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10 asia|2014/11/04 06:41:19

Actor Jung Yi always shows a strong pride on his work, but in the case of a recently written MBC drama “Night Police Diary”, he showed a more vivid affection. I said that this work is a work that made me confident. It was a drama with good grades. A man named Lee Lin who did not descend from the position of the 1st ranking audience rating on TV, above all, shows various faces as well as a wide spectrum of emotions, and various actors of Jung Yi It is because it became a case to prove again the possibility. That’s why he has enough qualification to feel proud of himself.

What kind of face will Jeong il come back after “night guard diary”? Next year is my debut 10 years. Although it is not as easy as words to become an actor who always wanted to know more the next time for a long time, Jung Il got through his ninth year, steadily stretching his charm, 2015 It is progressing towards a special year called the tenth anniversary of debut in the year.

I asked about the passion of such a special actor.

Q. How did you spend after finishing the drama “Night Police Diary”?
Jeong Il: Actually, I have no spirit yet. After the drama ended, we went on a trip to Sokcho with the staff and traveled with friends on Jeju Island, and I’m busy lately getting an interview and I am sending one day a day.

Q. It seems that he had traveled as usual with old friends when the drama ended. Have you had time to get out of Lee Lin through the trip?
Jung Il: When I take a historical drama by all means I feel that I moved in space. It is a work that I took very enthusiasticly above all, but everything disappears and it is empty. Lee Lin is nostalgic too.

Q. There seems to be a mind filled with such unsatisfactory because it should have never missed the viewer’s ranking first place.
Jung · Il: We did not think audience ratings from the beginning of the drama. It was an idea that I wanted to finish this work until the end, I began without considering the end. But I had good results and my heart was full. When I read the first script, I talked about the fact that the last crash of today is satisfied, but it is a work that looks like that. It was a pleasant result.
It is.

Q. “Night police diary” was fresh in genre, and was also new in that it gathered young actors together among fresh genres than anything else. Oh, that’s why. It was felt that the young actors were close together.
Jung Il: Apparently younger actors had to capture the center compared to other dramas, and they could not solve the string of tension during shooting. I went out to the workplace first and kept the basic things well. More than anything, I took pictures of each other brightly and happily, so I think the atmosphere was good.

Q. According to what I heard, it seems that Jung Il helped Mr. Chung I in a good atmosphere. Especially Ko Seong-hee, who first challenges the historical drama, received great support from Jeon Il.
Jung Il: Rather, I was saved a lot. I think that it is most important to match breathing when acting, but having a lot of talks with actors such as Yunho, Ko Seong Hee, So Ye Ji, and so on helped a lot . Drama seems to have flowed well as we talked about the part that I missed.

Q. What kind of meaning does such a drama “Night Police Diary” remain in Jung Il, individuals?
Jung Il: It is a work that made me confident. When starting this drama, it was my goal to perform authentic acting. While capturing the character and drama, I was hoping to show authentic acting without releasing that string to the end, I am very happy to be able to keep that point.

Q. Among them, if there is a remarkable name scene.
Jeong Il: There are scenes in which Lee Lin is frowned after Grandma hits the sword in many scenes that are inevitably memorable. In addition, if you add another, the scene that became obsessed with the spirit and became another Lee Lin remains in memory.

Q. In addition, it seems that the growth of character Lee Lin showed up with a pretty impressive performance.
Jung Il: I kept growing in mind since I keep my character. If you look at the drama you can miss the busy time of shooting. So, I calculated it thoroughly from the beginning, but it seems that such a thing went well. Even though Lee Lin somewhat playfully at the beginning of the game, I tried not to lose the weight of the prince. I think that I caught the center.

Q. However, I was physically very difficult. Especially when asking actors “Night Police Diary”, they said that everyone would have had the hardest job.
Jung Il: It was hard work (laugh). The drama takes 3 to 4 months, but it clearly appears on the screen unprotected. However, the results will remain unchanged. So I abandon sleep. I tried hard so hard not to leave any regrets later.

Q. I was told that there was a lot of action scenes and it was an atmosphere that encourages each other not to get hurt. Especially when I scratched around the eyes at the time of the last shooting, I fought a fighting spirit to shoot quickly.
Jung Il: I also had many injuries in shooting, but Yuno-senpai also got injured. Action All the actors were injured a lot. There are also many things being commonplace, but we had to prepare a lot beforehand so as not to damage the drama, we tried to do so.

Q. It’s been my 9th year debut this year. Next year will be filled with ten years, but it seems to make me feel different again.
Jung Il: Time has so much flowed. I do not know yet a lot and there are many inadequacies, but at this time, the most appreciated is that there are fans who support me and support me. I was also responsible for the fans who saw me for nine years. The existence of fans is more useful when acting. Although it is often difficult to take a drama, I think about my fans and I am doing my best.

Q. The domestic fan layer is quite thick, but it is also popular in China. In the 2014 Cosmo Beauty Awards held in Shanghai this time, I also won the Forever Young Icon male star prize for Korean national team.
Jeong Il: I was truly grateful to receive a prize.

Q. Does Chon · Il have such a problem that I want to do first?
Jung Il: There are many things I want to do. However, since an actor is usually open, I can put something new, I think I will empty my heart, rather than deciding what I want to do. Then it seems to be useful when doing the next work. For now, I would like to try romantic comedies, or even dark characters at all.

Q. Finally, let’s look back over the time passed. What is the most special work left in my current work?
Jeon · Il: “Deeply awesome high kick” which is a debut work is left in the most memorable. I made a debut, but it was a work that was loved so much that I was able to let you know the name of Jung Yi. Also, “My deadline is 49 days” is also important. There are no fingers that do not hurt by ten fingers (Note: meaning that even if there are many children, their children are all cute), but I will try hard to keep better works from now on.