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August 4, 2015

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Translation from Japanese via Google Translate.

Jung · Il · Yoon Ho (Unstoppable High Kick) This is a super-large fantasy · romance period drama “Night police diary” co-starring luxuriously. Following “Jung Il-woo” and “Moon holding the sun” for this work, it became the third episode drama appearance. In this work that became a big epic of gems full of tremendous excitement and excitement such as a man’s and women’s love triangle with young samurai fighting to defend the court, Sometimes with a smile, occasionally cool, and hard action scenes with a bad Prince Lee Rin with a bashfully with a stereotype. We will deliver a long interview of Jung Il who has dramatically driven the drama as a leading role.

– How was it when you first read the script or when the appearance was decided? Please tell me your impressions.

Jung Il: I always thought that I wanted to “do it with a work that was interested since the drama was produced. I am lucky and I was casted, I remember what I was most happy about. Just playing the role of phosphorus with this drama, I was really thankful.

– Please tell me about the character Lee Rin that I played this time.

Jung Il: It is a role of a demonicist (ghost hunter). Although it is the prince of the latter, I am hiding the secret of being able to see the goddess by chasing the court. It is a drama depicting the story of experiencing trials and anguish that walks a new life as royal sole exorcist. The prince who was selfish gradually becomes a merciful prince who gradually thinks about the people. It is a wonderful character.

– Have you prepared anything specifically for making roles?

Jung · Il: Because it is a historical drama, I first cared about the tone and speech of the dialogue, I trained that point firmly. In the first edition of the drama is a humorous and mischievous bright character so playing the tone of the dialogue a little higher and as the drama progresses to the second half, the dark and heavy parts that have never been shown up to the table are drawn, so it works well for performance I was struggling to various things. Thanks to that, it was a pleasure that many viewers watching the broadcast said, “It has changed from previous acting”.

– Please tell me the similarities and differences between the role of Lee Rin who played and Mr. Jung Il himself.

Jung Il: Since the synchro rate with me is almost 100% (laugh) There are many similarities, but what are the places that are similar in particular, are they where we can see things positively? This place is somewhat different, is Lyn is a little nervous and there is a difficult face, I am not so (haha)

“Shot with Han-dressed clothes my mother tailored … I was able to feel good affection with love and sincerity”

– Although it is a hero rink full of righteous feelings of getting rid of evil spirits, how was it when you played the leading character?

Jung · Il: The main character of the drama involves a great responsibility, but it is full of appreciation even just to be able to play the hero. There are also many difficulties indeed, there are pressures that have to lead the drama to the end. However, I tried to splash the pressure and welcome the final round. I think that acting as an actor by playing the main character strengthened, and sense of responsibility came out.

– Looking back at the time of shooting the drama, are there scenes that are most memorable?

Jung Il: There are so many, but Rin will add a bracelet to Toha (Ko Seon Hee dressed) and a scene will be added in the second half of the drama, where Toha will attach an important bracelet with a bell attached to Rin . It became memorable as it became a very romantic and beautiful scene.

– Please introduce if there is an interesting episode in shooting.

Jung Il: In the scene of encounter with the guardian goddesses who protect Rin, there are scenes of sowing seeds of pepper for 6 hours to drive away the devil, but it really is because of red peppers and hands It became painful and I had a hard feeling for about three days.

– I think that another feature of “night guard diary” is a brilliant action scene, but what kind of preparation did you prepare to play the action scene?

Jung Il: In the previous work there were so many action scenes, so I went to the action school for a long time and learned the action. In this drama, the schedule was tight and I could not go to school and train. I took a short guidance from the martial arts director at the scene and I took a picture, but I felt better than I thought and it felt good.

– The costume of the drama is that the mother made it, but how was it? Which of these clothes is your favorite?

Jung Il: Coincidentally, my mother is doing the work of traditional fabric, so my mother woven himself to tailor it to Korean clothes. When I took a picture with it, I felt my affection and sincerity, I think that I was able to do good acting. There are many beautiful Korean clothes, but there are scenes that wear a red flower pattern hanbok in a pink land, riding on a ferryboat. That Hanbok is the most memorable.

“The 1st mood maker among the leading performers is Jung Il (lol)”

– Is there anything you have been particularly concerned about playing a triangular relationship over Lee Rin and Toha?

Jung · il: I was more concerned about expressing emotions to Toha rather than triangular relations. At first I liked it, though I liked nothing at all, I was taking an attitude of ignoring, but my feelings gradually to feel affection and keep protecting me in Toha. In order to demonstrate the performance and emotional transitions of those point points, I played with Ko Seong-hee, who is playing Toha, while playing.

– It seems that it was a hard shooting lasting all night, how was the atmosphere of the scene?

Jung Il: Everyone was like a family with a good atmosphere. I was shooting and never heard a shout at all and I was able to shoot happily with harmony. People of fans also gave me plenty of gifts and gifts, and it was a hard schedule, but it was a happy shoot.

– Who is the 1st mood maker among the leading performers?

Jung · il: Jung · il is (laugh)

– Have you heard that Pilates will do for physical condition management?

Jung · Il: Even now it continues every day. Effective for posture correction, when it was acting, it became a posture that naturally chested up, and everyone of the viewers said that there was a sense of stability in the figure. I am planning to continue Pilates in the future.

– This is the third time drama appearance in this “Night Watchman’s Journal”, is there any difference from the previous era play?

Jung Il: “Night police diary” is a fantasy drama, so many CG shots were taken. I also did CG shooting all day. I think that the point is different.

“The goal is to become an actor who is not hiring by name as an actor”

– I won the Best Actor Award at the MBC Performance Awards last year, but what kind of activity do you want to do in the 30s and what type of actor do you want to become?

Jeon · Il: I never thought that I could win the Best Actor Award. I felt pressure with a big prize too, but the director and the president of the production company were the ones who extended my hands when I was in trouble. I would like to devote myself to appreciate what I did reach out to the hands and remember the initial intention of acting as an actor. The responsibility becomes increasingly heavier, but as my goal is to become an actor who is not acting as an actor, I am trying to be an actor with a sense of trust and a trusted feeling with the acting skills.

– Also, when the offer of the historical drama comes, what kind of work and what kind of role would you like to play?

Jung · Il: We often ask such questions, but actors will only do their best for the work they are given, so if it were such a work or if it were such a role I do not think so.

– Are there any works or genres I would like to try specifically in the future?

Jung Il: Recently, since there are a lot of heavy feelings, I’d also like to do love comedies and I would like to challenge criminal things if it’s a movie.

– What was the meaningful meaning for “The Night Watchman’s Journal” for Jung Il?

Jung Il: This is a work that made me confident as an actor. It is a work that gave us the opportunity to grow as an actor. I was able to have confidence in walking as an actor with this work. I appreciate it very much.

– Please give me a drama introduction and a message to everyone in Japan who will see the “Night Watchman’s Journal” in the future.

Jung Il: This drama is a drama with various charm. Ikemen actors also appear, and the youth romance of young people is also drawn. There is also one aspect as a horror. It is a funny drama with plenty of places of exhilaration and painful attractions. I would like to ask a lot of your interest and love.