Jung II-woo as Iljimae and his “love” for Wol-hee.

February 2009

During The Return of Iljimae, Iljimae amazingly enough meets someone who looks exactly like Dal-yi.  Yet…somehow one wonders does he really love Wol-hee or is it the memory of Dal-yi.  Whatever that answer might be, one thing I know for sure is that the parts of episode 8 and their love scenes were really beautiful to watch!  Photo Cr. MBC.

Now before we get to that ultimate delight, we must savor something first…It is Jung II-woo as a woman! I know that he is pretty enough for it…but somehow, I can always see the man…he has a very masculine energy.


Had to include these…love this house!  It’s Kim Ja-jeom’s home (the bad guy/corrupt government official).  Love that circle window!!!  I hope to see something like that someday in person…I love circles!!!


And here finally,  Iljimae and Wol-hee…


The morning after…


And a few nights later…




A few posed photos:





This is the only video I found on YouTube of Iljimae and Wol-hee.  Not even an official OST…really?!  This was made by a fan, set to the music of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”  It’s really good with lots of scenes…except that I wish it would use music from the soundtrack of The Return of Iljimae.  Somehow I can’t get The Bodyguard out of my mind…



I enjoyed the beauty of the love scenes in this episode…they are so gentle and tender.  I love how the color white is the color of their pajamas… seems to bring even more purifying to the sleeping process.

Yet my inquisitive mind has a few questions…

하나) How can she trust a complete stranger into her house. Even if he’s handsome!!!

둘) How can she have lived by herself in those times like that?  Wouldn’t her uncle or some other man in her family (or the government) have taken her house?  She seems a pretty modern woman for her times!

셋) Iljimae really makes her work, suffer for his love… but isn’t this true for the entire drama?  I feel sad for Wol-hee. I really despise Iljimae sometimes!   How could he treat her that badly! That’s why I think he loves her but only to a certain point… I mean if you really love someone would you leave them for years? At the end he has no excuse for that really… that’s abusive!  No woman or man should wait that long for anyone’s love!

Oh yeah!  I forgot…It’s Drama! 🙂