Jung Ilwoo will be in the show “Phone Cleansing” on February 9, 2021

February 5, 2021

Jung Il woo will participate on a new show called “Phone Cleansing” in MBC.  The concept of this show is to basically look into a celebrity phone photos so that this celebrity can share personal stories and events from their lives. And I think they help him organize it?  Or cleanse it?   So basically  Jung Ilwoo will allow us to look into his photos!  I am so curious to see what’s in there!   I’m sure he will share some we have never seen before!  It is so courageous of him to do this even though I’m sure he curated it!  These are all the previews of the show:

WOOw… his days at the senior center! Can’t wait!

I’m sure there will be a LOT of his explosive laughter… one of my favorite sounds!

When and where to watch this show?

This show will air on February 9, 2021.  9:20PM

Because it is a new show there is nothing set up in the usual spots one could venture to see it like Viki Rakuten , or the website kisstvshow.  So your options are:

  1. To be patient and wait for a week or so to be out in the MBC YouTube Channel.
  2. Subscribe to a VPN service for a month and using an application and watch it in the MBC website.  If you don’t understand what a VPN is go HERE.

Here is an article translated about the show:

Jongshin Yoon, Inna Yoo, and Din Dean will be MCs for MBC’s new entertainment program’Phone Cleansing’.    Source

‘Phone Cleansing’, which will be aired for the first time at 9:20 pm on February 9, is a variety talk show that organizes tens of thousands of photos in mobile phones that are piled up without being organized. It is an entertainment program that contains the sincere stories related to the stars’ photo albums. With the concept that the three MCs will open a new concept’ digital pop-up store’ for three weeks to celebrate the new year of the new year, the unorganized photos and memories in the mobile phones requested by stars will be neatly organized.

As interest in protecting the environment has recently increased, it is known that simply organizing online data can help protect the environment, and an episode of celebrities who cannot laugh to escape from the digital storage obsession’ is preparing to meet viewers. In particular, actresses who are unable to get out of the capacity saturation state of 365 days with more than 50,000 photos in their mobile phones to Hallyu stars who have recorded all the extraordinary compulsions for the past 10 years are waiting to appear.

Yoon Jong-shin, a proud talk show leader, returned to the talk show MC after a long time after’The Stranger Project’ and led the program with a rust-free talk and skillfulness. For the first time, a high-quality picture of a year-long’Stranger Project’ will be released. Yoo In-na, who recently played an active part in MBC’s Wednesday Mok Drama’The Spy Who Loved Me’, is also working as an MC. In the meantime, Yoo In, who showed a delicate progress through tvN’Sun Dabang’ and JTBC’ ‘7.7 billion love’, and conveyed a warm sympathy. .

Here, Din Dean, who joined as the youngest MC, has become a “quick” by playing in various entertainments such as KBS 2TV ‘1 Night 2 Days’ Season 4 and Kakao TV’s’Ant is Toot’. In addition to the early adopter aspect, it exudes a different charm with’human AI’ that thoroughly analyzes the stars’ photo albums.

Cr.  Isplus.live  Reporter Soo Young Hwang

If the woman, Inna Yoo,  looks familiar to you, is because she is the actress who played the secondary role in The Guardian: The Great and Lonely God.   The one that falls for the devil… I personally loved their story line more than the main one!

This is the main page of the show:

And this is a translation of its concept:

“How many pictures are in your phone right now?”

100 million pixel light mobile phone
Anyone, anytime, anywhere, these days I can easily take pictures!
That’s why the problem…! The amount of pictures in the phone has become too large!!

Thousands, tens of thousands of photos that are too many to even organize…
For digital hoarders struggling with capacity without organizing
Start-up founded in the New Year 2021!
“Phone cleansing” that erases photos and returns beautiful memories

Personalized digital experts for only one client
Clean, clear and confident!
The service that organizes the stars’ cell phones’instead’ started!!!

Moreover, the environment being destroyed by carbon dioxide emitted every time the cloud is used…
What if you could save the environment just by organizing photos?
It is urgent to organize digital as well to protect my memories and environment!

The fun of seeing the star’s photo album together and the
The most sincere and private story I have never heard of anywhere
Unfolded in ‘Photo Organizing Service-Phone Cleansing’

To see more of the show in its website go HERE.

Can’t wait to delight in all his photos, his stories, his laughter…  !