Jung Il-woo Back in Instagram!

May 27, 2018

That’s right!  He’s back in Instagram!  And he not only posted once, he gave us a whole concert of videos!

JIW 2018 5 27 Inst Posts

I just created a playlist of all the songs right HERE.

UPDATE June 2, 2018:  Because Oppa is posting a lot of videos, I will try to keep this playlist updated with videos he posts until I reach 50…then start another!  I love that he’s doing this… Love hearing new music especially knowing he likes it!

Or if you want to watch one by one:


I was so surprised by the way Jung II-woo chose to come back. It was like a big bang! I’M BACK!  There were a few of these songs that I know, but a lot I don’t, or not remember!… like the Last Emperor, I heard that when I watched that movie a long time ago.  I really liked “Summer” by Calvin Harris and Mystery of Love… adding them to the music I listen to!  I had never heard of Sufjan Stevens… his music is so good!  so…

감사합니다  전일우 씨!  and… Welcome Back!!!