Jung II-woo’s Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all dads, father figures and fans of Jung II-woo who are dads!

I researched for a while to see what I could find about Jung II-woo’s dad.  There is very little available.  He keeps his family off the spotlight as much as he is able, and fortunately for him, the media respects it. So should we… his fans!  So I will post just a little…enough so you can see who is the father of our precious man!

Jung II-woo’s father is Mr. Jung Hae-hoon. He was a former television news anchorman. And at one point Jung II-woo was thinking of following in his dad’s footsteps and enrolled at the Seoul College of Arts and Sciences, in the Department of Broadcasting Arts.  Later he realized how much  more he like acting so he decided to pursue acting.

I found one article in many places… It is here .  In it there is a mention of his father belonging to a club of  Fusion Science and Technology at Seoul University. Fascinating!

I also found out that his father was the director of a Kendo (Japanese fencing) academy.  It is mentioned here.  Jung II-woo mentions that his dad was the Captain of the Fencing Team in his High School in one of the Episodes of ‘Happy Together.”  Hear the man himself:

(Update March 8, 2018)

If I find something else, I will update it!  For now here are the few photos of Jung II-woo with his dad.  They are from when he graduated from Hanyang University. I think Jung II-woo’s looks are a mix of his parents’ looks …what do you think?

Photo Cr. Smilwoo and a fan took the third one. (Second one is just a close up)

fan-taken-ohilwootumblr_n1aqs6lrEP1r4711bo2_500 2tumblr_n1aqs6lrEP1r4711bo2_500

And this was in one of the sites that had the same content of the article I mentioned above. Cr. Yonhap News Agency


Update March 8th, 2018:  Just found this photo.  He looks so happy!


Mr. Jung Hae-hoon, Happy Father’s Day!  Thank you for being there for Jung II-woo!  Know that we are…

Jung II-woo Father's Day 1Jung II-woo Father's Day 2Jung II-woo Father's Day 3


Awwwwww!  SO adorable!!!  I know…!

I can’t wait to see one shot of him with his baby someday.  Jung II-woo you will share at least one photo right?  I hope so!!!  I think he will have a girl first…just casting my prediction!  🙂