Jung II-woo travels to Vancouver, Canada

July 2011

In July of 2011 Jung II-woo travelled to Vancouver, Canada. He was chosen as a ambassador of Canada for Asia. Because of this he did a reality show for MTV called “One More Time,”  that later aired in 14 Asian countries.  He also did a photo shoot for CeCi Magazine while there.  It is such a delight to watch him in all this!  His playful personality and enthusiasm for all he does and sees is contagious!

I will post all his adventures starting with videos and then the photos… It took me a while to organize all the videos.  No one had them all in order!  So I ended up creating a playlist with videos from different channels.  You can see the playlist in this link. 

Please pardon any mistake in the order of photos or videos…I did the best I could!   Also, most videos are in Korean…so…

Ready?  Here we come Jung II-woo and Vancouver!

See more of this trip HERE!

Here is Jung II-woo departing to Canada…  in the airport:



2011 7 OMT Airport 12011 7 OMT Airport 22011 7 OMT Airport 32011 7 OMT Airport 42011 7 OMT Airport 52011 7 OMT Airport 62011 7 OMT Airport 72011 7 OMT Airport 82011 7 OMT Airport 92011 7 OMT Airport 10

This are some of the first photos he posted on his Tweeter account of this trip:



2011 7 JIWD Canada Tweet 1

2011 7 OMT Arriving in Canada 2

This is another one I found:

2011 7 OMT Arriving in Canada