Jung II-woo for SOHU TV

Jung II-woo looks very sweet in these…holding a stuffed fox representing SOHU TV.  Sadly there are no subtitles…but these are the questions they asked him:

Q. “High kick! What did you do in the blank period between “High Kick and The Return of Iljimae”?

Q. What is the difference, attractive point between Lee Jun Ki’s “Iljimae” and Jung II’s “The Return of Iljimae”?

Q. How was the debut?

Q. What is your performance satisfaction so far?

Q. Which cast was challenging to work with?

Q. “Compared with the flower boy” Lee Min-ho, what is your support?

Q. What are your plans after “The Return of Iljimae”

Q. There are many reports that ‘”Iljimae that attracts a woman’s heart’, but what is the attraction that attracts a woman’s heart only to Jung Il?

Q. Have you visited China?

Q. What do you recall while traveling in China?

Q. What is your ideal type (of woman)?

Q. Please greet the fans!

The answers are in this video.  Lucky you if you speak Korean!  Video Cr. Sohu TV.

Photo Cr. Sohu TV

2009 JIW SOHU Interview2009 JIW SOHU Interview 12009 JIW SOHU Interview 22009 JIW SOHU Interview 32009 JIW SOHU Interview 42009 JIW SOHU Interview 52009 JIW SOHU Interview 62009 JIW SOHU Interview 7

Don’t know if the next one is related but he’s wearing the same shirt: