Jung Il woo’s New Drama “Sweet Munchies” will air on May 25th, 2020!

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Update:  April 28, 2020

New Moon Drama ‘Night and Night’ Jung Il-woo, Healing Chef Visual Revealed!


‘Night and Night’ revealed the still cut of Jeong Il-woo, who has transformed into a chef. The heart warms up already with the warm visuals that have been perfectly dissolved in the kitchen.

JTBC’s new moon drama ‘Night and Night’, which will be broadcast for the first time on Monday, May 25th (directed by Song Ji-won, drama Park Seung-hye, produced by Hello Content, 12 episodes), is a late night healing chef Jinsung, passionate Pidiazine, and well-known designer Taewan. Triangular romance. ‘The man who knows how to cook’ Jung Il-woo, a Hunnam late-night chef who runs a late-night restaurant, ‘Park Jin-sung’, is going to capture not only the taste of the viewers but also the female mind.

Chef Jin-sung Park is said to be the happiest in the world when customers laugh at his food. If you choose Juju, Anju runs a late-night restaurant with a unique concept of cooking according to the chef’s choice. The delicious snacks and warm words touched the tired hearts of the customers, so even one or two regular customers were able to make it. With the suggestion of PD Kim A-jin (Kang Ji-young), a regular guest, she becomes the host of the program ‘Night and Night’ and enjoys unexpected national popularity. However, there is a special secret hidden in its popularity.

The still released today (28th) was filled with the charm of chef Jin-sung Park, who can heal just by focusing and cooking. Park Jin-sung listens to customers’ big and small days in a simple open kitchen. From the visual that cooks your own late night snacks to your mood and taste, it seems like a vitamin that makes you tired of the day. The reason why I became a favorite chef of all ages, men and women, is convincing.

But what is the special secret hidden in him who cooks even the human mind? Jung Il-woo, who has absorbed 100% of his character as a chef from the beginning, is excited about the secret story he has while adding to the world of salivation-stimulating night snacks.

The production team said, “Jung Il-woo is completely immersed in Park Jin-sung from the moment in the kitchen and focuses the attention of all the staff on the field. Through ‘Snacks and Boys’, he is attracted to the charm of Jeongil-Woo’s hydration, from acting to visual and surprising cooking skills. “I’m going to make a drama like a late night snack full of devotion for viewers only. I hope it will be a warm consolation in your daily life,” he said.

‘Night and Night’ will be broadcast on Monday, May 25th at 9:30 pm at JTBC.

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Update: April 27, 2020

Jeong Il-Woo, Ji-Young Kang, and Hak-Ju Lee ‘Night and After’ confirmed on May 25.

By Newsis

Reporter Lee Su-ji = JTBC’s new moon drama ‘Night and Night’ will be aired on May 25 at 9:30 for the first time.

The production team of ‘Night and Night’ confirmed the first broadcast date and released the romance lineup of the characters in the dramas played by talents Jeong Il-woo, Kang Ji-young and Lee Hak-ju.

‘Night and Night’ is a chef who heals the mind of a person with a midnight snack, a passionate PD, and a triangular romance of a prominent designer.

The production team said, “All three actors are in harmony with the characters from appearance to personality, and they are creating amazing synergy.” With this special romance, after a weary day, through a mouth-watering snack and empathy story, with a hungry body “A drama that can fill your mind.”

After SBS TV’s Wolhwa drama ‘Hatch’, Jung Il-woo, who returns to the home theater in one year, plays the role of ‘Park Jin-sung’, a late night healing chef who wants to cook even the hearts of people. Park Jin-sung is a person who runs a special restaurant ‘bistro72’ to soothe the hunger of the late night and hides a special secret with the suggestion of PD PD ‘Kim Ah-jin’.

Kang Ji-young, a talent from the group ‘Kara’, plays the contracted entertainer PD ‘Kim Ah-jin’ while watching only her debut. After a hard day, Kim A-jin, who has a drink and a delicious late night drink at ‘bistro72’ as the only pleasure in her life, is in a situation where she must succeed in ‘the late night snack’ given as the last opportunity before the contract is terminated.

Lee Hak-joo played the role of Kang Tae-wan, a well-known designer who caught the hearts of customers. Kang Tae-wan is a perfect designer without seemingly lacking, but is a person who has built a wall invisible inside.

April 16, 2020

JTBC changes lineup of dramas

Yes!!!  To our delight, Jung Il Woo’s new drama was moved forward!  While others that were supposed to air sooner were pushed back due to Coronavirus.  According to the JTBC website it will air on May 25th, 2020 on May 25th at 9:30PM. It will air every Monday and Tuesday.  Though JTBC has a deal with Netflix, it may take the whole run for us to finally see in Netflix.

This is the translation of an article that appeared in Dispatch:

En Español.

JTBC changes the scheduled drama schedule.

JTBC said on the morning of the 16th, “The schedule of drama formation will be partially changed in the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (Corona19).”

JTBC announced the acting of the drama. Some program schedules were pushed sequentially.  Corona 19 was forced to postpone the organization.

First, ‘Detective Mobe’ and ‘Elegant Friends’ were postponed to July.  Each was followed by the first episode of the sequel to “If the weather is fine, I ’ll go to you” and “The Couple’s World”.

Instead, “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” (translated as “Late Night” is followed by ‘Detective Mobe’ next month. ‘Late Night Man and Woman’ is a romantic comedy drama. Actors Jung Il-woo and Kang Ji-young star.

‘Dr. Foster’ will air after ‘The World of the Married’. ‘Doctor Foster’ is a BBC drama. It is the original work of the ‘The World of the Married’. The entire season will be aired.

However, ‘Ssanggappocha’ will be broadcast on the 20th of the following month at 9:30 pm on the following month. ‘Ssanggappocha’ is a fantasy counseling drama. Actors Hwang Jeong-eum and Yuk Sung-jae are star.


To me this shows the care and work ethic on “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” production set!  May GOD continue to bless them and keep them healthy so they can complete it virus free!  Go Late Snackers!  Looking so forward to joining you with a morning snack in my case! ^ ^