Jung Il-woo’s Oppa Fashion Style.

In this interview by Noblesse, Jung Il-woo shares his fashion and even perfume taste.  Anyways here is the translation of the article with the photos:

Oppa STYLE|Jung Il-woo* teaches you how to become a stylish and beautiful man.  

August, 2015

In the South of our country, there is a terrible cultural output called Korean drama. The Korean drama is full of a magical creature called Oppa. Each of them has long legs, 8 abdominal muscles, clean skin and a standardized smile, whether in the play as an alien or a high school student. Can make women who watch Korean dramas become a girl’s heart in a second~ flower face~ brain powder~^^.

*I changed Ding Yiyu to Jung Il-woo throughout the entire article.


2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 13.png

Jung Il-woo South Korea’s new generation of beautiful flowers, the longest legs of Asia’s most charming smile. He debuted with “Unstoppable Highkick”, representing works such as “49th”, “The Moon Embracing the Sun”, “Flower Man Ramen Museum”, “Please Miss”…

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 9.png

In recent years, Jung Il-woo has become more and more active in China and has been welcomed by more and more female fans. I participated in “Daily Upward” last year, and this year I participated in Jiangsu Satellite TV to record the “Star Chef” program. After the filming of Zhao Liying’s “Rising os a Tomboy” in Beijing in June, Jung Il-woo rushed to Shanghai to participate in a series of charity activities of the “May Charity Ball” co-organized by Noblesse. With this opportunity, we caught him and talked to him about fashion.

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 10.png

Noblesse: As a Korean male idol who has won the Asian Fashion Awards for fashion models, your street shooting and public event styles are very stylish. What kind of style you choose in formal and private situations? What?

Jung Il-woo: Actually, the style I like is changing every year. In the work, I will try my best to match the occasion and the specific requirements. Privately, I have recently become more and more comfortable and casual, and often wear relatively loose clothes.

N: As a male, what kind of thing do you think is the best single item for men?

Il-woo: The best fashion items should still be worthy. (Laughs) In fact, for men, maintenance is as important as a woman, and I am also very concerned about maintenance. I feel that exercising, controlling diet and dressing up every day are also very important parts.

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 8.png

N: What is your favorite male accessory?

Il-woo: If you have accessories, you will change according to the actual situation. Sometimes you like watches and sometimes you like shoes. Like sneakers when I was a child, I like shoes more and more now. This may have a certain relationship with me as soon as I am 30 years old! (laugh)

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 3.png

N: There are a lot of occasions when you need to wear formal attire. Do you have a favorite style or style for men? What are the requirements for custom shoes and bags?

Il-woo: I personally like the men’s suits and shoes from the Thom Browne brand. I wear less custom shoes. I prefer custom dresses. I think the importance of men’s clothing customization is the size, so I will often customize some well-fitted suits, and I prefer British fabrics and tailoring methods. Regarding the custom package, I rarely bring the bag. I like the brand of Givenchy, Balenciaga and other brands with relatively simple design.

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 7.png

Thom Browne 

I added the coming three photos, they were not part of the article.

Jung Il woo in Thom Browne 2




2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 2.pngBalenciaga Bag

N: Many of the photos you see are taken during the trip. What kind of clothes would you choose when you are on vacation?

Il-woo: I still prefer a comfortable dress when I travel. The specific choices will vary depending on the city I am going to. For example, in Paris recently, because Paris is a very fashionable city, I was dressed up at the time. If you are going to a holiday island like Hawaii or Bali, I will choose holiday-style clothing such as printed shorts. So I think I don’t have a fixed preference, but I decide how to wear it according to the situation at the time.

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 5.png

Pink Suit, trousers, white shirt ( All from Bottega Veneta) .   Pink? 

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 6.png

Wearing a Dandy Men’s Watch (Chaumet) in your left hand


N: Do you have research on men’s fragrances? What kind of perfume do you like?

Il-woo: I really like perfume. I used to like Creed and Byredo perfumes before, and then I liked homemade perfumes. The perfume I used recently was personally prepared by me in Paris.There are also many places in Korea where you can make your own perfume. For the scent, I like the woody notes, such as the oak tone I use now.

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 1.png

Creed perfume

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo Fashion Interview for Noblesse 4.png

Byredo perfume


And this is a magazine that came out at this time:

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo for Noblesse Magazine 1.jpg

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo for Noblesse Magazine 2.jpg

2015 8 1 Jung Il-woo for Noblesse Magazine 3.jpg

Bonus!  This is another event from this year where Jung Il-woo signed “The Night Watchman’s Journal”  cards in Japan.  He is wearing another “pink” suit… he looks so ethereal in light colors!  Like an angelic vision!

2015 UJIW Photos 72015 UJIW Photos 92015 UJIW Photos 82015 UJIW Photos 2



It was so great to finally know the brand of clothing he wears all the time with the four stripes and the blue, red and white tags! Thom Browne! and it’s from an American Designer!  I thought it was French because of the colors of the tags, but they are America’s colors too!  I’m so happy he likes an American Designer!  My favorite brand is also from an American:  another Thom…!  Tommy Hilfiger. And it has a flag too!

It’s interesting that they do not mention Comme des Garcons.  This is the brand with the heart with eyes.  He wears this brand a lot!  Especially in 2011… he was the model of this brand!