1 Day to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

One day!  And we know he must be back in Korea by now to celebrate it with his family and friends.  I was trying to picture him in London celebrating his birthday, and I just could not.  Even with a girlfriend… it just somehow did not feel as something he would choose to do. Like I wrote on a comment to him… he now returns with his pockets full of memories… memories and inspiration he can draw from for his next efforts…

In 2018, Jung Il-woo was working at the Seocho Senior Center. He posted this beautiful video he prepared filled with some of his memories:

He also posted the photo of a cake he received there from his Chinese Fans:

2018 9 9 Birthday Cake 1.jpg

They also brought him lots of gifts, look:

Jung Il-woo 9:9:2018 Cr. Weibo naxxXX_.jpg

Aftewards he posted another beautiful cake, from his Japanese Fans:

2018 9 9 Birthday Cake 2.jpg

Here is a bit of a post I wrote about the Seocho Senior Center:

Seocho Senior Center

Here, Jung Il-woo spent about two years of his life caring for seniors.  Some of his duties included helping seniors with eating, taking baths and helping them with rehabilitation exercises. He also helped with cleaning and tidying.

The center is beautiful, surrounded by nature and tranquility with a huge park nearby.  Though it is a public nursing home, run by Seoul Catholic Services, it looks private and very high end.

Seocho Senior Center by Fan 131Seocho Senior Center by Fan 133Seocho Senior Center by Fan 134Seocho Senior Center by Fan 138Seocho Senior Center by Fan 139Seocho Senior Center by Fan 135

Seocho Senior Center by Fan 136

And these are photos of him working there…  Oh Ilwoo!  You have got to be an angel…!

Jung Il-woo cleaning at the Seocho Senior Center. 1.JPG

Jung Il-woo cleaning at the Seocho Senior Center. 2.JPG


Jung II-woo Civic Service 2.JPG

Jung II-woo Civic Service 3.JPG

Jung II-woo Civic Service 1.JPG