Jung II-woo meets Sandara Park

There are so many gorgeous photos of Jung II-woo in this series…so I’ll start with a few from Episode 6.


It ends with him being washed upon the shore of Japan…


If that is the original drawing by Ko Woo-young…Jung II-woo could not look anymore like his drawing…surreal!

Anyways, onto Episode 7…

During the filming of Iljimae, Jung II-woo had the joy of meeting someone who would become as he has stated in various opportunities his only female friend: Sandara Park. See here.  She is known more as Dara and she was one of the members of the music band called 2NE1. Sadly it disbanded recently.  If you have time read about her…She has a really amazing herstory!

Here is a short article where she talks about her role in The Return of Iljimae.

In The Return of Iljimae she played the daughter of a Japanese Couple, who save and nurse Iljimae back to health.  When he is recovered, he notices that she, Rie, their is very sick. Iljimae saves her by giving her parents the precious rare ginseng root. Rie’s family are ninja and soon Iljimae finds himself not only learning the skill of the ninja, but almost becoming the future husband of Rie…

Again, he looks so beautiful here…prepare to delight and delight!


2009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 22009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 32009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 42009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 52009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 62009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 7.52009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 6.62009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 72009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 82009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 92009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 102009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 112009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 122009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 132009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 142009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 152009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 162009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 172009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 18.52009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 182009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 192009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 202009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 212009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 222009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 232009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 242009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 252009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 262009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 272009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 282009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 292009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 302009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 312009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 322009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 332009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 342009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 352009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 362009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 382009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 39.52009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 392009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 402009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 41

These are some of just Dara…she is so cute in these!

2009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 Dara 12009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 Dara 22009 R O Iljimae Ep 7 Dara 3darailjimae-14875665694662.jpg

And this gem is the only BTS photo I have found so far…  look how playful Ilwoo and Dara are!  You can tell they had a good time!

2009 BTS Iljimae Dara


This story is a lot about a hurt man and his healing process… it’s great to reflect on ones own experiences with pain, love, life… how does one react? how does one heal?

I thought that the locking up of Iljimae by the monk was genious!  He was so angry, so out of himself, he needed a place where he could feel his pain without hurting others, to calm him and to help him rest mentally.  I really believe that time is such a key factor in digesting all emotions…and I have observed that the older you are the slower you tend to take on things.  Though it doesn’t happen on all people, I think many benefit from a greater ability to observe and even if they feel they just don’t react as fast. It may be in part experience, but  just like one’s body starts to slow down, so does the fueled emotion department of your brain.  One advantage of aging for sure!  Thank goodness!

I would have liked a monk like that at one point in my life!  A spiritual guide, a father figure…He gave Iljimae the space and time to heal without having to worry about money, food, shelter…  I can just picture him bringing him food and talking to him everyday. But winter…it would have been freezing!

I guess we all have our ways to heal our hearts…our minds.   For some it’s about talking to friends or a doctor. Others work on slowing the mind down from so much thought…meditating.   Some pray.  Some walk mountains, trails.  For me I tend to work a lot more.  And travel…anywhere with a waterfall!  Waterfalls are the most soothing sound to me!  (Part of my family descended from the Amazon Rainforest…maybe it has to do with that?!)

…Onto Rie and Iljimae.  I felt really sad for Rie when things did not work out between them, but I too think Kotaro was much better for her. Timing… sometimes it’s all about timing…at this point in time Iljimae could not feel that way for her… Iljimae’s heart is still so broken.  At least he ends the episode in a much better place than he was before…

About II-woo and Dara only time will tell if they are meant to be together… If not, they will always have their friendship…that is a great thing to share! And sometimes lasts  a lot longer…

This is a playlist of different videos made by Camille, a fan that has a YouTube Channel: 2NE1 BLACKPINK …she has four great videos with images from different dramas of Ilwoo and Dara.  Really well done videos!

Last but not least…This is Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world!  It’s located in Venezuela (where I was born).  Once I had the joy of seeing it…you just can’t believe your eyes!  So monumentally delightful!!!  🙂  화이팅!   Venezuelans!