Santa Ilwoo!

2013 12 Jung Il-woo as Santa 1

December 19, 2020

I hope you are having a WOOnderful Christmas Season!  Here is a little extra Ilwoo treat of the Santa kind…

These photos are from 2013.  They are from the same photographer Jung Il woo currently works with: Kwon Yoonsung who also took the photos for his 2021 calendar!  Imagine his Ilwoo photo archives.  Anyways delight in this very adorable Santa:

2013 12 Jung Il-woo as Santa 12013 12 Jung Il-woo as Santa 32013 12 Jung Il-woo as Santa 4IMG_6195

And this is an effort to piece together the video that Ilwoo had in his old YouTube Channel:

Thank you to the Instagram account owners ilwoonians_brazil and r_ilwoo for having something I could use!!!