Jung II-woo Interviewed by Chosun.

November 2010,

Jung II-woo interviewed by Chosun.  See the photos first and then the interview further down.  Cr. Chosun via Ilwoostory Japan.

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Interview: Jung Il “In the next work, a bright character” (top)                                         Chosun Daily News | November 2010

An actor Jung Yi opened the official fan club (http://www.jung-ilwoo.jp/) in Japan. I interviewed Jung Il who came to Japan for the first time to conduct a fan meeting after its founding and touched its face.

– The impression that the official fan club opened in Japan.

“I think that I think I can get closer to the fans, so I’m very happy.”

– How was the reaction of the fans with holding fan meetings?

“I was very nervous at the time of the first fan meeting, but this time, I was able to spend my eyes on the face of knowing fans, in a close-by-distance feel like a family.”

– What do you want to do at the fan club in the future?

“I am planning to upload a lot of handwritten messages and photos, I hope to bring it closer to fans through the official fan club location”

– Recently, you got a puppy from a fan in Korea. The impression at that time.

“I had thought that I would like to keep a dog for a long time, but when I got it, I was in a state I did not really know what to do but I gave him a gift to be lonely when I was alone, so I appreciate it very much And I am having good friends with Au (dog’s name) ”

– Is your pup training good?

“I sometimes want to beat you, but I’m kind of a girl so I do not have to say it (laugh)”

– In addition to this puppy, are there any presents you were happy to receive, surprised gifts?

“From Korean fans, I have favorite projectors and iPads, and Japanese fans have left me with impressions of what made me embroidered my face, and last year’s fan meeting at Korea Fan Meeting Although I introduced the culture of the tea ceremony of the tea ceremony, since then I often get a set of tea etc. I write letters in Hangul, but there are places that made a few mistakes, but my heart is transmitted very much I am thankful that everyone in Japan wants to study Japanese, write Japanese, and have direct conversation as I will write Hangeul so hard. ”

– Since “Father’s Daughter”, fans are looking forward to new works, but why are you taking time?

“I think that it is important to appear in a lot of works, but I’m cautious as I’m thinking about a better work than that.”

In case of

– What kind of work or role do you want to do?

“I am thinking about a bright character in my next work.I want to choose a drama with a content that is not very heavy.It is sticking to my work selection as a story or director, I take care of characters. ”

– In “Asking for Miss,” I think that it was a role above the actual age. Now, as an adult actor as an age, I think that the role will be limited, but is there such a thing that it is difficult to choose a work in that sense?

“It is certain that I felt the pressure in terms of age.It was doing a lot of the roles of the student until now but from now on I need to do the role of the adult.It seems natural I think that I should act well, I think that it will also be a turning point, but I want to be able to show natural acting. ”

– Do you not want to play as a younger as a role of a high school student, for example?

“There is not such a thing at all, I am still young, so I may still be doing the role of a high school student (laugh)”