Jung II-woo for Somang Cosmetics

2007, 2008

I call this one the yellow edition… it includes many photos of him dressed in yellow and the commercial of the Q10 cream with Gu Hye-sun. Perfect for the spring!

The photos are from 2007. I think this commercial was actually shot in 2007 too, but it is referenced in some sources like Soompi as showing on TV at this time…so that is why I included it here.  Cr. Somang Cosmetics and on photos.  Enjoy!



2008 Somang Q10 12008 Somang Q10 22008 Somang Q10 32008 Somang Q10 42008 Somang Q10 52008 Somang Q10 62008 Somang Q10 72008 Somang Q10 82008 Somang Q10 9

Somang 6 1Somang 6 2Somang 6 3Somang 6 4somang-6-51.jpg

Version 2

Version 3

2007 Somang WIth GU 3

2007 Somang WIth GU 4

Some BTS photos:


Somang 3 51493862685.jpg1493863159.jpg


Don’t ask me why…but I do not like this commercial…the poking really bothers me…I find it annoying!  Only because he’s so cute I can watch it! One time and then I’m done!



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