Jung II-woo in charming grey!

December 2011

Our dear Oppa appeared in various interviews at the end of 2011.  This is a compilation of the photos from these different interviews.  And at the very end you can see two of the best interviews I have ever read about Jung II-woo, they were done by the same person: columnist Jung Seok-hee.  Fantastic work!   Columnist…amazing how this term has become obsolete in just a few years of my life…

Oh My News  (12-23-11)   Photo Cr. Oh My Star

2011-12-23-jung-ii-woo-for-oh-my-news-00008.jpg2011-12-23-jung-ii-woo-for-oh-my-news-00007.jpg2011 12 23 Jung II-woo for Oh My News 000082011 12 23 Jung II-woo for Oh My News 000062011-12-23-jung-ii-woo-for-oh-my-news-00004.jpg2011-12-23-jung-ii-woo-for-oh-my-news-00005.jpg2011 12 23 Jung II-woo for Oh My News 000042011-12-23-jung-ii-woo-for-oh-my-news-00002.jpg2011-12-23-jung-ii-woo-for-oh-my-news-00003.jpg2011 12 23 Jung II-woo for Oh My News 000022011-12-23-jung-ii-woo-for-oh-my-news-00001.jpg

Segye (12-25-11)

2011 12 24 Jung II-woo for Segye 2.jpg2011 12 24 Jung II-woo for Segye 32011 12 24 Jung II-woo for Segye 1.jpg


Entermedia (12-26-11)   Photo Cr. EV-7

2011 12 26 Jung II-woo for Entermedia 00010.jpg2011 12 26 Jung II-woo for Entermedia 000012011 12 26 Jung II-woo for Entermedia 000022011 12 26 Jung II-woo for Entermedia 000032011 12 26 Jung II-woo for Entermedia 000042011 12 26 Jung II-woo for Entermedia 000052011 12 26 Jung II-woo for Entermedia 000062011 12 26 Jung II-woo for Entermedia 000072011 12 26 Jung II-woo for Entermedia 000082011 12 26 Jung II-woo for Entermedia 00009


Jung Il-woo:  “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s Cha Chi-soo, it fits well with me” [Interview 1] Entermedia (12-26-11)

There is a time when I am surprised that we will stop breathing while watching the screen. At the moment the face of Kang Dong Won appears from the bottom of a yellow umbrella in the movie <The temptation of the wolf>, the female audience raises the admiration voice, if it goes back a little more to the past, Olivia Hussey for the first time in the movie <Romeo and Juliet> Even when I showed up. MBC situation comedy At the moment when ‘Lee Yoon-ho’ jumped over the windows of the classes with <Unstoppable High Kick> appeared, it was still shocking. It seemed like a boy who came out from a girl’s cartoon as it was. A time of six years passed then, but the smile still remains ‘Lee Yoon Ho’. However, as soon as the smile calms down, it will be a calm look of the ‘scheduler’ of SBS <49 days>. Which is the real face of the actor Jung II? TvN <Flower Boy Ramen shop> The day the last episode was broadcast, I met him.
(Interview / Jung Seok-hee columnist)

Q: At that time, you guessed ‘who is that girl?’ From a staff with of Unstoppable High Kick, I was surprised to hear that Jung Il  will research until the script is tattered. Twenty years old, he was still young, but he seems to have had a great passion for acting?

A: I thought that the qualities and talent as an actor were far lacking. I tried hard enough to play the character, and I got a bit of results. So I think I saw the script hundreds of times. Of course, I still see only the script eagerly. It was a sitcom that I really wanted to do with the role he underwrote for the first time. Therefore, I did the best I could.

Q: When I went to bed, I became a star. I think that it was also a burden.

A: The burden was great. So I took time to rest for over a year after that work. Because I did not want the way to go easy with similar characters. There was a desire to fully satisfy the feeling of lack of performance and to run long. So I set a blank period, that time was very helpful.

Q: MBC in the subsequent work <THe Return of Iljimae>, KBS 2 <My Fair Lady >, But in reality, from the time of SBS <49th>, is not it that we finally started to acknowledge acting skills? <49 days> I watched the play <Beautiful Sunday> that Jung Il appeared just before, but I did not expect much, but the performance has improved considerably. I think that the stage of the small theater seems to be a different experience because the audience reaction is felt directly, and I think that you learned a lot again.

A: Yes, there is no NG in theater, and the performance of that day will change on that day due to the reaction of the audience. I did 63 performances. It was nice to be able to inquire about one work, and more than anything, I gained a lot of confidence at that time.

Q: Homosexual character, did you have some hesitation?

A: I did not hesitate. The professor of the school made a choice as he advised me to watch the theater once, but the theater stage eventually turned into a turning point for my acting.

Q: Because I appeared on <49th> after that experience, something was wrong. I think that ‘Scheduler’ was a very complicated character, but I felt a lot of troubled traces.

A: I was worried a lot as the ‘Scheduler’ character is not realistic. I tried searching all the other movies etc. where the death god appears. I referred to a lot of movies in it <Joe Black> thank you. Brad Pitt plays the dead god so realistically. <49 days> ‘Scheduler’ is a ghost, in other words, I tried to draw it like a friend who has passion in my twenties. I breathed a lot with Lee Yo-won who is a partner. I learned a lot from Yo won older sister. It is a meaningful work for me as I got a good evaluation.

Q: tvN <Flower Boy Ramyun Shop>’s ‘Cha Chi-soo’ was the clothes that fits the best, right?

A: I think that taking a picture comfortably compared with the previous work. If Pyo Mins tries to play Cha Chi-soo, you say you have to have fantasy. For that reason, I think that Cha Chi-soo is not a high school student. Cha Chi-soo is a chaebol II, a person nurtured to have a CEO mind, so when I meet a friend I will make sure that the upper person comes in contact with the lower person. I caught a character as a person who does not believe in love. Cha Chi-soo who was so, tried to draw back from reality to fantasy by meeting Yang Eun-bi (Lee Cheon Ah) friends. It was easy for the character to match well with me, the atmosphere of the scene was good and I took pleasant shoots.

Q: I heard that <Flower Boy Ramyun Shop> was exported to Japan. Is it a work that aimed at Korean style from the beginning? I thought both. I heard that he also made fan meetings in Japan, but becoming a Korean star now also makes me worried that it may be more difficult to meet (lol) How was the reaction of fan meeting?

A: I guess it will not go easy to keep in mind Japan exports in mind. Fortunately Japanese fans also fortunately liked it. It is scheduled to be broadcast on Japanese TV next year. 

Q: Who would be if someone that helps you with advise while performing the act?

A: There are teachers who instructed acting for nine years from the time of high school students. I was supposed to go to Hanyang University as a result of the influence of a senior at Hanyang University. It is Professor Yun Hye-young, but when there is a difficult time or a stalemate, I always consult with different people. At the time of High Kick, I learned from Naama Muni who was my grandmother in the sitcom. <49th> While I took a picture, I went to visit for greetings of the nominees, but I told him to take the script quickly and directly taught performance. It is truly appreciated. Professor Lee Seung-jae often visits me.

Q: I happened to have seats with my mother by chance, and I have seen you several times, but it is really beautiful. My normally grown son is troubled by losing sincerity to mom and having time together, but it seems that they are rarely close friends to see. My son is an unfriendly one, so I kept taking care of Yunho’s’ Mom ‘s scene collection’ carefully <Unstoppable high kick> and picked it out every time I got depressed and it was healed. It is not that charming is not only acting?

A: Yes, that’s right. In fact, I did it sometimes when I wanted mother to do something. (laugh) Recently I’m working, so I am tired and tired, and there are many times that my mother is not honest. I think I’m sorry later. Still I go out with my mother. With the influence of my mother, I also started enjoying delicious shops. I am so busy that we do not see each other as much, but as soon as I can, I will go eat delicious things. She advises me to always be humble when I work. When choosing a work, I advise that “If you do not really regret and can do your best you can do it.”  ( Because I don’t want to regret, I do the best I can do it.?) 

Q: It was quite a while ago, the sentimental sentence that I left on my sister’s mini homepage was the subject on the Internet. Are you also close to your sister?

A: I have lived a long distance away from my sister. Therefore, I left a more gentle sentence if we live closer, but if you are away, I will say that your passion will become thicker.

Jung Il “‘High Kick’, Illusion for Entertainers Collapsed ” [Interview 2]  (12-27-11)

Jung II ordered ice cream with a mixed smile of charm, as it got talked about acting and the work, soon it got serious though there was plenty of room for the refreshing appearance and wanted a double shot of espresso I returned to my face. It is a feeling of retreating self-enlightenment from Yoon-ho manga. However, it was courtesy, consideration and duty to bleed out consistently and consistently. A young man who often goes beyond the mid-twenties if it is several days, and also has to do what he wants to do. I do not know why the future of this young person is expected like this.
(Interview / Jung Seok-hee columnist)

Q: I think that it is a very cautious step if you compare it with the same age. It seems to choose a work carefully, and I never got into a controversy. It seems that self-management is thorough.

A: First of all, I will consult with my family enough, but yes, I will talk about one work for over a month with my brothers. Their opinions are also important. Then there are times when conflicts arise due to the intersection of opinions, but selection of works is the most difficult and important, so we are discussing with many people. I will also ask for advice to acting teacher and senior junior of the actor.

Q: Did you decide the appearance of MBC <Moon holding the sun?> Acting of historical drama <The Return of Iljimae> I really liked it.

A: It is still undecided yet. I am cautiously in distress. I like it, but what is it that I can do well, what do I do, do not you think? Actually, I have a request for a performance and it is still a long way, and it suddenly appeared, so I was in a panic. Although it can not be said yet to be confirmed, if you do, you have to be really enthusiastic. I think that the experience of <The Return of Iljimae might be very useful. It is a work that I can not forget. (A few days later, there was a report that the appearance was decided.)

Q: Then, I chose after having suffered for such a long time (haha) <My Fair Lady! I can not decide not to talk about>. Characters did not suit first. Speaking of human rights lawyers, everyone will think of people like Yoo Shim-min, for example, because it was a glittering boy. Besides, the character itself did not get empathy as a son of a zaibatsu wearing a neat suit in a human rights lawyer. What have you learned with that work?

A: <My Fair Lady! > Since this is also my work, it is my responsibility to part that I could not carefully and the part I did not grasp the character properly, so there are a lot of regrettable parts and it is painful. However, I think that it was a good opportunity as I began thinking a lot through that work. After that, I took a rest for a year and a half to purify myself while starting to think that I have to go back to beginner.

Q: Where does the ‘cautiousness’ come to rest for more than a year? Are you studying acting diligently?

A: It is a type that makes you really enthusiastic when you do. Even when I saw the script ‘Even when I was a student, I should have been able to go to Seoul National University if I studied hard like this. ‘that’s what I think. When I first started acting, there was an illusion for entertainers. However, while doing “Unstoppable High Kick”, all its fantasies collapsed. I think that it was because he was young, but he thought that the actor would live a pleasant life and eat only delicious food. However, I am very painful and I can not get sleep, I make it in time with the seaweed rolling every day. I thought it would be a big deal to be an entertainer in this way. My body got worse and I was not good mentally.

Q: I went worried about as long as I thought that I was over rest because <Unstoppable High Kick> was over. At that time, the popularity was amazing.

A: While I was absent, I got a lot, but on the other hand, there are clear parts that I regret. Actors started to know that acting improves just by doing activities by doing work, <49 days>. I realized that acting is not to be done by one person but breathing. Of course it is important to think alone, but there are so many places where you feel bumping at the scene.

Q: <The Return of Iljimae> I heard that we will watch the last episode of the group.

A: Yes, in reality, I had a plan for fan meeting, but the preparation period was imminent and impossible. Since Christmas is also near, I was worried about what to do for a while and thought about group viewing instead. I am thankful for the fans waiting and cheering for it and I invited them free of charge.

Q: I think that it is really frustrating for fans. Because it will not appear frequently in the work.

A: Even so this year, I was delighted with those who gave quite a lot of works. Because they loved me for 6 years. There were some people who came along with all the shooting in Taiwan, and Japan, when ‘Bamboo plum’ came back. Come out to the airport and buy food at the hotel lobby. I can not express its kindness in words. As a matter of fact, Fan Meeting finished singing talk and singing, so I felt that I thought that I was feeling sorry, and when I was on my birthday, I held a physical education tournament where everyone could participate.

Q: There were some senior actors like Lee Ki Woo and Mr. Lee Chun-Ah in <Ikimen Ramen shop>, but a lot of newcomers also appeared. How was your breathing with a fresh actor?

A: Because it was a lot of rehearsals from other dramas, it fits well. I also met with Park Ming-woo and Cho Yoon-woo who took on the role of Paul and Jeongne during the play, even after meeting time to practice. Whether breathing is suitable or not, if the friends make it well, there is a part where my character lives, so I think that I am thankful for playing fine.

Q: <Please ask your ladies! > When, the character assumed by Jeong Il and the position of the character assumed by Lee Ki Woo this time are the same. It is the point that love with the main character from the beginning is not established. What is your feeling when you take in such a character? It seems that passion for acting may be slightly reduced.

A: I think, I think that such unbelievable love can be drawn out enough cool enough. If I try to do so, I have to do a lot of research. Actually, even with such a character, many characters are attracted attention.

Q: MBC <Can you hear my heart? > Does it mean that it is like Mr. Nam · Gun Ming? By the way, if there is a point that Cha · Chis understands and is not understood?

A: Well, first of all, I have many similarities with myself. The part that is jealous is also similar. That is a work that I acted while letting a lot of my assignments. Honestly, I did not understand the part that I like her sister like Yang · Unimbi (lol) Anyway, I removed all the different situations and the part that I give all my women to me is It is similar point. Once I also like it I can not see other things. Even if there are opponents, house opposition, you can win as many!

Q: Have you done a lot of romance?

A: No, I could not do that much. When I am in love, I know exactly what type I am, so when I work I can not be in love. It hinders work.

Q: So the number of pieces is so small.

A: Ha ha, it is wrong. But there was something I fell in love with when I was on holiday. There is absolutely nothing to rest since we are in love.

Q: Well then it would have been a long absence in 2008 and 2010.

A: A movie can capture the character in detail and begin with the scenario being completed, so it is good to be able to grasp the setting clearly by consulting with the director. Drama will definitely change as the viewers react, by all means, that’s interesting again. The movie is attractive too. I would like to steadily do all the theater, movies and drama in the future.

Q: Now I am worried that I will be absent from 2012. Perhaps the fans will be worried about the same way.

A: No. We will continue to run hard in 2012 as well. It is urgent to have a certain color as an actor. I want to be a good actor as well. I must become an actor that my fans are not ashamed of more than anything else. I saw one of my fans recently, she had a big traffic accident and suffered from memory loss. This friend remembers only her parents and me. I heard that she liked me from the moment when I was a High Kick. She is 20 years old right now, she was preparing to be an actor, but she seems to have become a little child of 3 years of intelligence. My heart was in much pain. But I gained the power while watching that friend seeing her trying hard. I also received a stimulus that I should try harder. I hope she gets better soon.

Q: As I am also in my 50s I also changed my mind whenever I get stress as I see another album ‘Mothers’ Scene Shoot’ so I think that there are probably 1,000 people who gained power while watching Jung II. I’m doing a good job. I hope for your continued support in the future (lol) I hope to see you again in the <Moon Embracing the Sun>.

As soon as we bring out the phrase of <Moon Embracing the Sun> which is under discussion in the next work, the facial expression stiffens instantaneously. Although there are many ideas, the poker face seems impossible to break. However, a few days after <Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. drew its curtain, I heard the news that the appearance of Jung II-woo in the <Moon Embracing the Sun> was confirmed. It is the moment of changing seats as the former king’s eldest son ‘Yomei’ from the unconscious chaebol II ‘Cha Chis’. Prince ‘Yomei’, it is said that it is a wind flow boy who pursued liberty and spent much of its time, but on the other hand, the inside seems to be full of anguish. I have no choice but to expect.