Jung Ilwoo in a Bossam-Stealing Fate Character Still

Jung Il-woo,’Bossam’ character still… “Believe it, prove it with just one cut”

Dispatch     March 12, 2021

Actor Jung Il-woo will once again show the essence of the historical drama and “boss” the hearts of viewers.

MBN’s 10th anniversary special plan’Bossam-Steal Destiny’ (played by Kim Ji-soo and Park Chul, directing Kwon Seok-jang / hereinafter’Bossam’) released Jung Il-woo’s character still on the 12th. Jung Il-woo was played as a livelihood boss, Bow.

The overwhelming charisma was felt just by the look of his eyes. Jung Il-woo inadvertently expressed the character’s rough life with a tying tutu and rough beard. I can feel the life of the Bauran character intact.

“Bossam” is a romance-based fusion historical drama. It was set in the Joseon Dynasty under Gwanghae-gun. This is the reverse pole of a livelihood boss, who accidentally kidnaps a princess.

Jung Il-woo prepared everything for the character. He made every effort to breathe life into the Sang Man. He spent a lot of time losing weight and exercising, and he also took care of styling.

Jung Il-woo is planning to warm up the home theater with his delicate acting skills. Earlier, he showed off his overwhelming presence in a number of historical dramas such as’Returning Iljimae’, ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun’, ‘Night Watchman Ilji’, and ‘Haechi’.

The production crew said, “Jung Il-woo is generously exerting the strength that he has accumulated so far,” and said, “You will be able to see the charm with all of the stable vocalizations, unobtrusive action, and delicate emotional acting.”

Meanwhile, “Bossam” will be broadcast for the first time in May. At the same time as the main broadcast starts, OTT will be exclusively released on the representative online video service, Wave.

Reporter Song Soo-min Photo courtesy = JS Pictures, Eelise