Getting Ready for Bossam-Stealing the Fate. Second Edition: The Moon that Embraces the Sun, 2011.

April 2, 2021

The Moon that Embraces the Sun was Jung Il woo’s second historical drama.  It is full of passion, love and sadly for Ilwoo’s character: Prince Yang… pain.  So much pain!  Prince Yang is very special to me… because he is the character that made me fall in love with Ilwoo.  He was really funny at times and so full of love. I think there is always a bit of the real Ilwoo in each of his characters, and I can perceive it a lot in this character.  I still remember the day, I said… wait, what is is the name of the guy who played the prince in that drama… I really liked him…!  And I also remember calling him “Jung 2 woo” … you can see it in my first posts!  ^ ^

So to celebrate I translated one of the many videos that exist of Ilwoo talking behind the scenes of his character.  I really wish I could afford to translate them all…

This is the translation…


Hello, I am Jung ilwoo, who plays YangMyeong. Nice to meet you.

0:18 over 40% of people watched this drama. How do you feel?

Well, the director also said and they say it’s over 40% of viewing rate and everyone is really happy, and I also got many phone calls from people I know. (what did they say?) well, congratulating on the drama becoming a national popular drama. I got those calls, but in fact, I was shooting many scenes until yesterday so I am out of my mind now.

0:49 I don’t really feel it physically because we do many scenes on a set, in the mountains etc so I can’t really feel how popular it really is. I have some friends living in abroad and when I get calls from them, then I know it is quite popular.

1:10 ha, I am the il ji me(kind of Korean Robin hood).

Then, I am Hobin Rood (just making jokes),

ha, is that so?

1:18 in fact, SuHyun and I are in the same age so we are good friends, but in the drama, we are brothers and we are fighting over one woman. The reason why YangMyeong is alive in because of YeonWoo(the woman), so I am just only looking at her and can give up everything just for her. So even if Suhyun is the brother, I(YangMyeong) doesn’t want to let her go again. So I try to do better with scenes with Suhyun.

2:16 I did well now, but if we actually are rolling, I am sure I will make NG.

2:20 well, I am that kind of person (active and aggressive way of showing attraction) in real life. Yes, in real life, I want to express my feeling honestly.

2:28 Yeah, if I have a person I like, then I actively express my feelings. Well, that doesn’t mean that I am a person who bothers that person with many things.

2:39 well, I think girls will also like it when a guy express honestly and actively instead of saying things indirectly.

3:04 who is the person who makes the shooting fun?

Jaerim looks like a difficult and cold person but he is really weird(in a good way)

~Inaudible gibberish~

3:30 He is like someone from another planet, and he has good unexpected attractiveness. I did last drama with him, so we are close. Suhyun is also from another planet.

3:49 our drama has 2 weeks left now. There is a big surprise during the 2 weeks so please keep watching it. Please love YangMyeong till the end. I will do my best to finish the work well. Thank you!

These are two of the posters of this drama:

Also new… I found these gifs… they are so cool… made from the posters:

So cool… I really want to learn to make those!

And now let’s delight in some of the absolutely stunning images of Ilwoo as Prince Yang:




My favorit

More? Visit the Drama’s Page HERE… there is so, so much!

You have not seen this drama?!  Do a search with Dramacool or (Write The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 1  English Subtitles Kissasian in the search bar).  * Ilwoo appears starting episode 6!  (But do watch it from the beginning… it is superb!)

Let’s end this post with music… a fan created this video dedicated to Prince Yang…


May GOD bless you!