Jung II-woo in Polka Dots for KStyle

May 29, 2012

Here are some bright images perfect to start a Monday day of work.  They are like rays of sunshine!  After the photos I included some Japanese Magazine images where Jung II-woo is wearing the same polka dotted sweater.  Then after that the interview with KStyle.  Even thought it’s translation is a bit weird to read, you can get a good sense of the questions and answers by Ilwoo. It’s worth a read as he reveals some very interesting facts about himself,  like his high sensitivity to smells.

Cr. KStyle.

2012 5 29 Jung II-woo for KStyle Polka Dots Yellow Background 000032012 5 29 Jung II-woo for KStyle Polka Dots Yellow Background 000042012 5 29 Jung II-woo for KStyle Polka Dots Yellow Background 000052012 5 29 Jung II-woo for KStyle Polka Dots Yellow Background 000012012 5 29 Jung II-woo for KStyle Polka Dots Yellow Background 000022012 5 29 Jung II-woo for KStyle Polka Dots Yellow Background 000062012 5 29 Jung II-woo for KStyle Polka Dots Yellow Background 000072012 5 29 Jung II-woo for KStyle Polka Dots Yellow Background 00008


And these coming images are from Japanese Magazines where he was wearing the same outfit.  Cr. Japanese Magazines Various and Ilwoostory Japan.

It’s KOREAL 2012年7月号 (2012.5.26発売)

2012 5 26 It's KOREAL 2012 000022012 5 26 It's KOREAL 2012 00001


TSUTAYA韓流通信 2012年6月号 (2012.5.22配布)

2012 6 Jung II-woo in TSUTAYA 000012012 6 Jung II-woo in TSUTAYA 000022012 6 Jung II-woo in TSUTAYA 00003


TSUTAYA 韓流通信 Vol.46 2012年7月号 (2012.6.18配布)

2012 7 Jung II-woo in Tsutaya Vol. 46 000012012 7 Jung II-woo in Tsutaya Vol. 46 000022012 7 Jung II-woo in Tsutaya Vol. 46 00003


Nikkei Entertainment! Korean drama special vol. 5  (2012.6.29発売)

2012 6 29 Nikkei Entertainment! Korean drama special vol. 5 000022012 6 29 Nikkei Entertainment! Korean drama special vol. 5 000012012 6 29 Nikkei Entertainment! Korean drama special vol. 5 000032012 6 29 Nikkei Entertainment! Korean drama special vol. 5 000042012 6 29 Nikkei Entertainment! Korean drama special vol. 5 00005

“You’re Beautiful Ramen Store” Jeong Il “The level of color is high and I got NG”
KSTYLE | May 09, 2012 18:16

– Introduction What was the impression of Synopsys or when reading a script?

Jung · Il: I thought it was very different from the drama I had ever had. Love comics are almost similar story, but in this drama it is made of ramen, the main character is also a chaebol in the high school student (not just a soda), the atmosphere was different. Especially since Cha Chisu character felt very attractive, I decided to appear.

– What was the scene that I thought was interesting to play the part that felt charm with the character, after reading the script?

Jung Il: Initially, the script was only raised for 1 or 2 episodes, the most impressive among them was the scene that Chis headed towards Unbee “This is a scroll, it is beautiful” (laugh) I approached Umbie at the escape toilet, but I felt that the scene to wink wink while saying, “Why are you aching your eyes?” In the unhappy misunderstood what to kiss. I thought that the character is very attractive like that, so greed. Actually, after deciding the appearance, I decided to switch to Cha Chisu unique to Jeong Il. So I also gave ideas for costumes and hair styles.

– There is “Kimuchikis” in the scene that called the topic, but there is an episode in filming?

Jung Il: In the script, there was a scene that licks the kimchi’s juice on the fingers of the unpadded leaves, followed by “I kiss the cheeks of the kimuchi’s juice with juice”. So, though I thought of acting on my own, I was told that the level of colorfulness was too high for the director NG came out (lol) It was the scene broadcasted that made the level of sexyness lowered (Lol)

– In addition, the aggressive kiss scene in front of the movie theater has become a topic.

Jung · Il: Chis takes out the unbee and kisses it, but it was a scene that showed affection for the first time. (Without introduction) suddenly kissed so strongly I got too much blood from the lips of Lee Cheong Ah (lol)

– What do you think Chis is attracted to what part of the unripe?

Jung Il: (Umbi hit a cheep that never had been hit by his parents) It was a person who gave himself a “feeling of humiliation” for the first time in his life, since there was no person who did such a thing to him until now, I think that I was born and liked it. If you meet a person you have never seen before, I think that will be the case.

– What is the percentage of possibility of falling in love with an actual Il?

Jung · Il: How is it … about 17.2%? (Laugh) Unee is attractive, but it is not my type. I myself like women with comprehension and commonality.

– What do they have in common?

Jung Il: People talking about food, talking about movies, listening music genres similar …… People who understand the story. A person with understanding to me is good.

– What if there is a point that makes you feel envious of chess? Also, on the contrary, why did not you sympathize with chess?

Jung Il: I was envious of being honest with my feelings. In my case, I can not say things straight when I am working. Because it makes a roundabout or as I say once after thinking. On the other hand, there was a scene that Chis took off the car from the car, but I could not understand saying such things unnecessarily to a woman.

– Such a cheese encounters a undo, changes, but what do you think is the most strange point?

Jung Il: I think that the point that a man who was individualist who only concerned himself, considering others or trying to understand is the most strange point.

– Chis is the first time I was born, I will make ramen for people (unborn). Does Mr. Il himself cook?

Jung Il: I think that it will take 4 to 5 times a year. I do not mean I can not cook. My heart will be warm if my friends and family eat deliciously and I feel happy while cooking. I want to cook more.

– Co-star Lee Chong-aa, Lee Ki Woo’s impression?

Jung Il: My brother Gui uses much care, but he is tall … … (laugh) Actually, the co-star who was taller than me was the first time. It was quite different from the usual point, so there was a part that felt a little pressure. Mr. Lee Chong-A had many aspects like unbee. So, it was easy for me to be able to touch like uncle, breathing also felt well.

– Chis has a special skill to drop a woman with a wink, but who is it used by Mr. Il to drop a woman?

Jung Il: I do not think so. But what I learned through this work is that no women do not like the word “beautiful”. So, I learned that it is a good way to praise it as “pretty”.

– In the drama, what you dislike about Chisu was “Body smell with being tainted with women’s tears and clothes”, how about Mr. Il?

Jung Il: I am the same except for the tears of a woman. Actually I’m really disgusting to put something on my clothes. Sometimes the car stopped suddenly and coffee went out of their way to change clothes and changed clothes. So, I read the script and thought it was the same as myself. Also, I am also sensitive to smell. As a matter of fact I like perfume, in fact all the perfumes I used in the drama were my personal items. Even if you are walking on the road, you turn around as you smell like you.

– Chis of Chinas grew up being told by his father, “You are caviar”, but what if you would like to compare Il himself to food?

Jung Il: (thinking of various things) I think that character like Ochazuke. Is it simple and friendly? There is a part that was fresh and crispy, and it is a type that enjoys life slowly, so I think that it is “Ochazuke” which many people will feel free to talk!

– What is the attraction and highlight of “Miyoshi Ramen Store”? Also, not limited to teenagers, what are the points you want to pay attention to?

Jung Il: I think that this drama is made of food as a material, and it can feel charm while stimulating appetite. There is also a comical part as a love story, and there is also a part that makes my heart warm. Besides, I think Cha Chis has the charm of magic, I think I will like any woman of any generation (laugh) The process of the process of life in which Chis encounters unpopular, the change of life, the love sightseeing It is becoming.


Wondering what “Ochazuke” is?  It is a Japanese Steamed Rice Soup made with green tea and topped with Salmon.  It is a soup that you eat at the end of the meal with any left over fish you had form the main part of your meal.   HERE is a bit more about it, including the recipe.   It’s interesting that he compares to a very simple soup…  maybe in the down to earth part I can see it… but I think Jung II-woo has a side that is not simple at all.  I think he cares a lot about everything and there is nothing simple in that.

Here is a photo. Cr. Mixa/Getty Images



I also felt sad when I read that part with him not being able to express his feeling freely…  he always has to be guarded, careful as he is a public figure… as we found out earlier last month.  But he can express himself completely freely at home… right?   I think we are living in a especially dangerous time… social media is like this monster, that can totally destroy you in seconds.  One bad thing you say and wham… the guillotine comes down!  But we must remember we are human beings and we will make mistakes… and we should see beyond the mistake a person has made.  Stay kind…  stay human!  Please remember that if I ever mess up in this website!  ^^

On a very personal level… my beautiful sister is having surgery on Tuesday April 10th. Her life has been very blessed but has also been hard as she has been raising twins while being a full time doctor. Sadly, the pressure and excess of work has taken a toll of her body.  Please send good pure energy and prayers!  May she recover and be well so she can get back to this (among many other many things!):