Getting Ready for Bossam-Stealing Fate. First Edition: The Return of Iljimae, 2009

March 26, 2021

To prepare myself for Ilwoo’s Fifth Saeguk or historical drama, I decided to go back and reminiscence his previous Saeguks.  I fell in love with Ilwoo as an actor with his Moon Embracing the Sun’s Prince Yang.  I cried my heart out in that drama!  He made me feel so much! … and that was it!  I was totally WOOed!  ^ ^

The Return of Iljimae also called Moon River was Jung Ilwoo’s first Saeguk from 2009, and it is so good!  It is very artistic in its presentation and this united to Ilwoo’s beauty makes it an absolute delight!  Shall we start remembering?!

Look at his gorgeous hair in these posters:

These are some Behind the Scenes captures of Ilwoo and his mane during that poster photoshoot. Sadly I didn’t record the video and now who know where I found it!


These are some GIF’s during the photo shoot for the posters:

Such a cutie!!!

There are really so many images of Ilwoo that are so beautiful in this drama and this was one way I found to enjoy them… in the drama’s order:

He is really so, so, so… beautiful!

This is another video I made celebrating the love between Iljimae and Dal-hi.  The actress, Yoon Jin-seo sings!  She has such a beautiful sweet voice.

To finish the post I will share some of the many behind the scenes photos…

^ ^ … I always wonder if my heart could take him touching me…  or kissing me, though I imagine it a lot!  Here are two of his kisses in this drama in screen captures:


But the most important of the kisses is this one, the first one in the drama.  Do you know why?  Because it was his first kiss on screen… (Not counting the peck on Highkick… that’s not a kiss! )

Love Sigh…!

If you want to see more of Iljimae visit the series page HERE.

If you want to see this drama with English subtitles and free, go to Dramacool.  And fight those pop ups like Iljimae wiith splits and all!


I will leave you with this beautiful image from the first Episode…

Ilwoo in a black overcoat.  Done. Finito!  I’m totally toast… toasted!

God bless you dearest Ilwoo!