Jung Il woo in Christmas Plaid (or Tartan.)

December 10, 2020

Call it magic, or just energy… or the time of the year?  But today in class there were so many people wearing plaid… in masks, in shirts… it was surreal!  SO I’m more inspired than ever and for this last post about plaid!

There are so many Christmas colored plaid patterns… here is a variety pack sold at Etsy:

Amazing huh?  The creative power of humans never ceases to amaze me!  Darling Ilwoo has worn the Christmas color combination of red and green in plaid patterns a few times.  Let’s take a look at him in those:

In 2007:

In “Take Care of the Young Lady”

Don’t remember where this next one coming up is from… and I can’t find them, when I do, Ill post some more:

In 2011 in Flower Boy Ramen Shop:

And now here are more photos of Jung Il woo in other colors of plaid… this is especially for those faithful visitors to this website!  I will not be posting these in Instagram so feel free to do it if you wish and continue the spread more plaid cheer… do you know the date, drama or event for these? If you do… you are an Ilwoo nerd!


In others:


Oh… I’m hungry now!