Jung II-woo for Oricon Style

May 30, 2012

Enjoy these beautiful set of photographs.  I included others from a Japanese Magazine with the same shirt and the interview way at the end.  But first see this little video clip I happened to find a while ago and I remembered he was wearing this shirt!  It’s an NG…though I can only catch a word here and there so to me…he is looks so adorable when he has a semi-tantrum?!!!  Ohhhhh!!!

Video Cr. DC Ilwoo.

Photo Cr. Oricon Style

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This is from a Japanese magazine with the same shirt. Cr. Korean Language Janaru and Ilwoostory Japan.

Korean language jānaru no. 41 Summer 2012 (2012.6.16)

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Interview.  Cr. Oricon Style.  HERE in Japanese.

Jung Il “The common point of love expressions noticed by playing a prideful female favorite character”

“Korean young popular star, Jung Yi plays Cha Chi-soo” “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.” Changing his own romantic emotion, noticed by playing the hero who is perplexed by the first love.”

– Have you not been confused by plays playful and playboy Cha Chisu?
Jung II- Chisu is cheeky from the usual, is not it? Language usage is also lacking in courtesy and it is all you want to say, so I could not understand at first, but when I think that there are living abroad and also the environment where he was raised I got to act naturally .

– Where on the other hand did you feel sympathy?
Jung II-  Chisu can not express love well even if he likes a woman, I think that there is similarity. I can confess if I like someone, but I can not put embarrassed words.

– You can not wink or praise a woman like Chi-soo…
Jung II-  I can praise the pros, but wink is really embarrassing and impossible (laugh).

– Although Chi-soo likes the heroine’s undo, he himself did not notice the feeling. Is there such an experience?
Jung II- When I was young, I also did not understand my feelings. I was suffering because I did not know whether my partner was favorable to me, I could not confess and missed my opportunity, sometimes I did not understand my feelings well. However, it is also necessary for actors to become sensitive to various emotions, so now they have become aware of various things.

– Among the drama, there were a lot of chest scenes with the heroine ‘s unpretentious, but when is Jon – Il’ s breasts cunning?
Jung II- For example, when you like someone, just thinking about that person makes my heart clunk. But I can not go into action right away. It takes time to associate, it is a type that starts dating after knowing the other party.
I would like to assist the cameraman.

– Have you taken any serious things while shooting?
Jung II-  In emotional acting scenes there was nothing particularly difficult or hard. But, the scene where I appear as Prince in the dream of the unbecomed was taken at the Lotte world in midwinter, it was very cold and hard.

– Chi-soo is a high school student who will play bye at a ramen shop, but is Chong · Il experienced a byte?
Jung II-  It is not. Because I was studying to enter the university in high school. If I am going to work part-time, I would like to be a photographer’s assistant. I am very interested in photographs, so if I do that byte I will be able to touch the camera a lot and I think that it will also be a study.

Jung II is majoring in acting at university. Have you ever worked on acting because you studied at university?
Jung II- At the university, the theory is centered, but I learned many things. From the professor I got advice on my heart as an actor, I still keep it in mind. In addition, I have participated in the stage of theater called “Beautiful Sunday” during college days, but I became able to perform acting easily after that play. This play was the work of Japanese screenwriter Mayumi Nakaya, and I was impressed by the performance.

– I heard that you are coming to Japan often at private, are you also interested in Japanese culture?
Jung II- If Naoki Urasawa was a cartoon, Haruki Murakami and Mr. Jiro Asada if it is novel, “100 million stars falling from the sky” “Queen of lunch” “Pride” “1 liter tears” I liked and liked it.

– What do you think is the charm of Japanese work?
Jung II-  The plot is dense, the hint is drawn exactly, where it naturally leads to the next event. I think that there is a wealthy emotion while drawing a light everyday life.

– So, what is the appeal of “You’re a handsome thank you” that appeared this time?
Jung II-  It has become a love story with a touch even though it is comical. I played Chris, growing up knowing love by meeting Unmo. I love the scene that Chis makes heartfelt rumen for the sake of undressing, so please watch it there.
(Sentence: Nishimori Michiyo / Under shooting photo: Satoshi Osaka)


What I am going to write about today has nothing to do with Jung II-woo.  It’s about Syria. Watching the country where I was born, Venezuela crumble during the past 20 years or so has been one of the saddest things in my life. What has happened in Syria is somewhat similar to what has happened in Venezuela in the sense that they both have governments have a large amount of their people that oppose them.  But there are two very distinct differences.  1) Nobody cares about what is happening in Venezuela.  And what I mean by this is that no other countries have any interest in either side.  But in Syria you have countries lined up backing either side and “helping them.” 2) What makes the situation in Syria worst than that of Venezuela is that the government attacks the people who oppose them in a much brutal way.  This last chemical attack is just one of their many brutal attacks. What makes me so angry and sad is the death of the innocent, the children.  The images are just too hard to believe.

Here is why I write this…  Look in your country for a way to help these Syrian children get medical help, water and food.  UNICEF is a reliable choice… they also have the political-social connections to get closer to the people who truly need it.  THIS is the link to UNICEF USA.

This is from an email I received today: