Jung II-woo for Somang Cosmetics 2

Here is the second group of photos of Somang Cosmetics from 2007.  It is White Day in Korea today.  This celebration held a month after Valentine’s Day*, is a day when men give chocolates and other treats to the women they love… So I decided to post Jung II-woo’s Somang Cosmetic’s photo shoot with Ku Hye-sun and all the gifts.

Jung II-woo… you are the gift I delight on White Day, Valentine’s Day and …everyday!

Somang with Gu 6

Somang with Gu 5

Somang with Gu 4


Somang with Gu 3 (1)

Somang with Gu 1 (1)

Somang with Gu 2 (1)

Version 3

Version 2

A8935669-92 (1)



*In Korea, it is women that give men chocolates and other treats on Valentine’s Day.



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