Jung II-woo Enters Hanyang University

March 3, 2008

Jung Il-woo attended the entrance ceremony of Hanyang University at the Olympic Gymnasium of Hanyang University in Seoul.  He had been a student at Seoul Institute of the Arts in Broadcasting, but dropped out after realizing he loved to act. He then enrolled in the Theater and Arts Department at Hanyang University.  He chose this school because of one teacher in particular. His name is Choi Hyun-in.

Below there is video and photos of the entrance event.  Further down photos I found of his orientation at the University!  and last but not least the interview with some photos.

Such precious time in his life!  Enjoy!

Video: Cr.Mnet

I found the following video today (May 10th, 2017)…and it says that these was from a Festival Commemorating 70 years of Hanyang University…  Well… maybe he was a guest that would be entering the university?  Yeah!


Photos: Cr. On photos.

2008 3 3 Entrance Hanyang Xtra 12008 3 3 Entrance Hanyang Xtra 22008 3 3 Entrance Hanyang Xtra 32008 3 3 Entrance Hanyang Xtra 4

2008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 1.52008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 12008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 22008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 32008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 42008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 52008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 62008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 82008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 92008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 102008 3 3 Hanyang University Entrance 112008 3 3 Entrance Hanyang Xtra 5


This is the seal of the university:

Hanyang Univeristy 2

And this is the administrative building:

Hanyang University 1

This photo is in another entrance ceremony of Hanyang University in the same Gymnasium.  I just wanted to find a photo that would give me an idea of the inside…

Hanyang University 3

These are some photos of Jung II-woo attending the University’s orientation session!  Can you imagine if you had matriculated as a student there and you happened to be there that same day!  WOW!!!  Photo Cr. On photos.

2008 03 JIW Orientation at Hanyang 12008 03 JIW Orientation at Hanyang 2

Hanyang University Orientation 3Hanyang University Orientation 4Hanyang University Orientation 5Hanyang University Orientation 6Hanyang University Orientation 8Hanyang University Orientation 9Hanyang University Orientation 10

Hanyang University Orientation 11

Hanyang University Orientation Xtra 1Hanyang University Orientation Xtra 2Hanyang University Orientation Xtra 3

These are of him at Hanyang University as a student:

2008 JIW Hanyang Un Student 12008 JIW Hanyang Un Student 32008 JIW Hanyang Un Student 2

2008 Walking at Hanyang University 2

2008 Walking at Hanyang University 1

Update July 15 2017.  I will place here any photos I find of him at Hanyang.


This woman is thinking to herself…my god is he cute!!!  Can you imagine she was his classmate after being famous!  I couldn’t study with him there…I’d just be drooling on myself!

Jung II-woo Interview at Hanyang University

April 14, 2008

When I went to see Chun · Il, the reaction around me was ‘Wow ~ Nice.’ In the free bulletin board of the Seoul Learning School, when asked if there is anything I would like to ask questions in this interview, the comment “Is it boastful” was written. It will be a line of sight concerning all ‘entertainer’ Jung Yi.

Indeed, things about entertainer Jung Yi are already familiar to everyone as experts already. If you type three letters of ‘Chong · il’ name on the portal site, related information will appear strangely. I changed my line of sight a little this interview. I focused on ‘student’ Jeong Il instead of ‘entertainer’ Jung Yi.

Actually, he is in the state of having all the other broadcasting lives for school life now. To that end, his manager was also cautious about the interview. My school plays movie department How are Jun Yil-kun, a fresh student in 2008, looking at our school? Questions about entertainment activities were excluded as much as possible and compressed as much as possible to questions related to school life.

Juno, a student of “exceptionally high kick!” Was a rough rebellion, but Hanyang University’s Department of Drama and Film Department Chung · Il laugh a lot, laughing at the end of every story to put an indication (lol) He was a rookie. The following is a frank dialogue with him. I tried as hard as possible to write his words.

# 22, beat the door of the school

Reporter: 2006 debut with the movie “Quiet World”, then Sitcom until “Kicking High Kick!”, The movie “My Love”. What is the reason why I actually played acting life and jumped into academics again?

Jung Il (Chung): Well, I wanted to learn from the foundation. To Professor Choi Hyun-in.

Reporter: Why was Hanyang University?

Chung: I wanted to learn acting from Professor Choi Hyun-in. Through my acquaintance, I heard from Hanyang University that Professor Choi Hyun-in came and he volunteered immediately.

Reporter: Do you mean that you have studied and chosen only the professor?

Chung: Yes. It was to listen to Professor Choi Hyun-in’s class.

Reporter: What kind of lessons are you taking?

Chung: Since there is only one major course in a year, I am learning a lesson called Professor Cho Hyun-in’s ‘Basic performance through monologue’.

Reporter: So, the rest is an education lesson?

Chung: Yes. I understand a total of 14 units including education such as ‘understanding of movie’.

Reporter: I’m more than general celebrities (laugh). Which class is the most enjoyable?

Chung: Professor Choi Hyun-in’s ‘basic performance through monologue’ class is the most interesting.

Reporter: It seems that the major is the most interesting course.

Chung: (Laugh) By all means.


Reporter: Even though he is actually acting, is not it easy for the lesson called basic performance?

Chung: The difficulty level is not difficult.

Reporter: Honestly, do not you have to feel the difference with your friends?

Chung: There is not such a thing at all ~ (laugh). There are many parts that I myself do not understand well yet. More than anything, I decided to learn from the beginning and entered, I am trying hard to learn anything. Today after the interview, there is an independent class from 1 o’clock. I should not be late for that (lol).

# From a celebrity as a student

Reporter: I heard that I went to Seta (새터).

Chung: What is it?

Reporter: It’s about Se-ta.

Jung: (Eye round towards the manager standing behind) What is Seta?

Reporter: (everyone up to the photo reporter laughing explosion) We abbreviate a new learning house (새로 배움터) and is called Setter. It is similar to MT.

Jung: Oh, ah. I went there (laugh).

Reporter: When you go to Setter, are there many friends?

Chung: (When you talk about a friend, you smiled a lot) A friend of the family? I am friends.

Reporter: By the way, just as being a celebrity, it seems my friends feel a burden … especially when walking together they seem to be inconvenient as people around them.

Jung: There is only ‘basic acting through monologue’ that overlapping classroom with friends of the department said earlier. Since there are no overlapping classes, I do not have trouble with my friends by myself (laugh).

Reporter: So, are you going around with a manager?

Chung: (resolutely before the question is over) No. It’s not. I go by myself.

Reporter: Maybe a subway?

Jung: That’s not it, I drive a car myself.

Reporter: How do you spend your free time?

Jung: I do not have time to rest. Because all timetables are continuous … There are classes from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock on Monday (ㅠㅠ).

Reporter: So you just listen to the class and go home?

Chung: That’s why. I will return home after I listen to my classes very hard.

Reporter: You are studying without eating rice at school?

Jung: Ah, I have a friend in another department. If you eat rice, go out to the table with that friend and eat something to eat. To tell the truth, I would like to go to the cafeteria (laugh). By the way, I have never tried going.

Reporter: Do you think you can notice it (laugh)?

Chung: That’s not true. The time to go was a bit ambiguous, I happened to never went.

Reporter: Let’s eat rice once in the student cafeteria. I will take care!

Jung: .. Ha ha (meaning of affirmation or unknown meaning of injustice.)

Reporter: Hanyang University, Han Suk Jin, Jang Keun Suk, Lee Terran who entered this year. There are really many entertainers. Is he really a close friend?

Chung: There is no such thing as a well-thought-out social gathering. Tellan’s sister will meet you at the time of an independent class. Others have never met after enrolling.


# I am not handsome

Reporter: To be honest, when you come to school you will care about make-up and costume?

Chung: (haha) Completely. I do not mind at all. (It did not even make up during the actual interview.)

Reporter: But it would be nice if the students were aware of it.

Jung: Students seem to be aware. Still, since everyone is a series lecture (continuous lecture), it seems that there are few things to come across with students as they move quickly.

Reporter: When a man sees a mirror, he feels handsome, is he the same?

Jung: Ah, I am not. (Laugh) I do not feel anything like that.

Reporter: Er, it is a lie.

Chung: It’s natural that I do not feel it (laugh).

Reporter: So, what do you think is the reason why people are noticed?

Chung: I do not think such a thing is noticed by handsome. Nevertheless I was informed of my face “High Kick! Thanks to the high kick, I think people will realize a lot. I really appreciate it.

Reporter: What do you do other than school living these days?

Jung: But I occasionally do CF shooting and I am interviewing. Now, my next work is nearly determined and I am preparing hard. Oh, of course I only do not go to school. The day I go to school is dedicated solely to school.

Reporter: It seems that your sister likes the high-kick’s Yuno character very much. You seem to be loved by your sisters at school, though?

Chung: That’s right. I still go to school so it’s only a little, so I do not know well who is seniors and who is synchronized for a moment (lol).

Reporter: Even if ‘student’ Jeong Il does not ask this question, I think that girls students are sorry quite a bit. she is?

Jung: Not yet.

Reporter: So what is the ideal type? Looking at the internet, it seems there are various theories such as long-haired women, strong women … …

Chung: (Laugh) The type of real ideal, well … I think that it would be nice if a woman who understands me well and takes care of me well. Should it be said that I am a lady to rely on?

Reporter: Another one. This is something I wanted to know personally, but aside as I have a story about movie actor Jung Jun-san’s cousin, is that true?

Chung: (haha) It is wrong.

Reporter: When you actually meet you seem to be similar?

Chung: It is wrong. It is really different. I have not actually met with that person yet.

Reporter: Lastly, how can the student go to Chong · Il at the school life in the future?

Jung: I just want you to touch me as a student when you go to school. In addition, I think that the next work is decided and when you are working you should see it properly (laugh). Oh, I will be late for class. It’s already 59 minutes.

Mr. Chung, who said that he would be late for classes, kindly signed an apprentice reporter waiting for his signature and brought him a sign. That figure is definitely ‘Pro’ Jung Yi. When looking at the face directly and talking with each other, it was rather casual and interesting, as I confirmed the pictures that I actually took, the feeling that I really met ‘high kick Yunho’ clearly passed through my head.

However, even if I meet him again, he seems to forget the fact that ‘entertainer’ Jung Yi is. Instead, there are lots of smiles, only a bad student ‘Jung Il’ will be in front of me. Let ‘s tell the last word I could not convey to Jung Il for that time.

Jung Yil-san, you did not get late for class, right? Let’s eat together in the student cafeteria. I will treat you!


Japanese (Cr. Ilwoo’s Room)


チョン・イル君に会いに行くと、言った時の周りの反応は’うわ~いいな’だった。 ソウル学び舎の自由掲示板に、何か今回のインタビューで質問したい点があるかと尋ねたら’自慢なのか’というコメントが書き込まれた。 すべて’芸能人’チョン・イルに関する視線であろう。


事実、芸能人チョン・イルに関することは、すでに皆が専門家のようによく知っている。 ポータルサイトに’チョン・イル’の名前3文字を打てば、関連情報がずらずらと浮かび上がるのだから。 今回のインタビューは少し視線を変えた。 ‘芸能人’チョン・イルではなく’学生’チョン・イルに全ての焦点を合わせた。


実際に、彼は今学校生活のために他の放送生活を全て控えている状態だ。 そのために、彼のマネージャーも実際インタビューに慎重だった。 我が校演劇映画科08年度新入生のチョン・イル君は、我が校をどう見ているだろうか。 芸能活動に対する質問は最大限排除して、出来るだけ学校生活に関連する質問に圧縮した。


『思いっきりハイキック!』の学生ユノは荒々しい反抗児だったが、漢陽大学演劇映画学科チョン・イル君は全ての話の終わりに(笑)という表示をつけなければならないほどたくさん笑い、ざっくばらんな新人だった。以下は彼と交わした率直な対話だ。 できるだけ彼の言葉を欠かさずに書くよう努力した。



記者:2006年映画『静かな世界』でデビュー、その後シットコム『思いっきりハイキック!』、映画『私の恋』まで。 実際の演技生活をして、再び学問へ飛び込んだ理由は何ですか?

チョン・イル(以下、チョン):えーと、基礎から学び直したかったんです。 チェ・ヒョンイン教授に。


チョン:チェ・ヒョンイン教授から演技を学びたいと思いました。 知り合いを通じて漢陽大学にはチェ・ヒョンイン教授がいらっしゃるという話を聞いて、すぐに志願しました。


チョン:そうです。 チェ・ヒョンイン教授の授業を聞くためでした。




チョン:はい。 ‘映画の理解’など、教養を含めた計14単位を聞いています。









チョン:全然そんなことはありませんよ~(笑)。僕自分もまだよく分からない部分が多いです。 何よりも、初めから学び直そうと思って入ったので、何でも一生懸命学ぼうと努力しています。 今日もインタビューが終わったら、1時から独白の授業があります。 遅刻したらいけないんですよ(笑)。







記者:(写真記者まで皆笑い爆発)新たな学び舎(새로 배움터)を略してセターといいます。 MTと似たようなものです。





チョン:科の友人と授業重なるものが、さっき言った’独白を通じた基礎演技’しかありません。 重なる授業がないので、一人で通っていて友人を困らせることはありません(笑)。



チョン:(質問が終わる前に断固として)いいえ。 そうではありません。 一人で通っています。




チョン:休み時間がありません。 時間割がすべて連続になっているので…月曜日は9時から5時まで授業があります(ㅠㅠ)。


チョン:そういうわけです。 授業を一生懸命に聞いて帰ります。


チョン:あ、他の科に友人がいます。 ご飯を食べる場合は、その友人と表に出て何か買って食べたりします。 実のところ、学生食堂に行ってみたいです(笑)。ところで一度も行ってみたことがありません。



チョン:そんなことはありません。 行く時間が少し曖昧で、たまたま一度も行ったことがありませんでした。

記者:いつか学生食堂でご飯一度食べましょう。 私がおごります!


記者:漢陽大学にハ・ソクジン、チャン・グンソク、今年入学したイ・テランまで。 芸能人が本当に多いです。 実際に親しい方ですか?

チョン:よく思われている親睦会のようなものはありません。 テランお姉さんは、独白の授業の時にお会いします。 他の人は入学した後に一度も会ったことがありません。




チョン:(笑)全く。ちっとも気にしません。 (実際のインタビューの時もメイクはしていなかったようだ。)


チョン:学生は気付いているようですよ。 それでもみんな連講(連続講義)なので素早く移動して、学生と出くわすことが少ないようです。


チョン:あ、僕はそうではありません。 (笑)そういうことを全く感じません。





チョン:ハンサムで気付かれたり、そんなことは全然ないと思います。 それでも僕が顔を知られたのが『思いっきりハイキック!』なので。 ハイキックのおかげで、人々がたくさん気付いてくれるのだと思います。 本当に感謝するばかりです。


チョン:ただ、たまにCF撮影もして、インタビューもしています。 今、次期作がほぼ決まって一生懸命準備しています。 あ、もちろん学校へ行かない日だけ。学校へ行く日は学校だけに専念しています。

記者:ハイキックのユノキャラクターをお姉さんが非常好むようです。 学校でもお姉さんたちに愛されそうだけど?


記者:たとえ’学生’チョン・イルでも、この質問を聞かなければ、女子生徒がかなり残念がると思います。 彼女は?








チョン:違います。 本当に違います。 まだその方に実際にお会いしたこともありません。


チョン:ただ学校通っている時は同じ学生として接しててほしいです。 また、次の作品が決定して、働いている時はちゃんと見てくださればと思います(笑)。あ、授業に遅れます。もう59分だ。


授業に遅れると言っていたチョン君は、サインしてほしいと待っていた見習い記者に親切にサインまでしてあげて足を運んだ。 その姿は、間違いなく’プロ’チョン・イルだ。 直接顔を見合せて話を交わす時は、むしろ何気なくて面白かった、実際に撮った写真を確認して見たら本当に’ハイキックのユノに会った’という思いがはっきりと頭をよぎった。


しかし、彼にまた会えても彼が’芸能人’チョン・イルという事実は忘れてしまうようだ。 その代わり笑顔が多く、やんちゃな学生’チョン・イル’だけ、私の前にいるだろう。 その時のためにチョン・イル君に伝えられなかった最後の言葉を伝えよう。

チョン・イル君、授業は遅れなかったよね? 本当に学生食堂で、一度ご飯一緒に食べましょう。私がおごるよ!