Jung II-woo for Samsung Anycall DMB

DMB…I didn’t know what that stood for.  It stands for “Digital Multimedia Broadcasting.” It is a method of multicasting multimedia content to mobile and portable devices.  Jung II-woo did a photo shoot with Lee Hyori, then photos got edited, text was added  and then boom…off it goes into peoples phones…screaming get this upgrade!   Now that would be the kind of advertisement I would love to get on my phone…that beautiful smile!

Anycall DMBAnycall DMB 1.5Anycall DMB 1Anycall DMB 2Anycall DMB 3Anycall DMB 5Anycall DMB 6Anycall DMB 4Anycall DMB 7Anycall DMB 8

Anycall DMB 10Anycall DMB X (3)Version 4Anycall DMB X (5)Anycall DMB X (10)Anycall DMB X (6)Anycall DMB X (7)Anycall DMB X (8)Anycall DMB X (9)

Anycall DMB 9

2007 Samsung Anycall DMB

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