Jung II-woo’s Instagram Gallery

May 27, 2018

Today Jung II-woo posted again in Instagram! He posted 10 videos!!! I also found the first Instagram photo he ever posted about 2? 3? days ago.  So… to celebrate I decided to start the promised gallery of Jung II-woo photos and videos! that he has posted in Instagram… at least that’s the goal!

I’ve been debating on how to do this, I think I will start on this page, but as I get more and more, I will make a page for every year.  I will include his captions as long as I find them too… (when you click on the photo you’ll be able to see them along with the date and translation.)   So get ready to delight in all of Jung II-woo’s photos and videos!


His first post ever deserves a place of its own:

September 19, 2013

Jung II-woo's First Instagram Post 2013 09 19 1.jpg


Sept 19, 19 & 23:



Oct 5, 11