Sweet Munchies OST


Sweet Munchies OST Part 2. THE VANE – SUPERHERO

July 4, 2020

I wanted to create a page for this OST becasue I really enjoyed it…

1  “Love With You”.    Lee Jin-ah

2  “Superhero”.  The Vane

3  “Twinkle” (반짝).  Jung-in

4  “All Things Will Pass”  Jung Dae-hyun   (My favorite right now… I dedicate it to Covid 19!)

5  “Life Is Like Cooking” (삶은 요리).  GOTCHA !

6  “This Is My First Life”.    Sobo

These are videos that include the translation to English… and include the Korean and romanization… so great to practice Korean!   Enjoy!!!




HERE is a playlist in YouTube with these videos.

Photos of covers separately:

Sweet Munchies OST Part 1. LEE JIN AH – LOVE WITH YOUSweet Munchies OST Part 2. THE VANE – SUPERHEROSweet Munchies OST Part 3. JUNG IN – TWINKLE (반짝)Sweet Munchies OST Part 4. JUNG DAE HYUN – ALL THINGS WILL PASSSweet Munchies OST Part 5. GOTCHA ! – LIFE IS LIKE COOKING (삶은 요리)Sweet Munchies OST Part 6. SOBO – THIS IS MY FIRST LIFE