Jung II-woo and his love for the script.

This is the title of another great article found here.  It  in Jung II-woo talks about how he feels most comfortable carrying his script around.  It also says that when the director says cut, most actors reach for the mirror, but Jung II-woo reaches for his script. His is always among (if not) the most tattered script on set.

“Jung explains that even when he’s not on set, he feels uneasy whenever he is without his script in hand and carries it around with him, not just for memorization purposes but because he’s constantly trying to figure out how to act a certain scene: “It isn’t for one particular reason, but reading the script allows me to focus on the work, and eases my mind.”

Cr. Javabeans, from Dramabeans via My Daily…

Here is Jung II-woo and his script.  He works so hard!  I read in another article…that he actually auditioned 50 times before getting his first role in The world of Silence. That is how hard he works…and believes in what he does!  So inspiring!



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In another article, I read about how nervous Jung II-woo was before acting with Park Geun-hyung.  He is a great Korean actor with an extensive body of work that spans into 5 decades!  You can see how many movies and dramas he has done here.  It’s amazing!  It was way too many to count!  Imagine!!!

Jung II-woo had heard that he was short tempered and had very little patience for mistakes, so he started rehearsing for the parts with him like two months ahead!  In the end he was really kind to Jung II-woo and rehearsed with him and told him it was OK if he NG.  Jung II-woo was very relieved!  (I’m sure he heard about how nervous and how hard Jung II-woo was working.)





SO inspired!  Love you more the more I read about you!