Jung II-woo and the Crew of “The Return of Iljimae”… and Food!

Jung II-woo was not only cold during the filming of Iljimae…but hungry!   Just look at him in this video:

Can he be any cuter than when the pop corn fall on the floor and he is all bashful? And I understood what he said when he opened the donut box!  “ka- shi  mog-og-yo”  it means
“Let’s eat together!”

February 3, 2009

Luckily for Jung II-woo and the cast of Iljimae, they were happily surprised by fans from his Fan Club  “Ilwoostory”.  They fed them Samgyetang (삼계탕), a ginseng chicken soup. Along with rice, and drinks.  Such a warm gesture!!!

2009 2 3 JIW fed by fans 1

2009 2 3 JIW fed by fans 2

2009 2 3 JIW fed by fans 3

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Jung II-woo Fans Feed the Crew and Cast of Iljimae

“The Return of Iljimae” Jung II-woo “Samgyetang 100 people Fan love happiness”   Newsen | 2009-02-03

Actor Jung II-woo’s Fan Club ‘Ilwoostory” expanded campaign for Ssanggeung for staff of Jung II-woo and “The Return of Iljimae.”

Jung II-woo’s Fan Club visits the Yongin Set place in Gyeonggi Province where photography is in the midst of shooting for staff who are spreading forcible forces in regional shootings such as Yongyang County (Yeongyanggung), warm warm ginseng (Samgyetang) We hired 100 people. I chose a nursing soup (Samgyetang) to raise the physical strength of the staff who is struggling while filming the drama in the long-time regional shooting with severe cold.

The staff of “The Return of Iljimae” who thanked the members of Jung II-woo’s Fans cafe could not hide the fancy as “the body was protected thanks to Iljimae” that we met together at Samgyetang , Jung II also was very happy to receive the support from the warm samgyetang (Samgyetang) whose fans’ sincerity was included.

“The Return of Iljimae” was a drastic change of Joseon era, the baby abandoned as a birth as soon as it was born became a sword seeking a commoner and protecting the destiny of the country Legendary hero “Iljimae” era and fate destined to spread Draw a scroll of spiral. It is broadcast every week at 9:55 pm on Wednesday and Thursday.