Jung II-woo starts his Official Website www.jungilwoo.com

July 5, 2012

Jung II-woo started an account in Daum Cafe named “Ilwoostory”  in 2007.  This was and is his oldest social media account.  He used this acccount to inform fans about his events and to communicate with fans.  Daum Cafe is from South Korea, it is like Facebook for the USA and Weibo for China.  But as he started to grow out of the border of South Korea, he opened social accounts under other countries platforms and it became evident that he needed something in English bigger, that could inform fans from any country.

His management decided to open a sort of “Ilwoostory 2”, a website in English that could benefit any fans in the world:  http://www.jungilwoo.com.

At the same time he opened an official Japanese Website called Smilwoo.  This was his announcement on Tweeter on July 7, 2012.

일우님( @ActorJungilwoo )~ 축하드립니다 ♪

2012.7.7 PM 1:48

This was what his http://www.jungilwoo.kr website looked like:


This is Tweet where he announced his new website.


여러분~~     Everyone ~~

http://www.jungilwoo.com 이 OPEN!!!!!!

뿅~~~~~~      Pop~~~~~~   (More like Piong!)

2012.8.30 PM 2:34


This was up on his diary section a day later:

Hello!!!!! 2012.8.31

여러분 !

정일우닷컴에 오신것을 환영합니다!!!!

드디어 새로운 세계가 열렸네요^^

우리들만의 공간이니까

여러분 마음껏 즐겨주세요^^

저도 좀더 자유롭게 정일우닷컴을 즐기기로 할께요^^

날씨 너무 좋다~~~~~*

Everyone !

Welcome to Jung Ilwoo.com!

Finally a new world is opened ^^

It’s our own space.

Please enjoy yourself ^ ^

I am going to enjoy the free web of Jung Ilwoo dot com more ^^

The weather is so good ~~~~~ *


I don’t understand a few things.  First off, why did he opened a separate Japanese Club, Website.  Why didn’t he house all his official Jung II-woo business in one place only… http://www.jungilwoo.com?  Wouldn’t that have easier?

I think there may be limitations in the different countries and powers that I guess that I don’t know about…that have made it this way.   I know that there is no Facebook in China for example.

Anyways,  I plan to expand on this as the story unfolds…  I have many questions… like: What made him abandon his official website later on? What are my chances as an international fan to get tickets for say an event in Japan?