Jung II-woo in Behind the Scenes of Take Care of the Young Lady.

September, 2009

I love doing BTS posts a lot.  I feel that we get to see a bit more of the personality of our dear Oppa!  I first will post some videos. Then photos. These are from all the episodes of this drama.  Cr. Unless on photo, we’ll say KBS2!

This first video is one of my favorites.  It shows Jung II-woo having a laugh attack…starts at 0:26 into the video.  The NG’s with Yoon Sang-hyun are really funny too!  The second video comes from the DVD Extras. You can catch a glimpse of Jung II-woo here and there…

And these two coming two videos are a bonus for those of you who visited my website today!  Thank you!  Though they are more with Yoon Sang-hyun, they are absolutely hilarious!!!  In the second one he has someone polish the floor, and every time Jung II-woo tries to run there, he slips!  It is so funny!  Minute 1:43 in the second video.


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This was a sketch Yoon Eun-hye did of Jung II-woo while filming!  She has talent for visual arts too!

2009 TKOTYL BTS 222009 TKOTYL BTS 23


In some of these photos there are many people looking when Jung II-woo is filming, I really admire how he can keep his concentration!  That would be so hard for me!!!