Jung II-woo for the jTBC’s “Surprise Dream Project”

December 24, 2011

This is so beautiful it made me cry in various occasions.  A whole group of people lead by a TV Program entitled “Surprise Dream Project” from jTBC gave Jo Seul-bi, a 19 year old girl who had an accident the surprise of her life!  Of what I understand, her best friend talked about how she liked stuffed toys and Jung II-woo from 49 days.  This program was partly hosted by Jung Jun-ha, who plays Jung II-woo’s dad in the sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick.”

First I’m posting the photos, then a link to the video.  Finally an article from TV Report.  The link is on the word TV Report for those who want to see the original article in Korean.

These are the photos that pertain to the section with Jung II-woo:

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Go HERE  to see the whole program.  It is worth it!!!   Cr. tudou


TV Report had this article:

Jung Il Woo visits the heroine of the fourth story of jTBC’s Surprise Dream Project.

In the episode of jTBC’s Surprise Dream Project that will air on December 24, Jung visits Jo Seul-bi, a 19-year-old girl who lost her memory in a car accident. Jo was in a car accident in July and miraculously woke up from a coma after 14 days.

However, her memories are now back to the time when she was three years old, and she hardly recognizes people around her. She used to enjoy watching 49 Days, a drama series that starred Jung, before getting the car accident. Because Jung is her favorite actor, Jung visits Jo to make her happy.

Jung, who hears about Jo’s story from Amazing Dream Project team, visits the hospital to see her during his break on the last day of shooting of his drama series and gives her a big teddy bear as a gift. He also moves the audience by saying, “Let’s have a dinner together when you get well,” and hooking pinkie to make a promise.

Jo says, “Wow!” when she sees Jung holding a big teddy bear. It’s been reported that she surprised her father, Jung, and the crew by clearly answering, “Jung Il Woo” when she was asked if she knew who the man was.

Jo remembers Jung by heart. She becomes a shy twenty-year-old girl with a blush when she meets Jung. Will Jo finally bring back her memories that she lost like a Christmas miracle?

The heartwarming story of a Christmas miracle will air on jTBC on December 24 at 10:10 p.m.


I absolutely loved this. My favorite part with Jung II-woo was where she gets all red and starts to fan herself with her hand.  Aren’t we all sister!!!  You can see Jung II-woo’s eyes water…  I can only imagine his thoughts.

A Korean friend saw this, and she said she thinks he knew her form the past from acting school. I can only imagine the thoughts that went through his head about how lucky he was in his own car accident.

He has a heart of gold…  not even gold… gold is too hard! His heart is full of goodness and love, little by little he makes me believe in MANkind again…