Jung Il-woo leaves Soop Management and decides to set up his own agency… then signs with “Haru Entertainment.”

Jung Il Woo Leaves Management Soop

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A rep from the agency told enews on April 4, “Jung Il Woo and Management Soop decided to go their separate ways for their futures. Jung Il Woo is an actor with many strengths, and we hope he will meet a good agency that will help him realize his full potential.”

The rep added, “It felt natural for Jung Il Woo to leave Soop for another agency. You should think of it as breakup for everyone′s good.”

Jung Il Woo first signed a contract with Fantagio, the agency that holds Kim Sung Soo and Ha Jung Woo, in 2010. Two years later, when CEO Kim Jang Kyun left Fantagio to found Management Soop, the actor left Fantagio to sign an exclusive contract with the new agency.

According to officials at the time, Jung Il Woo had joined Soop to uphold his friendship with Kim Jang Kyun, who had helped him rise to stardom.

Jung Il Woo became known for his debut with the MBC sitcom High Kick, and went on to appear in a variety of pieces such as MBC′s The Return of Iljimae, KBS2′s My Fair Lady, SBS′ 49 Days, tvN′s Cool Guys, Hot Ramen and MBC′s The Sun and the Moon.

Jung II-woo Decides to Create His Own Agency to Represent Him.

At this point in time Jung II-woo decides to go solo and create his own agency to represent him and find jobs, etc.

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It has become known that after leaving Management Soop, Jung Il Woo is leaning towards setting up his own agency.

The actor has been receiving many love calls from various agencies as a free agent after his departure from his former agency. Many of them offered hundreds of millions of won, but instead of signing with them, he recently decided to set up his own agency.

A source close to Jung Il Woo said, “Japan and China have been showing great interest in Jung Il Woo. He will be setting up his own agency with help from an acquaintance who can systemize his management. His decision was also influenced by how he hasn′t served his military duties yet. It seems he thinks he should promote alone for a year or two before his enlistment, instead of signing a long contract with another agency.”

The source added, “There is a high possibility his mother will be listed as the corporate representative, and many officials in entertainment and advertisement, who have been close with the actor since his debut, will join him at his agency.”

Jung Il Woo′s mother is an authority in cloth and fabrics. She teaches at the Korea National University of Cultural Heritage and was manager of the Antique Cloth Laboratory.

Jung Il Woo first rose to stardom through MBC′s High Kick and has been leading an impressive career through his appearances in The Return of IljimaeFlower Boy Ramen Shop and The Sun and the Moon.


Jung Il Woo Signs an Exclusive Contract with  Haru Entertainment

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Jung Il Woo turned down all the other hundred-million-won contracts to sign with his own agency to Haru Entertainment.

On May 2, Haru Entertainment announced through an official press release that it had “signed an exclusive contract with the hallyu star Jung Il Woo.”

The actor had been receiving love calls from many agencies after leaving Soop Entertainment, but he had decided to found his own agency in order to concentrate on his own promotions as an actor.

On May 1, he had tweeted a photo hinting toward his new contract, showing himself holding a piece of paper that read, “Your frog (Jung Il Woo′s nickname) is doing well~~^^. The spring sun is so warm~ Haru (a day) is coming.”

The release added, “Jung Il Woo is an actor that is well known in Asian countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, and he wields great influence. We will make sure to have fans meet with Jung Il Woo more often, and we will support him like a family using all our systems to help him mature as a good actor.”

Jung Il Woo is currently considering his next piece.

Jung II-woo signs with Haru Entertainment.

All Kpop.  May 2, 2013 Article HERE.

Actor Jung Il Woo has found a new home at Haru Entertainment.

Haru Entertainment revealed, “Actor Jung Il Woo, who is actively promoting as a Hallyu star in dramas and advertisements, has signed with our agency.”

“Jung Il Woo is an actor with much popularity in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and more countries across Asia. We will create more opportunities for him to meet with fans in the future. We will show our endless support for Jung Il Woo so that he can develop as a good actor.” 

Jung Il Woo made his debut through ‘High Kick‘ in 2006 and rose to fame after featuring in dramas ‘49 Days‘ and ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun‘.

HERE is another article by Soompi.

He posted this at his Smilwoo Fan Club before the announcement:

May 2013 JIW...the frog is well!.jpgMay 1, 2013

‘ 스마일 우’ 가족 여러분 많이 궁금하시고 많이 걱정하셨죠? 저는 요즘 ‘대학생 정일우’로 사느라 정신이 없습니다. 지난주에 중간고사를 잘 마무리 했구요. 점수는 ? 띠로리~~ 날씨도 좋고 컨디션도 좋고…격려와 응원을 보내주시는 팬 여러분 덕분에 저는 잘 지내고 있습니다. 곧 좋은 소식을 전해드릴것을 약속드리면서 봄감기 조심 ~~^^

smilwoo family, i guess all of you have been worried about me right? Lately, i’ve been living my life as university student Jung Ilwoo. I just finished the mid-term exam last week. The exam score? (hehe)

The weather is nice and the condition is good. I’m doing fine, thanks to all fans for their encouragement and supports toward me. I promise i will give you good news soon. Don’t get sick and please take care always~~^^


So, what I understand from all this, is that in the end Jung II-woo signed an Exclusive Contract with a company called Haru to represent him after he left Soop Management.  Is this correct Jung II-woo?  Feel free to contact me if it’s not…  🙂