Jung II-woo in his second Fan Meeting in Japan.

November 7, 2010

On this day Jung II-woo held his second Fan Meet in Japan at the Yoyogi Yamano Hall in Tokyo.  There with about  1000 attendees from various countries he celebrated the opening of his official Japanese Fan Club called “Flying Up.”  He chose this name with fans and he liked it because for him it meant that his fans helped him in “Flying Up.”

First I want to highlight his preparation for this and his last Fan Meet in Korea.  He practiced dancing and singing for about a month and playing the piano for three months. This is one of my favorite videos ever of Jung II-woo, it is in the section of “Oh Delight”  I finally know the time period where it is from!  So here it is if you haven’t seen it:


And these are still I found of this video:

Cr.On photos.

2010 JIW Fan Meet Prep 12010 JIW Fan Meet Prep 22010 JIW Fan Meet Prep 42010 JIW Fan Meet Prep 32010 JIW Fan Meet Prep 5

Absolutely delightful isn’t it?

Update!  September 2, 2017.  These came via DCILwoo.  Jung II-woo was practicing for the Fan Meet…  they are so beautiful too!


Oh that smile…makes me so happy!

Now onto the Fan Meet itself.  Next you will see the images from it and further down you can read an article from K.Plaza.com about all that happened.  It’s translated via Google, so it sounds funny sometimes, but for the most part you can get a great sense of what happened.  Cr. K.Plaza

2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet 1.jpg 2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet 2

2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet 3.jpg

2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet 4.jpg

2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet 5.jpg

2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet 6.jpg

2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet 7.jpg  2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet 8.jpg2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet 102010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet 9 .jpg

These are more photos of Jung II-woo preparing for the event:

2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet BTS 2.jpg2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet BTS 1.jpg

These are some of the goodies he gave out.  Do you notice the frog on the shirts?  I think it’s Ilwoo’s own design!

2010 11-7 JIW Japanese Fan Meet BTS 3.jpg

He also gave froggy eye masks.  At least I think that’s what they are!  Could be pencil holders too…!


Japanese Fan Meeting
K-PLAZA.com | 2010.11.7

On November 7, 2010, Jeong Il’s official fan club opening memorial fan meeting was held at Yoyogi Yamano Hall.

When appearing from the door beside the venue, Mr. Jung Il in black suit moved walking from the passenger’s aisle to the stage in a loud roaring cheer.

Jung Il: You guys are a long time, Jung Il. I was really looking forward to seeing all the Japanese fans. I prepared for various reasons for today, so please enjoy until the end. Nice to meet you. Everyone, I wanted to see you! (The crowd is great cheers when greeting in Japanese)

Moderator: You can feel a negative ion like a gentle wind. It seems like hearing the stream of Ogawa in the mountains ~ is not it?
Jung Il: Thank you.

Moderator: I’m faced with the first fans of my fan club, but how are you feeling now?
Jung Il: I am seeing you all the first time in a year, so my heart is pounding right now, I am really looking forward to this two hours. Because you made good memories a year ago, I was able to spend a smile for the past year. I want everyone to make good memories today.

Moderator: I heard that every day will show you everything today, is it true?
Jung Il: Yes!

Moderator: And there is a piano in the middle, will you do something later? (Grand piano in the center)
Jung · Il: You may expect. (Clapping at the venue)

Talk on a chair here

Moderator: Suddenly but what time did you get up today in the morning?
Jung Il: I got up at 9 o’clock and watched the cell phone, ate rice and took a shower.
Moderator: Shower? Sounds good. (Laugh) Why is this question? I thought that I wanted to know how I am living as a fan everyday, I prepared such a corner.

“Life Style of Il”

Chairperson: What are you going to publish your everyday life today?
Jeon Il: I will show you all the everyday life today.

Moderator: Let ‘s take a look at the video from the private edition first by showing usual usual face which can not be seen in the drama and movies in private and business education easily.

“Private version” In the VTR, the appearance of student life flowed through the body making and soccer playing at the gym.

Moderator: In the gym it is hard working hard.
Jung Il: I can not do much exercise at the gym but I go about 4 times a week.

Moderator: That’s a lot. There is not such a refreshing person moving so much muscle? Did one of you float in the gym?
Jung · Il: It is about putting muscle a bit more than saying to make a muscle of a tight fit in a gym.

Moderator: I was always watching the back of the thigh (lol), is that you are ready to show off your physical beauty anytime?
Jung Il: Yes, as I enter the work I still have a part to expose the body so I think that it is basic to always make a body if it is a male actor.

Moderator: It is an honorable student ~ Applause! I am looking forward to more and more, but I have a place to drive but can you get on well?
Jung Il: Driving is better. However, it is safe driving.

Moderator: It seems like to drive safely ~ I can not imagine puffing. Football was rushing like a boy, but he is good at it, is not he?
Jung Il: I am not very good at it, but I am doing it in my neighborhood privately with my friends in junior high school days. I remember old things and I am doing it with comfortable feelings about once a week.

Chair: There is J.Frog behind the uniform, what does it mean?
Jung Il: I do not know if it is a rebellious period, but I was told by the fans in the sense that I do not hear what I say even if all of the fans asked for various things. “Frog” has such a meaning as well.

Chairperson: Do not you hear such a cool and neat face?
Jung Il: No, I will listen often (lol)

Moderator: We also took the student life to VTR, but how long have you been going to school?
Jung Il: I go to the university four times a week.

Moderator: It’s the same as Gym.
Jung Il: Yes. I made up all night to make that announcement and prepared for PowerPoint.

Moderator: Well, I will probably put it in one minute from now … I do not think so, so it’s okay.
Jung · Il: Yes (sweat;)

Subsequent to the Department of Drama
“Ile’s academic ability test”

Problem 1) Answer all four Shakespeare tragedies within 5 seconds.
Jung Il: Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear (Answer immediately)

Moderator: Do you come out as soon as you go to the department of drama?
Chung · Il: If you are a student of the Department of theater, you can say it is basic, but since I was taking a leave of taking a picture of Irishme, I was learning when I was a year, but it is Shakespeare I learn at the year but I can not take classes and study myself myself Did.

Problem 2) Express your theme with a gesture.
I got a gesture of “I’m fighting? The Return of Iljimae” and got the correct answer as I got a T – shirt as a gift that I designed for himself (a frog ‘s illustration) A T – shirt was given. This time it was a bit too easy, but “It was difficult for me to do with Fanmi before,” Jung Il was speaking.

“Private video 2nd edition” was a picture playing with the dog’s au.

Chairperson: Are you going to be a dad?
Jung Il: Sometimes it is Daddy and sometimes your older brother.

Moderator: There was a time when I read the name but I did not turn around, but was Au-chan really tallied?
Jung Il: I feel like I am just hanging up when I am hungry.

Moderator: I feel like understanding. Somehow he said that he is cute? (Venue lol) I’m praising! I heard that Au means a younger brother, but it is a girl, is not it?
Jung Il: Yes, but when I look at my face I gave a name like a girl and I thought that there was a rejection reaction from around and dared to do that. Besides, because I do not have my younger sister or younger brother, I made that name.

Moderator: How old are you about?
Jung Il: It’s about 4 months.

Moderator: You are still baby.
Jung Il: That’s right.

Moderator: Although there is a strangeness that I can not imagine as 4 months, have you changed something since coming to your house?
Jung Il: Of course not to go home early, but I got up early. Because I bark at the breakfast as I am having breakfast, I can not sleep in the morning, but I felt a feeling of caring around as Au came. And I feel like I was born responsibility that I have to look after my troubles.

Chairperson: The dog seems to be about 18 years old in a year, then in the next year he will be in his thirties.
Jung Il: So you better call him Older brother.

Chairperson: How much do you love your complicated place in your home and how much you love your dog au? I’d like to test with that, but if you answer correctly we have a nice present.
The type of Shar Pei is a weak delicate to oil etc. So for the sake of Au chan, the snacks of the high quality material of the dog have been brought to the stage.
Jung Il: You have to hit it.

Moderator: Yes, it is a problem that it is very bad if you do not hit it (lol)

“Affection test for Ah-woo”

“Which one of the 4 pictures is Ah-woo?” The photos line up, but the whole place laughs at the same pictures of the same dog breed. However, Chung Il who hits quickly “No. 3!”, He seems to have understood that he has a habit of lowering his left eye, proving that affection is overflowing indeed. Jung Il-san, “Hamburger fish seems to be delicious,” he said, “I think that Au is truly happy, thank you.”

Chairperson: By the way, No. 2 is Mr. Sharpay who is owned by Big Bang ‘s G – dragon and he is a male’ s caho – kun. I also think (lol) I took a picture of the last image to encourage my work.

VTR of “Business edition” flowed, appearance of Funmi’s costume meeting and photo shooting flowed.

Moderator: I was attending the direct conference, but have you always been involved and positively expressed your opinion?
Jung Il: I am using myself from 1 to 10 when I work. Since it is my own work, it is natural that I use mind, but I feel confused as I do work, but I will overlook it because it is confusing, but I am using my mind in various ways for that.

Chairperson: Honorable student Jung Il, but I am wearing a cool suit today even if I wear anything, but I am particularly pleased if you tell me about your favorite fashion and women’s favorite fashion?
Jung Il: My favorite fashion style likes clothes that make the line of the body look good with a really bad feeling. I used to like gaudy clothes before, but now I prefer to put points in neatly like favorite black. And what I like in women’s fashion loves leggings and black, is there someone wearing a hat today? Actually I do not like hats very much.

Moderator: I was covering the hat all through the rehearsal. I do not say leggings are already spats! (Hall laugh) I wonder if you like legs?
Jung Il: It’s not like that, but leggings are good or not (seeing)

Moderator: Although I want you to tell me if there is advice in something pose, Could you tell me if there is a well reflected angle Toka point advice because there is a group photo session today?
Jung Il: I think that it is good to lower jaws because they are not so good when taking pictures first. Just do not push it too much, so it is a point to lower it moderately, I think that it is better not to try to pose too much.

Moderator: cool people, but I do you say casually doing so, everyone that as if to say because you become to pull too and double chin to chin’ll please take care of Mr. (venue laughs) Jung Il-woo Because I will.
Jung Il: Thank you.

Chairperson: Like a friend like a boyfriend, like private son of Jung Il, want to see more? (Applause applause) Can anyone answer anything today?
Jung Il: … Yes, I will reply as much as possible.
Moderator 🙁 between is) there were between about two beats, but … let’s hope because it is so will be answered anything.

Question from “Il’s one-answer” fans

Moderator: If you have anything you can not answer by all means I do not mind letting you pass. Instead, because the world is not so sweet towards the fan, which is the path I will call whispering sweet your name of the person that.

Fan Question 1: I think I have received a lot of gifts from my fans until now, do you have a gift room? What is going on?

Jung Il: That’s right, I made one room as a gift room and kept it there. Photos and others decorated in my room and gifts for tea at the time of Fanmi of last year Where everyone also got to receive tea.
Moderator: Honestly I wonder if you can have tea any more. Or maybe you should say somewhat what you want.
Jung Il: I’m fine.

Fan question 2: Which actor do you get along the most?
Jeong Il: Although a lot of people may know, Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum are close friends and brothers.

Fan Question 3: Is she coming? Also, what kind of date will you date on date?
Jung Il: There is no now! (The voice saying “Eh !?” from the hall) It is true! If you do, the date goes to a quiet cafe, restaurant, or drive.

Fan Question 4: I saw the beautiful ilimye and became a big fan of Jung Il, but where is Jung Yi’s favorite scene in the drama?
Jung Il: It’s been a long time ago, so I do not remember the memory, but I think that Walch is dead in 16 stories and Iljimeti is changing suddenly and changing suddenly. Then it was hard to memorize emotional expressions in the shooting of the scene where the mother dies on the last person, so I remember it.

Fan Question 5: What is the perfume you are using?
Jung Il: I usually use perfume, but can I say the brand? It is CREED (creed) perfume. I am changing variously according to the mood at that time.

And the corner of the piano

Jung Il: I will tell you the songs of the soundtrack of the movie “Love Affair Meguri Aya”.
Moderator: Have you learned piano until now?
Jung Il: I was doing a little while I was a child, but I have not played it for a long time and I have learned it for the last 3 months.

Here we slowly moved to the piano in the center of the hall, “I got a big impression by watching the movie.The two of the main characters go to the island and play the piano, but sharing the impression of that time with you I wanted to hear this song, I am a bit sorry but please understand. “After playing the movie scene the middle piano played, the fans listened quietly.

When exiting inside a big applause, the practice scene of the piano, the practice scene of the song flowed on the screen.
After a while I changed costume and Mr. Jung Il appeared and showed “Kudenegatorashi again” to me, the venue swayed a lot of pen lights and was surrounded by big applause.

Jung Il: I was pretty nervous this time because the piano performances and songs were live.

Moderator: How long have you practiced?
Jung Il: I practiced songs for about a month and practiced the piano for about three months.

Moderator: I am the first actor to make efforts for fan meeting so much. (Clapping hands on the venue) What kind of calls are you calling Il’s about those fans watching such warmth?
Jung · Il: Everyone? (Venue lol)

Moderator: It’s simple and not a mistake. You decided the name of the fan club, are not you?

Here the message to the fans and the character “Flying up” which is the name of the fan club reflected on the screen.

Moderator: Why did you choose this among a lot of names?
Jung Il: With your love and power I want to flap more.

Moderator: It seems like feathers are growing up (laughs) There are not many men whose wings go well. Would you mind if you gave me such a nice name?
Jung Il: I’m curious.

Fans who gave names to the stage got up on the stage, a natural dyed scarf saying that T-shirts and mom dyed from Jeong Il gifts, and when asked what they like, “It’s cool, smile is cool I like it. ” “I asked that I want you to fly just like the name of the fan meeting that Il attached,” I said, “I understand.” Shook hands and hugs and took 2 shot photos.

Moderator: Have you seen HP yourself?
Jung Il: Yes, I am always watching. I saw a picture of Au when I saw this before.
Moderator: I thought you were a boy, you were a girl. It is a fan club’s HP, but in order to celebrate this special occasion we prepared this corner.

“Flash il kun”

I made a flash video with already prepared images and images taken together with the venue from now. Sitting at the piano and encouraging the fans to “fight hard and be fighting”, I took a picture with the dialogue of taking the shoot, “a wonderful time spent with Ile”, “Flying up (venue)” “Let’s meet.”

Moderator: I’ve prepared a lot of content, but the next thing is doing something nice, right? What did you have prepared for?
Jung Il: Yes, there is. “Please say your wishes”
Chairperson: I heard that he will come true!

“Please ask Ill-kun! “

If you hit by lottery will rise to the stage and pick one out of the three roulettes and make a wish that you stopped and stopped
In the roulette, “scrubbing” entered with a large establishment, but the contents of the pounding including “Chu”, “Hug from behind”, “Two shot pictures” etc included in it. Mr. Il got a number from the lottery box and five people, additional 2 people total 7 people went up to the stage and was expected? Although there was not a low “chu” established, the venue was excited with excitement as to what goes out, such as “2 shot photos”, “calling names”, “staring at each other” and so forth.

Moderator: “Towada” has only been reduced but has it been exciting?
Jeong Il: Actually I was also exciting, but I really enjoyed it.

Moderator: I am sweating by taking a light and I am not sweating a drop.
Jung Il: That’s right ~ I’m not sweating ~

Chairperson: Is he still professional as an actor? It is pretty thick clothes, wearing two pieces, is not it hot?
Jung Il: Yes, it’s okay.

Moderator: A cool man No.1!

Here I got to the screen that the opening flash of HP which I took earlier was completed.
Moderator: How was it? It’s freshly made, is not it.
Jung · Il: It feels fresh.

Moderator: It was worth the effort to practice the piano hard.
Jung Il: Yes, I have a challenge.

Moderator: Please wait for all of you so this will be uploaded to the site at a later date. So in a blink of time the time has passed and the fun time with Jung Il has been close to the closing time soon. How was it with spending time with the fans?

Jung Il: I have not seen each other for about 1 year but today I enjoyed having a really fun memories. I will try to remember everything about you, although I could not call the name of everyone else. Thank you very much.

Moderator: You can also see new works, are not you?
Jung Il: Yes, that is right. I am thinking whether I can see you next year about new works as it is now being selected works. Please look forward to seeing you all through good works, and getting colder and colder so please take care of your cold. I would like to meet with you all often, and see you soon.

Moderator: It is a really nice voice.
Jung Il: Thank you.

Moderator: I feel that negative ions are coming out both from the voice and from the figure, but at the end it is that there is something I want to tell everyone of the fans.
Jung Il: I wrote a letter to all my fans early November before coming to the fan meeting. I will read it here…

I took out the letter and began to read it quietly. “To all the loving guys … I will always stay with you but you are in my heart I miss you, I want to see you, I will scream from the bottom of my heart Everyone who is my, invisible important red I wake up today with threads Because there are you Jung Il, there is an actor Jung Yi … I think that our important connection is surely love Love to send and love from me With us, we can always be one, everyone who wants to call their name, I love you I love you … I am thankful to my fans for “November 1, Jung and Il” (part) I read aloud in Japanese that I was looking forward to appreciation for fans and today’s event. Finally I showed off with Keisuke Kuwata’s “White Lovers” in a state of nervousness and shook the cheers of the great cheers and exited.

After this, a handshake party, group photo session was held and the event ended spending time to interact with fans.

Just really fresh and refreshing Jung Il was. Last time I thought about Fan Meet but I was busy for fans, but I understand a lot of time being prepared. I think that there are many fans who are struck by their freshness and sincere and dedicated figure. I hope next time I will have a new work and come back to Japan.