Jung Il-woo for K-Style Magazine, Japan. June 19, 2019.

June 19, 2019

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Article 1.

Photos “Haechi’s” Jung Il, to travel alone after drama shooting “making Korean food in Spain …”


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Article 2.

Jung Il, in ‘Haechi’ his first drama to broadcast  after his military service.   “If you give up, he is the type that works harder”

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Jung Il’s latest drama “Haechi”, which was released on November 30, 2018, will be broadcast for the first time in Japan from today. Jung Il, who came to Japan as a drama PR this time and also held his first fan meeting in Japan after disarmament. In a busy schedule, they answered Kstyle interviews. He talked a lot, from secret stories of shooting dramas to private stories.

――Please explain the reason for choosing “Hechi” to return from a large number of offers after military disarmament.

Jung Il: The first offer was last summer. The biggest reason for choosing “Haechi” was because I wanted to work with the writer Kim Young. Also, I was interested in reading many works related to Korean ancestors and books so far, so I wanted to try once more. Many people seem to be concerned about the reason why I chose not to play a contemporary drama but to a period drama for the return work, but the actors are more than to be good at genres, but rather to be in good works.  It can be said that this is the result.

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―― I think that you talked a lot with Kim Yeon scriptwriter through “Hechi”.

Jung Il: I got a lot of talk about acting this time from the screen writer Young. I made a debut with “Unstoppable High Kick!” And I tended to have easy-to-understand expressions and gestures when I played. For me, it was very useful to give me an advice, saying, “You should act with your heart, not your faces, that is, perform with your heart. She also mentioned that my strength is that I has a very sharp eye and that I am an “actor with a good eye.”

―― You said Kim Yi-young the scriptwriter told Cheung Il-san that she was “amazed at the performance when acting”, but what exactly is that?

Jung Il: This is a word that my older brother, Gyeongsang, watched the scene of death. In the play, my younger brother dies and my father dies … All Lee Gum’s family dies. Because of that, Lee Gum hurts his heart, but he saw that scene and thought that “this child is acting with all his heart, not his face”. It was the first time I had this feeling while acting a script. Basically, actors perform by adding a technique to the 80% of emotions they show. But he said that he was very surprised to see that I expressed sadness with all my heart.

-What was the scene of this scene like?

Jung Il: When shooting a scene, I usually start shooting from a full shot, but I thought that the scene was a particularly important emotional scene, so I consulted that I wanted to shoot from the upper body (bust) so we did. You can play it with techniques, but I thought that the scene should be especially mindful. Such emotions are not something that comes out easy many times, so I wanted to focus on the expression first and then to take a full shot.

— Did you have any pressure to play real people?

Jung Il: He also mentioned that he is a “newly created person,” and I thought that I would not feel obliged to be a real person. Until now, the portrayal of this king was so severe that he was depicted as a cold king who could kill his son. However, the King whom I and the screen writer Young wanted to draw is human-like, bright, understanding, caring person with others. I think that such aspect was sympathetic to the viewers.

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— Specifically, how was your role made?

Jung Il: I read a lot of books related to King Yeonjo’s ancestors and watched works. However, there was not much talk of King Yoenjo when he was young, so Yoo Ain was in the movie “The Destiny of the King – Eight Days That Changed History”  (The Throne in Netflix) in which Song Kang-ho played the older King. I referred to the figure of Seiji Aiko who is the son of Yeonjo ancestor who played. In general, a son is said to be similar to a father, so I thought that a young English son and a son might be similar. However, even with the same character “Eiji”, the character changes depending on the director, the writer, and the actor, so I did not think to reflect it as it was, “I think there is also this kind of performance”.

— Is it usually done the same way?

Jung Il: I usually refer to something when I enter a work, but I do not reflect it as it is, and always strive to draw a newly created person. I think that this is probably not the first work that depicts the youthful days of Eiji as a protagonist. Therefore, I discussed a lot of things while making up what I was interested in, and I made up a character. It was the first time since my debut that I created a character with the writer after reading the script. The writer was very thankful because he helped to create the role of other actors as well as me and helped each character to increase in depth.

— Please tell us the recommended scene.

Jung Il: You can see the drama, but I am very active! (Laughs) My brother died, my father died, and by that I became a son, raised my voice for the people, and became a king. I think every moment is a great scene because every episode and every episode has a big event. It is hard to pick one and talk. I mentioned when I interviewed in Korea, but every story! There is a great scene.

―― What was the most fun scene to shoot?

Jung Il: There is a scene where friends like Mun sun, Yeo ji and Dal mun move like “Avengers” to make me king, but it was still fun when taking such a scene. Because everyone is an actor of the same generation as me, it was more relaxing in acting, and I was able to perform happily.

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-How was it with the co-stars?

Jung Il: Acting Lee Taung’s role, wasChung Mun Seong, he always in the middle of the film, and we talked about acting at the shooting site, and we had a very good relationship as my older brother that he was. Even if the drama is over, I am in touch with him and he was one of the people who really helped me. In addition, with Lee Kyung-young, I had previously done work together, but at that time It was very short so I was happy to be with him again this time. He is a person who is really charismatic. And, in fact, I was a senior at my university, and he was really loving with me, and while acting he was a senior who made me think, “This is what I mean when my breath is perfect.”

―― There is a unique lines in the period drama, wasn’t it difficult?

Jung Il: It was a big deal this time. There were deep lines, so the words themselves are often difficult, and I often looked for the words in the dictionary, “What does this mean?” Especially in the period drama, even the same word has different meanings in long and short notes, so I acted with caution.

――The 20-page long serif also became a topic. Are there any words or lines that are particularly remembered?

Jung Il: When the work is over, I completely forgot the line (laughs). Especially because this film had so many words, I was shooting for the battlefield every day. So, the words … … a bit … not appear (laughs).

-The moment you crank it up, you will feel like you’re done!

Jung Il: Ahaha. You don’t have to remember words from tomorrow! There was a sense of liberation (laughs).

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―― It was the first time to co-star with Ko Ara in a drama, but how was it?

Jung Il: Ara-san had been acquainted with each other since he used to be a CM model together for several years. This time, it was a pity that I had an accident during filming and the appearances after that have decreased. Even so, it was thankful that I did my best and did it all the way to the end. I thought it was a very passionate, bright and lovely actress.

— How was the state of the shooting scene of Ko Ara?

Jung Il: Ara-san likes to take selfies, and she always takes a hard shot. Every day I asked me to take a photo with me (laughs).

— How was Jung Il spending at the shooting site?

Jung Il: There wasn’t a lot of scenes to shoot with the actors of the main cast, including Ara. Such was the first time. I am busy doing politics with people who are obsessed and lesser, and there are many scenes where I communicate with the people, and I have a lot of filming with people who are not the main cast. So I had more time to talk to the staff. In addition, because the character named Lee Gum is a character with many changes, I also talked with the director and seniors regarding the character.

――There were many shootings in the region, but which one was taken?

Jung Il: There were a lot of Mungyeong (Mungyeong). I also shot in Yongin and Pu’an. I was shooting around the whole country.

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―― It is said that director Lee Young-seok confessed that “your drunken performance is the best in Korea”. Did you hear this word?

Jung Il: Lee Young-seok used to say something like lip service (laughs). If you do a drunken performance, he will say, “If drunk performance you are the best,” and if you cry, hewill say, “You are the best at crying performances in Korea.” He says that to me so I can act nicely, so that all actors could have confidence. Thanks to that, the atmosphere of the scene was better than any drama.

— Is Jung Il-san a type that is praised and works harder?

Jung Il: That’s right. If you raise me up, I am the type that works harder (laughs).

―― It seems that you traveled to Spain after filming the drama, why did you choose Spain as your destination?

Jung Il: There is a pilgrim’s way in Spain. Walking there was one of my dreams when I was young.  I walked hard for a 15-day trip. Actually, this was the third time I went here, but each time I went, the time was getting shorter and shorter, so this time was shorter than I thought (laughs).

— Did you go alone?

Jung Il: Yes. The photos uploaded to the SNS were taken by the people I met on the spot, and at the second time they were taken by the friends I went with.

— Please tell me an episode about this trip.

Jung Il: I made Korean food such as bulgogi for my foreign friends. Everyone ate deliciously, and when I saw that, I was very happy.  It was a fun experience.

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―― While you were in service for about two years at the hospital for elderly people, did you have any idea of ​​the plan after your removal from work?

Jung Il: No, I concentrated on services during my service (laughs). When I was younger, I was worried about things and thinking about things ahead, but I realized that it was useless to me. Since then, the mind has changed to live enjoying the moment. I am living with gratefulness now.

-This time, besides the PR of the new drama “Haechi”, it is a large number of visits to Japan featuring a signing meeting of the magazine “KRIBBIT” who was in charge of the editor and a fan meeting.

Jung Il: Yes, it’s finally a start. From now on we will be active. I will greet everyone in Japan through various events and works. I am really looking forward to seeing you at the autographs and fan meetings after a long time.

―― Jung Il-san’s fan meeting is famous because he is elaborate every time. What kind of things are you preparing this time?

Jung Il: I can see it again this time (laughs). This is the first long-lived fan meeting after leaving the army. So, rather than showing you something new, I prepared it while thinking that it would be most meaningful to meet the fans. The concept is “communication” and “communication of intention”. I hope to see you in Japan in many ways, so please look forward to it.

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— Recently, I participated in the magazine “KRIBBIT” as an editor-in-chief, but in terms of disseminating Korean culture, was there any influence of a famous mother in the field of Korean traditional textiles?

Jung Il: Of course, my mother’s influence was also great. I think that when I was young, I touched art, went to museums a lot, and that kind of experience helped me.

―― I think that looking at the world will change in the future from being in the position of editor in chief, but is there anything that is currently attracting attention?

Jung Il: Rather than changing my eyes to see the world, I would like to express in the magazine the world that a human named Jung Il sees. Among them are art, culture and travel. I would like to include what I am interested in from time to time. Naturally, I think that the concept changes with each issue, but I would like to share such content with the readers and share it.

―― Although the interview with well-known great actress Na Muni has been well received since the “very high kick!”

Jung Il: It’s a secret (laughs).

―― In private, fans were very worried that your dog passed away in April of this year.

Jung Il: I have been together like a family since I received A-woo as a birthday present from the fans, but I suddenly she left this world. I really hurt me, but I think it’s good for A-woo to send it out. I hope A-woo can live happily in the next world. I am working hard to spend bright and happy days now.

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-Lastly, please tell the Japanese fans who are looking forward to broadcast the drama “Haechi” the highlight of this work.

Jung Il: I think this drama can be enjoyed with pleasure, as it has romance (a thick friendship between men) and romance. It is also a growth story in which a person named Yeongjo is struggling to become a king. I’m glad if you look closely at it. It is interesting to note that “Ton-i” drawn by a Yeon writer and played by Han Hyo-ju is the real mother of Lee Gum. I think that I can enjoy it more if I remember such connections with other dramas in my mind.

— What are the highlights of Chung Il-san?

Jung Il: I think the highlight is that you can see how the KingYeongjo changed. I really did various acts. As the talk goes on, I think that I might be addicted to the attractiveness of the this Korean ancestor while watching the appearance that the performance also gets deeper gradually.

— Please tell us about your future plans for Chung Il.

Jung Il: I will go to see the fans in the fan meeting Asia Tour until June. Once that is over, I would like to decide on the next work and start shooting. Is it a movie or a drama? Come on, which will be (laughs). Please look forward to. Thank you for your time today.

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