Jung II-woo Attends the Wrap-up Party for Take Care of the Young Lady

October 12, 2009

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October 12, 2009

Y-STAR | 2009-10-12 10: 48: 11

[Anchor comment]
Although I went to visit saying that I have a broadcasting end party with the leading actor, “Please give my best regards to the girlfriend who drew the curtain in the topic of last 8 days. I encountered directly meeting “Ladies and gentlemen” The scene of the television end party which was full of fun with actors. Let’s do it together from now!

Enviable world that is not the world Yoon Eun Hye.

[Site sound: Yoon Eun Hye] “2 NE 1 and .. Wahahaha”

A man who has equal intentions, financial strength, appearance to himself, Jeong Il. ,

[Site sound: Jung Il] “Because I am cool.”

Mr. Moon Chae Won who is bright and firm is adorable.

[On site sound: Moon Chae Won] “Jealous of that woman …”

And drama Yoon Sang-hyun together, “Please give me your love.” The last episode which showed the highest audience rating itself, “Let me live” showed how much the viewers’ interest in the drama was amazing. Last day I tried Kim · Yuha directly meet the main character of the topic at the end of the drama held at a restaurant with Yeouido (Yoido). Jung Il who first showed up!

[On-site sound: Jung · il] “Hello.”

Chung Il who challenged contemporary drama for the first time through “Say hello to you”. One piece that Jung Il showed was loved by audience. Nevertheless I could not accomplish love with ‘Kang · Henna’ and bought the fans’ regret.

[Kim Yu-Hwa] Q) Is not he robbed of ‘Hana-san’? So I guess a little heart hurts my heart. ..?

[Interview: Jung Il] “I guess that’s because my heart hurts but still I talk about the loved one so I can go to someone I love. I am cool.”

Q) It’s cool. Since Mr. I’m cool, he took over the older role a little more than his current age. Did not you have difficulty in acting …?
A) “There was difficulty … Of course it was difficult for me to play for the first time a role that is older than I. I also have a lot of awkward parts because my job is older than me and there are also a few hard parts because my profession is a lawyer, People looked beautifully and often. “

“Because it’s cool, it’s cool and cool.”

Cool and cool Jeong Il !! I continued to do two work but without running a rest. It is said that I plan a sweet rest after the airing ends.

Q) You will be close to Mr. Lee Min-ho. Are you planning a trip … …?
A) I’m not sure if talks about travel will go on a trip with Bom, Min-ho and I. I’m not sure if it will be when I will be with my close friends, so it’s fun to work with Because empathy is formed. “

After the regret date with Jeon Il finished broadcasting finally began! The hero gathered and celebrated it by erasing the light of the candle of specially prepared cake. After the end of the airing, the “Abuhe” team who received Kimichi seal! The comment by mischievous Yoon Sang-hyun is continuing.

[On-site sound: Yoon Sang-hyun] “Is not it stripped? No, some peeling off”

“In the meantime, I had a lot of hardships.I think that our staff members were doing a lot of hardships for lighting microphones, camera directors, and managers to think about.It is not the end now because this is the end It is good to laugh at the shooting venue and laugh and work together.Please deliciously eat it and let’s go to sing a song after a while. Thank you. “

Yun Sang Hyun who does not forget laugh until the end! Together with Yoon Sang-hyun I met Yoon Eun Hye who expanded his career at Yun Yun Couples.

[Interview: Yoon Eun-ha] Q) Last show Please tell me how you feel when you are coming to the scene but will be finished.
A) “Actually, even this morning at 10 o’clock, what time is the standby? It seems that there are still many occasions to take as well as tomorrow so much, it seems like that.”

Korean ‘Paris Hilton’. As female version ‘Ku Jung-pyo’ fans of the viewers’ eye-catching ‘girlfriend’ from ‘Kan Henna’ Yoon Eun Hye’s fashion was a hot issue from head to toe.

Q) Fashion and Hairstyles There are so many changes for Uen-san like this. Do you know …?
A) “If I go to college town in the story I recently heard, the head is ‘Kang · Henna’ head and the clothing is 2 NE 1 and .. Wahahahaha It seems like a story I heard very interestingly, it feels good.”

Yoon Eun-ee who simultaneously received the love of a wonderful man Yoon Sang Hyun and a sweet man Chung Il, envy their fans. I have questions that she can not avoid.

[Site sound: Recording team] “In fact, Chung Il and Mr. Yoon Sang-Hyun, who would you choose if you could choose among them?”

[Interview: Yoon Eun Hye] “This question is really tough, I truly are not both my type frankly.”

Jeong Il and Yoon Sang Hyun. Regrettably they are not both Yoon Eun Hye type. However, the selection of ‘Kang · Henna’ during the play was a butler ‘So · Dong Chan’. I informed the start of ‘Yun Yun Couples’ at a romantic kissing scene and attracted the viewers’ gazes at once.

Q) Kissing scene was a topic …?
A) “Frankly I kissed every piece of work and I did not quite know whether it is such a topic, but in fact it is said that we are very steamy so many people are very excited about that a bit I felt that my heart was sore and showed me that I did not feel inspiration. Yes, I was still missed. “

Q) To viewers everyone.
A) “It seems like it has ended after receiving a lot of love, thank you so much, I will greet you with a better work and I thank you very much for giving me so much love.” Thank you.

Fans who searched for the final broadcasting scene after regretting the end of the drama broadcasting Although I tried reconfirming the memories of “Please give my best wishes” by handing gifts prepared in advance. It is Mun Chae Won who has returned to the bright ‘Yoo · Wuju’ which is solid with ‘Yu Seung-mi’ of one hero ‘brilliant heritage’ which is regrettable.

[Interview: Moon Chae Won] Q) How do you feel when you saw the last round though the last show came when you ended today?
A) “I was sorry to hear that it was casual, it seems that every scene in the scene remains differently from the others as if it were different from usual times.”

Moon Chae Won has appeared as a hot celebrity ‘Kang · Henna’ rival of love and showed lots of bright and positive figures that did not show us previous work.

Q) The rival of love is ‘Hena’, it is not a grandson of a zaibatsu. Even though the love rival is actually a person like ‘Hena’, a little financial problem should arise …?
A) “I do not think that money is very important, but if a man I like is going to follow for money unlike myself, I’m going to be disappointed a lot and I’m going to be disappointed and trying to make money tremendously It is likely to make a profit by being jealous of the woman as it is instead of making a profit to make love become established to receive love. “

Q) Who would you like to meet the most after the airing?
A) “I personally had a lot of expectations to work with Yoon Eunee seniors before doing this work because I saw Coffee Prince very interestingly. There were not a lot of scenes actually taken and actually photographed, but I personally had lots of regrets and I would like to see the biggest sister of all seasons.

“Y-STAR viewers Everyone, I’d like to express my deepest appreciation to you for coming to a telecast today like this, I am always happy and healthy and I will greet you with the next work in good shape.” Goodbye. “

Yun Eun, Yoon Sang-hyun, Jung Yi, Moon Chae Won of “Please give me your daughter” which ended broadcasting in the endless aesthetic. I would like to ask for a more wonderful figure with my next work.