Jung II-woo is an angel in the “Love, Kiss Campaign.”

June 2008

Yes!  He is!  He participated along with other celebrities various charity events including the “Love Kiss Campaign”.  The video is so endearing!  The child totally liked Jung II-woo! Below is an article by Asian Economy translated to English via Google translate.

Update June 2019.  The video from YouTube was removed… I was not able to find another one… but fortunately I kept the copy of what I had posted in Instagram.  With the one minute restriction it is a bit cut off at the end…

These are the photos…so sweet!

Love Kiss Campaign 1Love Kiss Campaign 2


And this is a related article:

Jung II-woo, confronted with former angel entertainer formation

Asian Economy | 2008-06-06 18:38

A new-generation star star Jung II-woo joined the leading angel entertainer formation.

MBC situation comedy “Kicking high kick! Yoon-ho who went up to the stardom in recently wants to participate in the North Korean brotherhood campaign campaign where JTS is gathering as a charity service gathering, There are various precedents such as participating in the model at the photo exhibition “communication time”, where 10 Korean stars including Rae Won and Lee Jun Ki joined.

Jung Il have joined more than 30 celebrities as part of the campaign “Sorry for my husband’s death” recently to prevent mass starvation of North Korean residents, “Please help the children of hungry North Korea” animated picture production I participated in a relay.

Especially at the time of “time of communication” shot at a studio in Seoul last month, Jung II complained of sudden pain due to sudden tooth inflammation, regrettable surroundings. However, he told me that he should finish shooting until the end, he gave a big applause, showing a professional appearance such as not losing his laughing expression while drinking analgesics.

Children who took a picture with Jung-II and partner on this day are boys with obstacles that the face is somewhat bigger than ordinary children and upper eyelids always fall. I hide my beautiful eyes and always have a gaze downwards, but my shoulders are wide and I have a calm physical structure, I will give my thumbs as a ‘general feeling’ in the surroundings.

Although it is obvious that it is a disabled person even if it sees it, although it is somewhat shy, Jeong il has a bright smile and the child is bright and calm. Fortunately the child approached Jung-II without hesitation and liked him.

Both of us were afraid to break up after having taken a picture with a bright expression, we could not talk to each other for a while looking at each other. The picture taken this day hung on the open auction gallery located in Seoul Gangnam (Gangnam) Gyeongdam-dong at the end of last month, attracting the attention of many people.

Jung Il said, “I wanted to reward with only good things just accepting the public’s love, but I was happy that I got such an opportunity and would like to actively participate in what I can give back more than the love I received in the future” I revealed my impression.

Meanwhile, Jung II who was cast as a short-track player of a man hero to the new MBC new drama “triple” of director Lee Youngjeong PD of “coffee prince 1st shop” recently sweated while learning skating recently.

He did not expect to skate, Jung Il finished basic practice for the last two months and joined the special education process that is currently operating at the Korea Sports College in the past. Jung Yi said, “Although the crotch should be thicker due to the drama’s reality, it seems that it seems to be natural as long as training is done,” he laughed.