Bossam Steal the Fate Episode 12. Photo and Video Recap.

This episode aired on June 6.  Spoiler alert!

It was so hard to choose a favorite part in this episode! But this one was my favorite part as I know the real Ilwoo would probably do as his character to warm his girls’ hands!  Imagine feeling those warm soft cheeks!

Official MBN photos.  I’m not going in order!  No way I’m placing this photo at the bottom:

What a sight to sore eyes!

Ilwoo toast… I am!  ^ ^

My Captures:

All the looks in this part… made me laugh!  The little smirk by the king… so satisfying!

Yeah… straight into my heart… 13 hours away… 6, 795 miles away!  Well done Ilwoo!  ^ ^