Jung II-woo travels to New York

March 24, 2012

Jung II-woo travels to New York City.  He travelled there for a photo shoot and for other things he planned himself…

This is the arrival at the airport captured by Hallyu Entertainment News.  Re-blogged from Faru20, fyeah! IL WOO.


Jung II-woo arriving to NYC 2012 03 Cr. Faru2000003

Jung II-woo arriving to NYC 2012 03 Cr. Faru2000001

Jung II-woo arriving to NYC 2012 03 Cr. Faru2000002

Jung II-woo arriving to NYC 2012 03 Cr. Faru2000004

Jung II-woo arriving to NYC 2012 03 Cr. Faru2000005

Jung II-woo arriving to NYC 2012 03 Cr. Faru2000006


This is the account of the a fan ‘@toho81’ that reported meeting him in this trip. Cr. toho81, via fyeah IL-WOO.

“Originally I went to the tourist spots to look for him, but no luck. I found a source which had the location of his twitter pic. I went there on Friday for 4 hours but no luck. I went back yesterday with a friend and waited another 1 hour 30 minutes and no luck. I told my friend that maybe we should look at the local food court where there’s a lot of tourists. No luck.

Then, my friend suggested looking at the diner across the street since Koreans seem to like diners and then we should give up. I agreed and crossed the street.

When we passed a French restaurant I saw an Asian guy sitting outside with 2 Korean girls. I saw the sunglasses and hair cut and I shook my friend and I was like, “No way, no way, is that him? i think its him? OMG!!” My friend was like, “I think its him too.”

Then the guy spoke in Korean and when I heard his voice, I was like, “It’s him! It’s him!”

While my friend was still studying whether it was him or not. I flew to him like a rocket and took out my Sun and Moon OST CD, and a sharpie. I said, “Excuse me,” and held up my cd and pointed to it. I then said, “Sign please.” I didn’t know how good his English was, so silly me thought the easiest way to communicate with him was to hold up my Sun and Moon OST and point to it LOL.  

Well, he was willing to sign. He asked me how to spell my name.


My friend went behind me and took out a NYC postcard I offered to her and asked him if he could sign too and he agreed. I asked if a pic was okay, then he looked at his manager or staff lady. She shook her head and then he said sorry no. i took out a gift I bought him and he took it. then he offered to shake my hand and my friend’s hand. 

Before I left, I told him that I hope he likes NYC. He smiled and waved his hand to us for good bye. He was wearing sunglasses so did not see his eyes. My friend did say he looked surprised or shocked, like “Huh? How did these people find me?” 

We then went off towards the subway like two giddy school girls.

I told my friend later that I really wanted to take pics and she say why not sneak across the street to do so and we did. I felt like I was being a thief and I was sweating bullets because I saw Il Woo and the staff look across the street sometimes, but I told myself who cares, once in a life time chance to take pics of him.


He was also spotted in Koreatown…!



I guess his staff was really tough about photos, they didn’t want a bunch of people following them around!

One of the reasons why Jung II-woo travelled there was to do a photo shoot for First Look Magazine.  You can see the photos and article that resulted of this HERE.

Jung II-woo also planned and visited the Hyundai New York’s “Miracle Disability Mission” in New York.  His talent agency did not find about it until they saw it in the news!  It was something he did on his own… quietly!

Jung II-woo visits the Hyundai Office of Miracle Disability Mission in NYC 2012 03 Cr. Faru2000001Jung II-woo visits the Hyundai Office of Miracle Disability Mission in NYC 2012 03 Cr. Faru2000002Jung II-woo visits the Hyundai Office of Miracle Disability Mission in NYC 2012 03 Cr. Faru2000003


This is an article about it from Nocutnews.com.  Link HERE in Korean.

“Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”

MBC ‘The Year of the Sun’, a well-loved actor, Jeong Il-woo (24), visited a missions agency in New York,

On the 19th, Jung Il-woo visited Hyundai New York’s “Miracle Disability Mission” in New York to donate talent by spending valuable time with people with disabilities. In addition, it was reported that Jung Il-woo donated all the cash he had to write for the handicapped.

This was first known among fans through Twitter and other social networking sites. A member of the missions agency with a disability in the Milaly area has collected photographs taken with Jung Ilwoo on Twitter and collected topics among the fans.

The fans praised it as “a true conceptual entertainer”, “thank you for your lovely heart” and “a man of love”. In addition, the drama “The Year of the Sun” helped the bullet in the neck of the character of Jeong Il-woo ”

I have also nicknamed it “peace of mind”.

An agency official said, “Jeong Il-woo has found a missed mission in the company without informing the company.” “We also saw this on Twitter.” “I have always been interested in people with disabilities, but this time, I feel like I have spent my precious time.”

On the other hand, Chung Il Woo has been busy with filming CF and pictorial pictures after the end of the “Year of the Sun”.

He also did a Photo Shoot for First Look Magazine.

And these are his tweets saying goodbye to New York:

Goodbye Newyork..

Jung II-woo Tweeter from New York 1
서울 하늘도 맑구나..^^                                                                                                                    Seoul sky is clear .. ^^

Jung II-woo Tweeter from New York 2

Arriving to Seoul from New York:

2012 JIW arriving to Seoul after trip to New York 12012 JIW arriving to Seoul after trip to New York 2