love the movie called “closer” It is a song called “the blower’s daughter” by Damien Rice. it is very calm.

19:57 these are the ones I bought from the market.  Ah, it is so hot. Today we are having a BBQ party. I am trying to do steak. I have a secret weapon later. “Looks like you have never done it before” yeah, I have never done outdoor before.

20:32 Ilwoo cooked it for us, bon appetit.

20:44 Around a year? No, one and a half year, I only heard that Ilwoo is good at cooking and it is my first time having his food. I heard there is something more to come out, I will see what that is.

21:05 In normal days, ilwoo and I eat together at home. It feels good to have his food here as well.

21:!3 it is ssamjang. Steak and ssamjang!

21:20 it is so  tasty!

21:23 Everyone says that the BBQ I did is so good!

21:32 Now is time for bibim noodles. First, boil the water. I bought the noodles from Korean store. Put some kimchi sauce. I washed my hands so it is ok. You can smell the kimchi. Don’t forget about the sugar. If you don’t put sugar, the taste is a bit stuffy. Now , it is time for the noodles. How much time you boil the noodles is very important. Please hold it for me.

22:27 you have to put noodles like this, and stir the noodles.

22:45 the noodles are moving out. Ah, it is so hot!

22:53 Q. What is something you should be careful while you are cooking?

22:56 Fire! I think it is almost done. I need to taste it first.  With my hands. All cooked, all cooked!

23:12 to the toilet! To the bathtub. Oh! You should hold it for me.

23:22 oh, wait, too much. Do something about it. Put it down. It is hot! These, these. Gets worse.

23:42 don’t film this! It is not good.

23:54 are you really sure you have done cooking before?

23:58 well, the noodles were just too much.

24:03 Now I think I admire those ajummas at the noodle shops. How can they deal with this much of noodles at once?

24:10 ah, my cooking.. It is my worst nightmare.

24:22 noodles taste the best with hands.

24:34 it really looks nice.

24:39 staff: ‘if they want more…’  ilwoo: now, bring me the bowls!

24:42 staff: more? Ilwoo: no no, wait

Staff: bowls please. Here we go.

24:53 now, quickly quickly. Let’s eat quickly!

25:20 he sees the noodles are entangled.

The girl says “you should eat them all though!”

Ilwoo says “just eat!”

staff says “is it a set menu? Like combo”

25:34 it is tasty, isn’t it? Right?

Yeah, actually very good!

25:58 He has not eaten yet.

We filmed all, so I am sure they will edit them to look good.

(In the background, they are talking about jokes about something which I can’t understand.)


2011 7 OMT Day 7 BC Ferries 2.jpg

2011 7 OMT Day 7 BC Ferries

2011 7 OMT Day 7 Qualicum Farm Tour 12011 7 OMT Day 7 Qualicum Farm Tour 22011 7 OMT Day 7 Qualicum Farm Tour 32011 7 OMT Day 7 Qualicum Farm Tour 42011 7 OMT Day 7 Qualicum Farm Tour 5.52011 7 OMT Day 7 Qualicum Farm Tour 52011 7 OMT Day 7 Qualicum Farm Tour 62011 7 OMT Day 7 Qualicum Farm Tour 82011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 12011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 22011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 32011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 42011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 62011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 72011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 82011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 92011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 10

Jung Il woo posted these photos in his Tweeter back then:

2011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 112011 7 OMT Day 7 Tigh Na Mara Resort 12


(What I Think About This)

I felt a bit sad for Ilwoo in this episode. I had no idea about what was happening! The prank was a bit long and too much… no need to prank him anymore I thought!  And instead of just filming his natural reaction to things, it feels too set up…

And it also makes me sad when he talks about feeling relaxed and not having to worry about the next drama.  l wonder how he feels now with this situation where his possibilities are even more limited… I hope he’s not too hard on himself.  It really is not the time for that…

I looked up lake Baikal where he went with his dad… this is where it is:

Lake Baikal, Russia Cr. Google Maps..png

It is one of the biggest lakes in the world… the 7th.  And the deepest!  It’s gorgeous! The water is so clear!  I’m glad he had this time with traveling with his dad…

_methode_times_prod_web_bin_4a77dd0e-50b2-11e9-ab3c-aad12815c817Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 10.29.31 PM

This short National Geographic video will tell you more about it…!


I also thought about the part where he says “I am so busy in Seoul, just under much stress and just constantly working, but here I feel very relaxed and I want to raise some cows and have a happy life with my future family when I get old.”  I hope you get there someday Ilwoo Ssi…  but do remember that no one can bring you happiness, only you can, happiness comes from within… not from outside, no one can make you happy but yourself!  And it’s not something to be set in the future… it is in your NOW!

I think you know that… now!  ^ ^