Jung Ilwoo in The Queen’s Gambit!

February 5, 2021

That’s right!  This is a special CHESS post!  I loved the Queen’s Gambit so much and I think Ilwoo did too!  So… I remembered the images of Ilwoo’s Chess Photoshoot from 2013 and decided to mix them into The Queen’s Gambit.  This was so fun to do!!!

Anya Taylor-Joy and Jung Il woo are so beautiful in these… it was an absolute delight!  In this post I will place photos I created and edited with hers and his mixed in.  By the way his photos were taken by Bong Young Jang, the photographer with whom he has worked until now.  He is the photographer responsible for the gorgeous shots in his 2021 calendar. Steven Meizler was the cinematographer for The Queen’s Gambit and her gorgeous images here.  So get ready for a CHECK MATE of absolute gorgeous!!!



She says… “Stop being so melodramatic Ilwoo!  It’s only been like 45 minutes!  The game is almost over!”

This image came from an exhibit at the Union Train Station in Los Angeles.


Oh oh  Ilwoo!  What did you do?


Don’t even try to stare me down!  ^ ^

SO fun!

Actually both of them are pretty good at the staring game…   gulp!


They both seem to be studying their moves…  Ilwoo looks pretty confident… he says “I will beat you with this horse…”


but he spoke way too soon…  Check mate!  His king is toast with this queen!


What is taking him so long with my coffee?  Doesn’t he know I have a game to play?

“It’s about time Ilwoo!”


And last for absolute WOO-JOY:

Yes!  It’s Cha Chi-Harmon carrot delight!   Or simply absolute WOO JOY!    ^ ^


Anya Taylor-Joy is an American actress born to Argentinian and British parents!  She is part Latina!  I read a bit about her and she was born in Florida, then spent the first 6 years of her life in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The family moved to London and she was so unhappy that she refused to speak English for two years. She was hoping her parents would take her back to Argentina.  At 14 she dropped out of school because she wanted to be an actress!  She spent her time between England and the US.  At 16 she was scouted as a model walking outside Harrods department store, eventually she signed with an acting agent… and then BOOM… 2020!

I have been following her since Emma… it was truly a joy to watch her in that and then she comes back with this incredible role as Beth Harmon in the Queen’s Gambit!  She was phenomenal in this role and it is so well done. Anya is SO talented and so beautiful with those natural big eyes that make her look like a doll at times… dramatic and sometimes even creepy!  I loved all her outfits in Emma and in the Queen’s Gambit. She is so feminine.  One cannot stop looking at her no matter who else is in the screen with her… she is like an eye magnet!  Well… there is probably only one person that would steal my sight away from her… that’s right!  Ilwoo!!!  ^ ^

The Queen’s Gambit Spoiler Alert!…

If you haven’t seen The Queen’s Gambit… do not miss it.  It is Netflix biggest series ever, in less than a month it ranked number 1 in 62 countries!  Everything is perfectly done!  Even chess players said the film was spot on from that perspective.  What I loved about it the most is that it’s about a woman accomplishing her dreams in spite of her life’s disadvantages.  And though various men are her friends, it is ultimately her who makes her dreams come true.  No prince needed to save the day…  And for a change she speaks to other women about something else other than men!

Oh!  I wish someday I get to see them acting together…  I would die of  JOY and WOOnder!

This is a really great clip of how they put this series together…

Teaser Trailer:

Bravo!!!   To me the best of 2020!