Jung II-woo awarded at the MBC Entertainment Awards!

December 29, 2007

Jung II-woo won an MBC Entertainment Award for Best Male Newcomer in a Comedy/Sitcom.  He tied with his co-star Park Min-young who was as the Best Female Newcomer.  Jung II-woo’s smile is contagious…so I’m sure that after you watch him, you’ll be smiling too!  Enjoy!   Photo Cr. MBC and DCIlwoo.

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How sweet it must be to be awarded after one’s hard work like that!  You get to dress really well, eat good food and celebrate your hard work with your co-workers.  It may be dangerous from an ego point of view at 21, but not for Jung II-woo. He remained humble to the point of going back to the university because he did not think he was a good enough actor to tackle the offers he was receiving after High Kick.  You never stop surprising me!

Still, there is a part of me that is always disgusted by these type of shows…award shows for celebrities. The dresses and shoes they wear are yes, beautiful but so expensive they could feed what…thousands of people in this world that don’t have enough to eat or drink?  I really can’t watch them anymore!  I also think of all the hard working people in this world and how they will never get an award.  Sometimes they even feel ashamed about what they do.  And… they barely get a check that covers their rent and basics.  So… the trash collectors nominated this year in the green category are…  yet what they do is inmediately more powerful in our lives than what an actor does… one can live without a TV show..but can one live a street full of trash?

Then there is the process how these awards get voted by…and who decides who gets awarded what…  but that would be too long to get into…!

I am happy Jung II-woo got recognition for his work. Yoo-ho is one of my favorite characters ever played by him.  And the show in general is pretty good…great cast…you almost feel like they are part of your family or you have family members that have some of the traits some of the characters had.  Though I looked for a video, I was not able to find one.  That part with Park Hae-mi singing…(his mom from high kick) I would have loved to have seen that!