Jung Il-woo Fan Clubs

This is my earnest attempt to place for the benefit of all Jung Il-woo fans and ultimately the man himself, all his clubs official and unofficial.  Please!  If I missed one, could you email me and let me know!  I do not mean to forget anyone, I just don’t know!

Jung Il-woo does not have an official international club.  I think as he becomes more and more famous in the world hopefully he will consider creating one.   If you are a one of these fans I will post current Jung Il-woo information in English once he becomes active again.  You can also consider joining the World options at the bottom.

UPDATES with a * Latest: July 15, 2021

Official Fan Clubs:

Korea:   Ilwoostory

Japan:   Smilwoo


Active Unofficial Fan Clubs:

China: Jungilwoo Chinese Fanclub  (Jungilwoo Baidu Bar)

Indonesia: Jungilwoo Indonesia

Japan:  Loving Ilwoo.  (Previously known as Ilwoo’s Room.)


Ilwoostory Cafe


Philippines: Jungilwoo Philippines  * This club has various projects going on in which fans from all over the world can participate. One of them includes the possibility of getting your own Bawoo doll.  See it HERE.

Taiwan: JIWTW

Thai:  Jungilwoo Thailand

Turkey: Jung II Woo Turkey Fan Club.  * This club is hosting Jung Il Woo’s upcoming Fan Meeting on September 4, 2021.  To get tickets go HERE.  If you need some tips on how to get them go HERE.


Jung Il-woo International Fan Club    This is a recent club created by a group of fans that wanted to support Jung II-woo but come from other countries that have no fan clubs.

Jung Il-woo World Fans Facebook Page  Don’t know if this is a club, but it is a page with over 15,000 followers.