Jung Il-woo for STM Magazine

October 13, 2018

Today I celebrate two years of loving Jung II-woo.  I am celebrating in various ways, one is by changing the look of all me media accounts for the autumn.  Do you like it?

Around this time two years ago, I saw Jung Il-woo as Prince Yang for the first time in “The Moon that embraces the Sun.”  It has been such a wonderful journey seeing his dramas and researching and reading about him and all he does, seeing him grow as an actor and a person… and what a gem of a person he is!  As I start my third year, I look forward to being a fan in real time with his work and life and continue to do my best to support him.  I am so thankful that he came into my life.  He makes me feel so happy! This song describes exactly how he makes me feel:


Loving You Is Easy

Performed by: Sarah McLachlan

Loving you is easy, loving you is wondrous and pure
I shout it from the roof tops
How long must I wait ’til I see your smile

Might of been the moonlight
Caught up in the sparkle in your eyes
So we gotta know I should go slow
But it’s not in me to wait

‘Cause I’m alive I’m on fire
Shine like a star burst into the sky

Oh the fury of desire
You burn so bright electrify
You light me up you take me higher

I’ve been down a long road
And I’ve become a stranger to myself
Digging in my heels and hoping time
Might be kinder if I wait it out

Nothing came from wondering
And I became so small and insecure
Didn’t know the cost of all I lost
Until I found it fresh and new
(Again with you)

And I’m on fire
Shine like a star burst into the sky

Oh the fury of desire
You burn so bright electrify
You light me up you take me higher

Loving you is easy
Loving you is wondrous and pure
I shout it from the roof tops
How long must I wait ’til I see your smile

Songwriters: Timothy Burgess / Jonathan Thomas Brookes / Martin Victor Blunt / Mark Vincent Collins / Anthony Paul Rogers
Loving You Is Easy lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc


…and now onto the STM Magazine:

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Article in English.  Translated using Google Translate.

STM. Jung Il Woo’s Dark Paradise.  2014.11.21.

[Asia Economy STM Kim Eun Ae] Most of the words surrounding him is praise, and he is a kind man. If you choose the trademark, smile that is innocent. However, when facing this face, a face that I did not know until now was revealed.

“You have to empty your mind to fill it up,” he said, glaring his eyes. Only people who have never been confident and have tried so hard have never been able to do so.

– I was surprised to hear that I was detained in China a while ago. The manager lost my visa to me and the staff. So I did not get on the plane. I went to the airport and found out about it. It ‘s my mistake. I’m sorry I missed my schedule.

– Recently MBC ‘Night Watcher’ was popular. What was the shooting atmosphere? The audience was good and the staff was good. It was so nice to leave the audience atmosphere. I filmed fun and fun. But if you had a hard time, did you spend a lot of nights? haha.

– Most of the actors who breathed together were juniors. I would have been a senior. I did not have anything like that. All of them are colleagues who are acting. I do not want to be late for my appointment because my rule, principle, is to keep it good. The atmosphere of the film was important, but I did not have to take it because I was an older man.

– Drama shooting is so fast, I think it will be a lot of physical consumption. Do you have a special fitness management trick? I can not remember how many physical strengths have already been in the past and how many times I have met Ringer. The problem is no time for Ringer. I did not just take a picture, but I also had a schedule of OST recording, picture, advertisement and so on. And you have to watch the script. These things were repetitive. It was so hard to leap six nights a week. I was stuck and I wanted to concentrate and focus more on this.

– Then I could have rested when I was detained in China. Haha. Would not it be an unwanted break? haha. I did not know, so I suddenly made a reservation at the hotel.

– ‘Night viewers’ genre is a fusion drama, CG has been used a lot. At first, did not these parts become strange or worried? I wanted to do it. It was good just to do this work after leaving the audience rating like this. I did not care about audience ratings at all. I liked CG too. I was really happy doing this work.

– I think I got naked in this work. Do you think that you have grown up again as an actor? haha. I’ve heard a lot about men getting hurt.

– Since debut, I’ve been following a modifier called ” Of course, it is a praise, but can the image be limited? Gosh. Thank you. It depends on what role you play. This time I showed my new look.

– You participated in the OST as well. Do you usually sing well? I like singing but I am wrong. I love listening too. The only way to relieve stress is to run it out of the car. I like pops, I like rocks, and every time I’m wrong. I hear a lot of sad ballads and listen to classical music.

– Who is your favorite artist? I like Rodriguez, Lana Del Rey, Gorillaz in the movie ‘Seeking For Sugar Man’. John Lennon and Marty Robbins are also favorite singer. I like singers of various genres. My favorite actor is River Phoenix and Changgukyoung both live a short life.

– Do you also like the movie directed by Wang Ga-wi, the director of Changguk? Actually it is not my preference. The visual quality is very good, but it is not the favorite genre. I have worked well with works such as’ Love Me Yifeuda ‘,’ Dreamers’, ‘Closer’, ‘

– But the director ‘s movie’ My Love ‘, which has appeared in the past, is a calm style. My acting likes acting like that. I do not like seeing things like that. I want to smoke acting power. I’ve been doing a lot of things for a while, but I think that there are a lot of people who say that the smoke does not fit well.

– Have you ever played such a thing in a drama? I do not know. “The late-night appearance” I want to show you such things.

– It’s been a long time, but I’m looking for a way to get out of the “High Kick” image, and that’s when the character is bright. But I think it’s good to have many images. It feels so important. There is a representative work. I heard somewhere that the actor had to thank for the masterpiece. I have a few, so thank you.

– What is your favorite masterpiece? I do not know. Many people have different tastes. I talk about ‘High Kick without a hitch’ most of the time and I think so, but ‘Night viewers’ can also be a masterpiece. There are also people who talk about ’49 days’ and also talk about ‘goodbye ramen shop’. I like everything.

– Do you have a role to play in the next piece? But I think I can empty the learning mind to empty it. I’m always practicing like that. ‘I want to do something. I want to do something. ‘ I always practice to empty my mind at all times.

– Is that what you want? Popular, do not rate the audience ratings? I really do not mind. It’s popular or ratings. So I am immersed in the character. I do not know how to get out of it, but the way I’m immersed in the characters seems to help me to concentrate on acting without doing my best.

– Then do not you check the ratings? I do not see anyone. That’s all I do. I feel good, it’s bad, and I focus on it.

I’m an actor in 10 years already 10 years. cadet.

– It seems like it is not easy to have one thing for a long time, but everything seems like that. Five years and ten years. I think that everything can be successful if I stay for three years. No job is easy job. The person who stood for more than three years is wonderful. I think one person is a master for 10 years.

Have you ever regretted or been skeptical as you walked your way to the actor for 10 years? Never regret or skepticism. I just felt it was hard. There was no such thing as ‘why not’. From my childhood, I thought that the man who knew I would be responsible for what I chose was cool. I have a job I chose and I have a sense of responsibility for fans who have been there for me for nearly a decade. I have a lot of self – esteem. I think it’s more and more grown up and growing as things get stacked up.

Kim Eun Ae reporter misskim321@stoo.com


Dark paradise… no! … his paradise is full of light!