Happy 33rd Birthday Il woo!

September 9, 2019

Dearest Il woo!  What a blessing!  You are 33 years old! (32 Western!)  It is a great age to be!  not too young… not too old!

I wonder what you are doing… It is around noon in Seoul… I am writing this at 10:58 PM on September 8, after spending the day in Rockport, Mass. celebrating my mom’s birthday … it was today!  We chose the day well… the weather was simply perfect at 74 degrees F. (about 23 C.) and sunny.  We did all that my mom dreamed of doing… walking in the beach, looking at very beautiful unique stores, eating a good seafood meal and taking in the gorgeous views of the harbor, including the famous ‘Motif No. 1.’

One thing I had not planned was bumping into so many frogs!  It was incredible… in a way I felt you with me the whole time!  Just when I was about to forget… I would see another frog… and then another!  But the one that blew me away was this huge one in a sculpture I had never seen before!  This sculpture ‘Baby and Frog’ is by Richard Recchia (1885–1983) I just can’t imagine a more clear manifestation of you in my life… look at the joy on that baby’s face… it is my joy!  Riding so happily wherever you take me!  So where will your next adventure take us?  Can’t wait!!!

Frog Sculpture 'Baby and Frog' in Rockport Mass by Richard Recchia 1885-1983.JPG

I ended up buying one of the frogs i saw… it was a tiny glass one!  So adorable!!! so cute and so small…  Want to see…?   Look:

My new Il woo frog 9:8:2019 Bought in Rockport Mass Fan !3.jpg

Yeah… it is smaller than my finger tip!

Well onto my birthday post… ready?!!!  I created an art piece… inspired by how you make me feel… I call it  ‘A dream with Jung Il woo’

How you make me feel Jung Il-woo... By Fan 13.JPG

In it I tried to portray how you make me feel Jung Il-woo Ssi!… How you make me dream…  I am at a window dreaming of you… the darkness of reality fades away… all hurt subsides… you make me forget for a while all that is not OK in this world making me feel lighter and peaceful… and though I float… it feels safe.  I am holding onto time… and to me it represents how I believe we were meant to find each other in this time.  I am not sure what will happen in this life next… but I believe my energy is very connected to yours and always will be through all the eternities of this universal energy.  I am already yours as you are mine…

I also made you a birthday video.  In part it was inspired by ‘A dream with Jung Il-woo’ and in part by all I wish for you on this day of your birthday and always!  The music in the video is ‘Up’ from the Soundtrack of the movie Sing Street.  It describes exactly how you uplift me…and how thankful I am for you being part of my life!

and these are my wishes separately:

Happy Birthday Ilwoo! 2019 1 By Fan 14

Birthday 2019. Much Health By Fan 14

Birthday 2019. Infinite Love By Fan 13

Birthday 2019. Happiness By Fan 13

Birthday 2019.Delicious Tastes By Fan 14

Birthday 2019. More Kribbits By Fan 14

Birthday 2019. Great Acting Roles By Fan 13

Many Peaceful Walks JIW 2020

and many, many…

Birthday 2019. Dreams By Fan 13

I tried my best in learning the Lord’s Prayer, so I could pray for you properly!  I’m still working on it… so I apologize for my mispronunciation!

May god bless you Il woo Ssi!

Fan 13