Jung Il-woo for “Hanyang University is my Pride.” Interview.

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Hanyang University is my Pride
At the moment of acting, I’m confident about this street
NEWS H | 2013.05.14

MBC drama “Moon holding the sun” Yomei is unlimitedly deep character, unlike the table that looks bright. I am willing to devote my life to protect my dear woman and younger brother. In the character who played, Jeong il duengun (Department of Drama Film Department of the Arts Department, Department of theatrical Science, 2008) who had to show the two faces had to keep studying at Hanyang University at the same time as he worked. He did not miss school life even on a tight schedule until he was planning at the theater festival hosted at the theatrical movie department last year. In school alone, it was not an actor but a student who still learned often. Where is the driving force of running running without a break?

If you got the opportunity to choose courses in the major department.

When I was in high school, I acted the first time and I began to develop dreams for acting. To be honest, at first I was dreaming of an actor just looking at the flashy side of the entertainer vaguely. However, as I worked, my thoughts changed a lot. It was a very difficult occupation than I thought, a career that I have to make a lifetime effort. Professor Choi In-hyeon of Hanyang University was the decisive chance to come to Hanyang University. Professor Choi In-hye who taught the seniors he admires wanted me to tell him directly.


When do you feel the charm of your major?

While playing in theater company ‘Hanyang Repertory’ in the department, I felt the charm of acting. Though the learning part is very important through the foundation and theory, I realized that there are many parts to learn in actual battle. Is not it close to the audience close to the stage of theater? The point where the reaction comes soon from the audience was very attractive. In addition, I played the work “Beautiful Sunday” 63 times, but I learned a lot while playing the work, and I also felt joyfully as an actor. You can not put a ranking in acting? That is why self-management is important, I think that efforts are important majors.

It seems that it is not easy to keep work and study in parallel.

Actually, it is very hard (laugh). It is not easy to attend school and submit a report while taking a picture all night long. I am sorry that I can not faithfully live my school life for work but I am working very hard. In theater festival organized last year in the department, I did not set up the stage for other works, but I took charge of the planning work and tried my best. I also bought some snacks for juniors who practice until late at night (haha). I feel that we need a lot of self-efforts to balance our work and studies.

With the words of a professor who is memorable in class.

The word that Professor Choi In-hye always said is “Do acting in center”. It means that you and yourself will act as one. Then you say that you can withdraw your original things like breathing and vocalization. The professor is the same as my mentor. I also met with the Lunar New Year last year, but I still said “Please act in the center” (laugh).

Are there any words you would like to convey as freshmen, juniors?

Probably, when many juniors are high school, I really study hard and enter the university. However, it can not be said that the college entrance examination itself has come true. It is because it is just a process that realizes a dream. By the way, many juniors think that university entrance is the end of the goal. I would like to say that it is absolutely not. While enjoying enjoying college life very much, I want to tell that I will burn my passion when studying.

What does ‘Hanyang’ mean to him / herself?

Hanyang University is ‘Pride’ for me. Acting outside, we meet a lot of Hanyang University seniors, but the seniors always had Pride as a Hanyang person. If I graduate too, I will try my best to be a Hideako Pride and become an actor who can make the school more brilliant.

A word to juniors who have not yet decided their course carefully!

I want to tell him to do what I like the most. If you do, you will be passionate and will not regret it. If you are studying and do not match the aptitude, you may find other jobs. So not only because of my occupation, I think it is important to find the job I want to do first. While seeing a lot of people while sending a university life, trying various experiences, I got my opinion and the unclear dreams become clearer.

Jung Yil storyteller emphasized that anything should not be regretted. Leaving the result, if the individual is satisfied, that is enough. From that point he chose Hanyang University and was more confident than anyone. “At the moment of acting the moment, I’m confident about this road,” said Jeon · il Sameymon. Hanyang University is a wonderful partner with a successful departure to him who is passing health to the mid 20s, and is a reliable support that always protects himself.