Jung II-woo celebrates two years of “The Star”


July 2011

Jung II-woo celebrated two years of “The Star” by doing an interview.  First is the video, it’s out of sync sometimes, but just skip those parts.  Sadly there are no captions in English, but … I found an interview that highlights their conversation.  Notice his hair color in the photos…it only means one thing… Cha Chi-soo is coming!


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Interview Cr. The Star  (Translated via Google)

HD interview ‘Secret’ Jeong Hye-son, “Is it unrequited by Jung Yi, are you worried?”
THE STAR | 2011.07.14 19: 17

Leader Hyoson of popular girl group secret transformed into a honorary one day reporter through idol of ‘THE STAR’ 2nd anniversary special project interview – idol. Hyoson met Star is a beautiful actor Jung Yi who emerged as the greatest recipient of the drama <49th> that ended popular recently. Two good-looking and good-and-nice stars who are smiling just by looking have a special interview at the end of last month at the Mango Six Apgujeong (Ack John) shop.

A boy who puts herself in theater department Chung Il, dreams of an actor

Hyoson “I am glad to meet you directly in front of the interview before you interview THE STAR I will start an interview with the first question I prepared as a single diary, ha ha. I am very embarrassed, Was it a dream?
Iru “I also did not have the opportunity to see the singers, but I am glad to see you on this occasion.I dreamed of an actor when I was in the first grade of high school, after I finished the theater department did.”
Hyoson “Because it was a neat and beautiful youth image, it seems that the opposition was intense at home when acting.
“I did not have any objection, I was able to do the first thing I wanted to do for the first time, it was just acting, so I decided to prepare earnestly by myself rather than getting help (someone) I ran into it.

Prior to the start of the interview, Hyoson and Il who laughed for awkward moral reasons laughed a serious attitude as soon as the interview started, no matter who was first. Hyo Sung, who was acknowledged for MC skills through numerous programs, led interview with prominent progressive hands, and Jeong il also reacted as water flowed.

Hyoson “It is very wonderful.When I became a singer, because I was against the opposition at home, I worked part-time while I was working alone and walked, so I was able to easily go to school while working Was not there, Mr. Il?
Il “Because I did not perform arts activities at middle and high / high school, the absence seemed to have been reduced, but instead I will be asked by friends’ friends who know that I am an acting student ‘When will it come on TV’ Time was annoying. ”
Hyosung “I was also stressful, I was often asked because I knew everything about being a trainee.

Hyoson who made her debut through Mnet 2005, formed Yui of 2007 after school, Yubin and G.NA of Wonder Girls, Young Ji Won of the former member of Tiara, and Girl group five girls, but just before debut with financial deterioration of affiliated companies It was dismantled, finally debuted in secret in 2009.

Hyoson “So, what did you want to see while attending school?
Iran “Frankly I felt like I should have kept a little eager to study while I was at school, and now it is sweet that word will arrive for a moment.
Hyoson “If I go back to my school days, will you walk the way of the actor again?
Il “Yes, of course!

Twenty-year-old Jeon · Il, ‘plenty of high kick’ meet flowers blooming

Hyoson “Speaking of Mr. Il, obviously ‘High Kick’ is the first thing to come up.I also became an awesome fan watching me, but I got the chance to join the ‘High Kick’ which I got the best popularity at the time What is?”
Iru Naturally, we decided to join through the audition.What it was up to the 4th degree, I guess it was good luck (as a high kick Yunhu role).
Hyoson “Suddenly I remembered the interview I saw before, but the accident happened …”
Ile: Yes, that’s right, Lee Mino of ‘City Hunter’ and a friend from a young age. A traffic accident happened when I went to play with Mino’s close seniors.Fortunately ‘high kick’ audition After that, I was hospitalized at the hospital about 16 weeks.
Hyosung “It was a very big accident, was the role of the student who liked the teacher with ‘high kick’, did he have a teacher or star who was unrequited practically?
Il “I did unrequited love for about a year and a half, but in the end I failed to confess.It became a friend as it is.It seems that I did not have the courage at that time though it seems that I can confess with courage now. ”
Hyo Sung “I’ve been acting as a hunnamed senior in the movie ‘My love’ that appeared after ‘High Kick’. Is he really a subtle junior?
Ile “It seems that it is not a delicate person to juniors.When I see the youngest child at home, I can not collect someone well, I could not have spent friendly with juniors at school.

Chung · Il is currently studying at the Hanyang University School of Drama at the present time and it is hard for him to accompany a perfect school life by taking a sharp schedule while photographing the drama <49th> and this unit is a little I told him I was worried.

Hyoson “Do you have anything you definitely want to do while living a university?
I’ve enjoyed my college life before debuting, playing part – time together, playing with friends, leaning cups on campus.
You also enjoyed the Hyosung festival?
Il “Yes, it is a college student who has enjoyed everything to enjoy (laugh)”
Hyoson “Although I took a leave of absence for the first semester I could not even dream of Gokon because it was a practicing student even though it was a leave of absence.
Il “What if you actually try it, ha ha!

A boy who experienced the suffering of acting birth, for the first time wake up from eggs!

Hyeosung “theater <Beautiful Sunday> I felt that I felt that I had grown a lot as an actor, I suppose I caught the pulse of acting.In fact, I think that drama than theater is a shortcut to become a high teens star, I am wondering why I was challenged for theater.
I started learning basic skills, I learned so much while playing, I am planning to steady the theater and I do not have time to communicate with fans if I do drama or movies However, when playing, I was able to communicate with fans and it seemed like the wall collapsed.
Hyoson “years passed and someone chooses Jeong Il as a role model, what point of the principal should be looked at and choose it as a role model?
Iru: Yes, because I do not understand myself well, it is very difficult.I want to become an actor with deep eye in 10 or 20 years, I hope the juniors know such part. ”
Hyoson “is a deep actor? Even now there are excellent eyes that only idols have, and if this eye gets older it will become even deeper and it will become a nice actor.
Iru: You must be keen to become so.

Jung Il who chose World Star Rain as a roll model many years ago is working hard to discover the strengths of actors among various works rather than to determine one role model now, With.

Hyoson “The question I prepared as a one – day supporter is here, but please inquire about one if you have any concerns for me at all.
I ‘m also asking questions every time, but what do you do when you finish your activities and prepare your next album?
Hyoson “When we finish the album activity, we will prepare the next album while appearing on the entertainment program and there is no time to play with certainty as there is no cell phone and no freedom.
“Well then, you are the closest thing to the members, are not you?
Hyosung: Yes, we will play with each other, we will talk with each other, we will practice with each other and it will be.
It looks flashy on the surface, but there are serious things, but it is a favorite thing to do and it should be fun Today was a very good time.It seems that I became a reporter when I look at this Is not it?
Hyoson “Haha, that’s right, suddenly the role seems to have changed, I also had a really fun time.

And this is another video of Stars celebrating “The Star.”