Jung Il-woo Fan Clubs

This is my earnest attempt to place for the benefit of all Jung Il-woo fans and ultimately the man himself, all his clubs official and unofficial.  Please!  If I missed one, could you email me and let me know!  I do not mean to forget anyone, I just don’t know!

Jung Il-woo does not have an official international club.  I think as he becomes more and more famous in the world hopefully he will consider creating one.   If you are a one of these fans I will post current Jung Il-woo information in English once he becomes active again.  You can also consider joining the World options at the bottom.

Official Fan Clubs:

Korea:   Ilwoostory

Japan:   Smilwoo


Unofficial Fan Clubs:

Korea:  DCIlwoo

Japan:   Ilwoostory Japan       Blog

China: Jungilwoo Chinese Fanclub  (Jungilwoo Baidu Bar)

Taiwan: JIWTW

Thai:  Jungilwoo Thailand

Indonesia: Jungilwoo Indonesia

Philippines: Jungilwoo Philippines



Jung Il-woo International Fan Club    This is a recent club created by a group of fans that wanted to support Jung II-woo but come from other countries that have no fan clubs.

Jung Il-woo World Fans Facebook Page  Don’t know if this is a club, but it is a page with over 15,000 followers.