Final Edition of UJIWP’s for 2007

UJIWP means Unidentified Jung II-woo photos!  This final group are from diverse photo shoots.  Maybe they were used in shorter magazine and newspaper articles that sadly have been lost in the passing of time.  He is so sweet in these!  Photo Cr. On photos.

Ready to delight? Look below:

Version 3Version 4Version 5Version 6Version 72007 11 13Version 8

2007 JIW Stripes tie 12007 JIW Stripes tie 22007 JIW Stripes tie 32007 JIW Stripes tie 42007 JIW Stripes tie 5



2007 JIW Sitting 12007 JIW Sitting 22007 JIW Sitting 32007 JIW Sitting 42007 JIW Sitting 52007 JIW Sitting 62007 JIW Sitting 72007 JIW Sitting 92007 JIW Sitting 102007 JIW Sitting 112007 JIW Sitting 122007 JIW Sitting 142007 JIW Sitting 13

2007 JIW Ganster 52007 JIW Ganster 42007 JIW Ganster 32007 JIW Ganster 22007 JIW Ganster 1

I’m so bummed 2007 it’s over!  Bye Bye baby face with your round features!  You were so…so…cute!!!