Jung Il woo launches his New YouTube Channel: “1day 1lwoo”

Jung Il Woo’s new YouTube launched on November 27th at 6:00PM Korean Standard Time (KST).

The first video entitled “Who’s Q&A is it?” revealed a nervous Ilwoo at the beginning who got more and more comfortable as he answered questions about himself, his thoughts about re-opening his YouTube channel and the type of content he hopes to create for his fans.  One of the questions was… What keyword would you add to yourself?  He answered “Sexy Chef, King of walking, Unexpected charm, Fashionista and Shoe lover.”  He mentioned how he hopes that it will be a gateway for him to become closer to his fans. he also added that he is looking forward to the comments and reactions of his fans.  HE also added that he hoped it would be a place to rest and find a sense of healing.

This is the first video:


The second video, published the next day was called “Somewhere between work and a day off.”  In it you can see Jung Il woo driving his car to meet his stylist “Jinkyu.” The two end up going to one of Ilwoo’s favorite’s stores: Patagonia.  He also visits a tailor’s shop and gets fitted for a suit.  Last he heads over to Cafe Fazenda (owned by one of his middle school teachers) to meet with staff and discuss his new channel’s name and content.  There is a cliff hanger at the end as Ilwoo is debating whether he wants to share something that may be very raw… about himself!

Here is the second video:

These are my screen captures:

From video 1.

From video 2.


The first word that comes to my mind as to how I feel about Ilwoo’s new YouTube channel… is DELIGHTED!  I am so happy and glad he is doing this!  It was time that his International community of fans got a bit of Ilwoo loving!  I love all the plans he has for the different sections and of course I can’t wait for his first live broadcast this coming Friday!   Just in case you missed it, it will be on December 4th, 8:00PM Standard Korean Time.

He is making a huge effort in doing this… imagine he will have been filming his new upcoming drama all week next week (he is getting back to work as I am writing this November 30th) and he will be making sometime to spend live with his fans after that.  I really hope people value and respect his efforts and show him tons of love… he is so kind to share all that he does with us.  He really goes beyond what he should… he is that open and sure of who he is.

Ilwoo Ssi, Like I said in my Instagram post, you forgot to mention the keyword #angel!  You are angel!  May GOD continue to bless you!