You can have your own Bawoo Doll!


I recently found out about some great gift/participation events created by Jung Il Woo Philippines and open to everyone.

This is a lovely Bawoo Doll being offered by the Jung Il Woo Club from the Philippines.  Here is the information taken from their Facebook account:

[MERCH] BAWOO Doll by JungilwooPH
✨ #BossamBawooDoll ✨
Bossam fever is not yet over! We are proud to launch our first doll design for Actor Jung Ilwoo’s iconic character in hit Korean Drama “Bossam – Steal The Fate”.
The doll is about 20cms tall and will cost $32 + shipping expenses to your country.
They also have another project that will benefit a children’s charity in the Philippines in the name of Jung Il Woo, for the anniversary of his 15th professional year.  You can check it out  HERE.